3202 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio
(210) 680-0848

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Chris Reyes

Don’t let the 3-4 car line fool you. It’ll still be a 30 minute wait for a cold burger made incorrectly. At least the soda is good. In and out doesn’t let me down as much as here.

Belinda Kahapea

Very friendly staff! Burger was nice n hot when I got home.


Using the app to order was quick and curbside delivered my double meat double cheese whataburger (toasted buns, xtra lett, xtra tomato, xtra pickles, no raw onion, grilled onions, mustard) in under 6 minutes. The burger was hot and tasty BUT the burger did not have two slices of American cheese and I noticed the raw chopped onion, which I eliminated in app order. The receipt attached showed the order I made in the app but no cheese on the burger meant I was still charged for cheese along with the raw chopped onion I requested not on burger. I really enjoyed the burger, but overcharging due to an error during preparation is a major issue.

Julie H

Waited in the drive through line for almost 10 minutes before getting to order. We ordered a #1 with cheese, grilled onions, mustard and ketchup only. Also ordered a Jr WHATABURGER with no onions. But what did we get? Both burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mustard!! So much for having it your way!! Booooo!

Cooper McDaniel

Good food, just really slow service. I don't do online orders because the last time I did I ended up having to wait almost a hour past my pickup time.

Leslie Brewer

love the food, friendly and clean

Lix G.

Would give zero stars. Have always had terrible experiences here. Would rather drive an extra ten minutes than go here and deal with their services.

Michelle Baxter

Very unorganized front counter always empty employee in black jacket doesn't do anything just wanders around with his pants sagging and didn't acknowledge me and helped his friend make a patty melt?? I love the food as always but service was not good


Jeanette L was super courteous and friendly at the register. Thanks Jeanette!? Food was delish like always?

Jaymz Gutierrez

Had @ big order and all 4 combos were marked wrong, so all 4ppl got the wrong order!! Disappointed ☹️ Whataburger near Ingram rd. We lived across town and weren't gonna go back. Plus, we ordered 5 side gravies and didn't get them.

Katherine Cordova

I can believe that this company has been around for so many years and still takes at least 30 minutes to get food through the drive through with only 4 cars ahead of me. They aren’t kidding when they say Texas is a lot slower paced then most other states lol. I really wish they would work on having a better procedure for getting things done I mean it’s called fast food for a reason but I think they missed the “fast” in fast food.

Elias Lopez

Managers joking & playing around with employees, while my pico de gallon burger was cold fries cold, chicken strips cold, returned them twice,& received cold fries& strips twice, never wanted to make them freshly made!

Corina Ramirez

I live by this Whatabuger and they've mainly gotten my order wrong, missing something or it was cold. Ive been to the Westside Location and I can say that location rocks at anytime! So if you happen to ever grab a bite at Ingram location double check your order before leaving cause you just never know. Best just to check so your tummy can be satisfied ?

ashlie Melissa

Had great customer service and was very clean and food was fully cooked and hot and fresh when we got it. Loved it!!

Cassandra C.

My sister worked 31 hrs only got paid 85$ which is not what she was supposed to receive! She was to make 200 but whataburger manager at the wurzbach location wants to be dumb about it! They constantly hire and constantly reduce work hrs to give to the new hires! And they don't even change the grease!! If you want to work for them, DONT WORK AT THE ONE ON WURZBACH THEY DONT PAY RIGHT and THEY WILL TAKE YOUR HRS AWAY TO GIVE TO THE NEW HIRES!!!

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