305 N High St, San Saba
(325) 372-4169

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Caleb McKamie

The softest and best cooked baked potato I've ever had. It wasn't busy and the employees were super nice and accommodating! The fried okra was excellent too! We ate outside on the porch and enjoyed every second of it!

Laurie Mccown

Great brisket, some of the best we’ve had!

Kyle Closner

Delightful feeling of an old bbq joint. Fast service. The brisket was tender and moist - hard to do on such a lean cut. Sells bbq by the pound, bbq sandwhiches, and entrees.

Dylan Rosales

Under new management and I recommend you give them a try. Friendly service and hard working people is what you will find here.I recommend you try the chopped brisket sandwich or sliced brisket with pickles and onions. Can add sausage if you want to!The fries are always well seasoned and crisp so I’m a big fan.

Elissa G.

Well we used to love this place. Needless to say, The food was horrible, way way overpriced, high chair was so filthy I had to clean it from getting soap and paper towels from the restroom and very unfriendly. Not once did I see her smile .My bill was $41. I received a brisket salad (lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and brisket ), a order of French fries ( frozen ) that were so cold the kids would not touch them, order of 6 onion rings ( those were good ) ,a fried chicken sandwich ( only and sandwich ) and 2 teas. I would save your money and go some where else.

Rusty Baker

Go somewhere else!!! Bad service and the worst “chopped bbq” sandwich I’ve ever had BY FAR! My wife was ready to leave 10 seconds into ordering. Should have listened to her.The lady running the place did seem to be very friendly to the locals though.Apparently they did have good BBQ years ago according to the reviews, but any recent reviews seem to match our experience.They did have homemade ranch and pretty good sweet tea. So if that’s all you like to eat then you’re in luck. Otherwise, try something else if you’re an out of towner.

James Whitney

Meanest old lady… Im all for supporting our local business but not when our local businesses are screwing us over… I just paid almost $20 for 1 chicken strip basket… then got up and got a container of ranch and it had a film or yellow on the top and tasted horrible so I asked for some more and she said she couldn’t help me that all they ranch is the same…


Rudest old lady I’ve ever come across in the whole state of Texas. Food sucked and service was absolutely horrible. Better off with the pizza next door at the Exxon gas station. I tend to steer clear of people with that much hate in their heart it’s sad really.

Marlan W.

Those wimpy reviewers who can't handle the cashier need to be ignored. I have it on good authority that I can make her smile *AND* I have witnesses. But that isn't why you go there. You go there because Jordan is one of the best rib chefs for miles. His BBQ sauce is subtle and clever. His ribs are always moist, smoky, and have the gentle hint of his BBQ sauce. I don't even like ribs but his are sublime. Just get ribs. The next best meat is turkey. Very hard for most people to get right - but Jordan gets it right. every. time. If you want something different than "just meat" - then get the BBQ potato - extraordinary. Or get the BBQ frito pie. Not like most of your frito pies and when you see it you think "really?" But it will be love at first bite. So pull up your big-person pants and order the right things and stop trying to talk up the help.

Art Call

Will never go back. RUDE! And hygiene issues.The bell rang behind me when I walked in and no one came to the front at 5pm. I had to call back to the kitchen. Google says they close at 7. Still waiting, I open the bathroom door. The owner's son has forgotten to lock it, so I excuse myself and shut the door.I go back to the bathroom later to find he's left his #2 in the toilet and didn't flush. He came straight out of the bathroom and went behind the counter. Do you think he'd washed? ?The old woman took my order, boxed my food to go and put it in a bag without asking or offering me a drink. I sat down in the AC (99° today), and she acts huffy that I'm in her restaurant when the open sign was clearly on. None of the tables had been wiped. They were filthy. When I finished my meal and came out of the bathroom, she stood holding the front door open until I left. It was only 6pm.All this awful service cost me $17.68 for 1 person. Never again!

Brent Schelter

It’s just one of those places where you look at your spouse as your leaving and laugh and say well we will never eat here again.Elderly lady taking your order is blunt and unpleasant. Like your inconveniencing her. No prices on the menu.A 2 meat plate, 1 meat plate, and 2 sweet teas was $42!! The turkey was dry, tough and had little flavor. The chopped brisket looked and tasted like the tubs of bbq brisket you buy at wal mart and heat up. I mean tasted exactly like it. Had a mushy consistency. Neither the turkey or the brisket had that nice smoky flavor as it should. Potato salad tasted like the pre made stuff you get out of a plastic jug from a wal mart. I’m pretty sure my entire meal had been frozen and re heated at some point. There was no smoke coming out of a stack. Should have been my first clue!Our food came out quickly and the sweet tea was good but it was an overall disappointment.

David Wells

Kind and attentive, remembering condiments and asking if we needed anything else. The food was good, brisket had good smoke ring. Large amount of fries were generous offering.

David Hamrick

My family went to gages BBQ and had a terrible experience. The service was rude and acted like my family was a nuisance . We're only in the area a few times a year, so we took a little time with the unpriced, hand written menu on a white board. After deciding 'maybe this lady is just having a bad day", we went ahead and ordered two chopped beef sandwiches, and a kid's chicken strip meal. The total on the register read $35.49, and we had not even ordered drinks yet! I wasn't willing to pay high prices for poor service, so we walked out. The bbq may be good, but it's definitely over priced, especially for poor service.

PJ Hutchison

The BBQ and turkey were both delicious, but the BBQ sauce is even better!

T Russ

5 stars for being clean, neat and fast. The sliced beef sandwich and fries satisfied me(and I was really hungry). Bbq sauce is great. I'm gonna offer you some advice though. (1) Play some light Texas red dirt country in the background, the place is awkwardly quiet. (2) when a customer comes in with positive energy and complementing your town and your good reviews, reciprocate that positive energy (it's just a good business practice). I felt like an unwanted visitor so I will probably not ever stop in again.

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