The Hut Diner

1610 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio
(210) 649-8574

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Helen Espinoza

Food was very good. Burgers are delicious. And the banana pancakes were yummy!

Sydney W.

The Hut has become a weekly staple in my diet. I absolutely love this little place for the yummy food, welcoming/super friendly staff, laid back atmosphere and good coffee. The coffee they use is Katz Coffee which is based in Houston (you're welcome). Nothing but good times here at The Hut, and all of the clientele is nice and friendly as well! I selfishly want this restaurant to not get too big (because I don't want to wait in a line lol), but they would really deserve it as they are a great establishment and family.

Mari Garcia

Been coming here for a few years now and the servers have always been very attentive and courteous. Prices are great and the food is delicious!

Leonila G.

I love this little quaint diner! I've been going there for over 3 years! The atmosphere is eclectic, warm, and friendly! The cooks are visible and working their butts off to make their customers happy! The servers are attentive and polite. Their menu offers diner staples which are absolutely delicious! I always for breakfast and most times order the Pork Chop A La Mexicana plate with scrambled eggs, hash browns! It's delectable!!!!

Skyla B.

After our 2 hour long morning workout and a cup of delicious coffee, my sister and I decided to stop by The Hut Diner for an early brunch. We were excited to give the place a try since the reviews were so great! Everything was fine up until we ordered our food. We were told there'd be a ten minute wait, which we were okay with. Ten minutes passed and still no sign of our food. After about a long 20 minutes in the car, consumed by texas weather, the coffee started to get to us. It was such a long and uncomfortable 45 minute wait for an omelette and an english muffin. It came in a ghetto plastic bag and smells like Chinese food. After opening our to-go boxes, we were shocked at what sat in front of our eyes. For the food taking nearly an hour to get to us we'd assume they'd put some effort into the presentation, but it looks like it was all just thrown in there! I EVEN ASKED FOR EXTRA HASHBROWNS AND DIDN'T GET ANY WITH MY OMELETTE! The food doesn't even taste good. We are so disappointed.

Gerald Pollock

Hut Diner is one of those gems that you don't know about it. Their business has been word of mouth. One of my favorite is their fish taco on Friday. While most other places will use fry fish which good as well but Hut they grill top their fish which has no batter on it which you can taste the flavour of the fish, combine with their toping and dress it off with their signature sauce which is one of a kind. So stop by and try their fish taco and your belly will thank me later.

Joe C.

Terrible terrible terrible!!! Ordered online 3 plates for delivery and I got one. Their phone lines are disconnected and no voicemail. There's no way to contact them. If you're ordering online, STAY AWAY!

Searán dunn

I ordered the Hut Diner food through Grubhub.

Matt G.

Finally had a chance to try this place. I tried to order for our office before and they had run out of burgers. Def a reason to try again. This place is not a looker for sure. But i think the best places out there are not either. The staff was very nice. The have a to go window so no need to get out of your car. I ordered 7 different items for 7 different people annnnnnnd 7 of 7 said is was amazing. If that doesnt convince you. I dont know what will. Thank you Hut Diner!!!

Yessica S.

Love this place! We were passing through San Antonio for a night and stopped here on the way out. I got the veggie omelette and side of ham. I wished it was thick sliced ham, but it still had good flavor. The service was great, and the food was delicious! I would come back next time I'm in town!

Rodrigo Rodriguez

One of the best fried fish sandwiches I have ever had!! A small hole in the wall dinner that is well worth the trip!!

Christina George

This diner was amazing! I had their Texas French Toast and it was the best French toast I've ever had!!! ☺

Rodrigo Rodriguez Jr.

Awesome little diner with great food!!!

Samantha Hicks

Got an email about cheap eats in San Antonio. So decided to check out this place while sitting at the bar waiting for my food I noticed that everything looks so good while they preparing the food. I ordered the porky omelet and it was made fresh and hot and very good. Can't wait to try out the rest of their menu.

Sokariooko Tannin-huo

Food not that great of taste.

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