OlaTee African Cafe

409 Sawdust Rd, Spring
(832) 850-3552

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LaPortia Hewitt

The food was a bit over priced compared to back home in Dallas but it tasted great! I wish I had known that tripe was in the egusi soup that was my only dislike. Again! Money wasn’t the issue cleared I paid for it.

T.D. Kargou

This was my first time at the cafe. I’m from west Africa(Liberia) and I know a good pepper soup from a mile away. The tilapia pepper soup was the best I have had in years.the pepper soup had me speaking Liberian English to my American wife. I got there around 5:00 pm and the server told me, she if you can wait for 10 minutes, “I’ll give to fresh soup”. Go give this place a try.


Their food is really good and good customer service but I never got my question answered about if the chicken is halal/kosher or not. I wanted to know because it’s a commandment in my religion to only eat meat that was slaughtered in God’s name and the blood drained out ( aka halal/kosher). If the chicken was halal I wanted to try it, but I settled for the fish

Jasmeen T.

Went here for the first time recently. The owner is nice and the customer service is good. Here's what i tried: Egusi soup Okra soup Fufu This is in north Houston as opposed to most Nigerian spots being in southwest Houston.

Senne Blues

I wanted to try Fufu because I went to the Fufu art event at TSU and had a very small sample that was very good, so I wanted to have a full meal experience. All of the places that I was seeing were in the city - Houston, so I was happy to find a place closer to home to try.The young man at the counter is an absolute joy. He has the personality to do that job- friendly, professional, and fun (great sense of humor).It's a market/store to serve the Africans in the community, but it has a cafe that sells cooked food. I got Egusi with beef and chicken and Fufu. I like that you can get both types of meat w/out it being an upcharge. The Egusi has a bit of a smokey taste but the flavors were not as intense as the sample I had had before. I like bold flavors and it was a bit muted. I enjoyed the Fufu and although it looked small, it is a fair portion.Thing are high these days, it was $22+tax but with the fufu as a filler it was easy 2 meals for me so that put it as fair pricing. I did not like those weird fatty things in the Egusi that seemed like some sort of cheap filler. I would have rather had more soup. But I don't know if that is a traditional part of the dish. It just wasn't something that I liked.I'll go back and try some other things. I like fufu?. Give this place a try, lots to explore. Wishing them success!

Iyanu Atunrase

Best tasting Nigerian food in Houston Period.They also do not overdo it with the pepper so people with ulcer or GI issues can actually enjoy it. I hope things do not change. Keep up the great work. Their fried rice is off the chain

Sara Nettles

This was my first time ever trying African cuisine and it was very delicious! The owner and staff were very friendly. I truly felt welcomed. I ordered the Jollof rice and ordered somebeef meatpies to go. I will definitely return on my next visit. Thank you again Olatee Cafe

John Massey

I tried the egusi soup and fufu today for the first time. It was pretty good. It's not the most delicious thing that I've ever eaten, but it's not bad either. I got it with the cow skin and tripe meat. The cow skin was ok, but I didn't really care for the texture of the tripe, but it didn't have a bad flavor.The egusi flavor reminded me of cornbread dressing you have around the holidays. Cornbread dressing with the giblet gravy is how I would describe the flavor of the egusi from this cafe. I may try it again.

Charlie P.

Love the food! We had the Jollof Rice and Beef Stew. The beef stew had an amazing sauce and the beef was super tender!

zariah hunter

I loved the food so much,the customer service was great, and the food was given to us in a timely manner. I got the okra stew and my Mom got the egusi! We literally have no complaints. You can even purchase the meal prep and take it home to warm your self.

Brittany A

The food is delicious! I’m glad we found a place up north. My husband had the egusi soup and I had the red stew with beef and jollof rice. We definitely recommend. This place is a gem!

Adaeze Okonkwo

It’s great that there is a Nigerian ?? restaurant on the Northside. Sometimes you just can’t make it to Southwest. I used their catering services for a small gathering (jollof rice, meat pie and stewed beef) and the food was very good with nice presentation. Hope to do business with you again soon ?

Arekku Z.

I was surprised to find a West African store/cafe in the Woodlands area. The staff were very kind and helpful. I ordered the egusi and jollof rice with chicken. The food is made fresh and tastes homemade. Wait time was about 25 minutes, so call ahead if you're ordering take out. There is seating in the back if you would like to dine in. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Olatee is one of the best West African restaurants in the Houston Area and a hidden gem in the Woodlands. It's worth trying, you won't be disappointed.

Thea Be Trippin’

Omggg!!! I don’t have to drive to the other side of town for good Nigerian food!!! Turn up! Something told me to look a bit closer for places near me that may serve jollof and egusi soup (my favorites) and I’m so glad I found this cafe!I ordered off GrubHub and the food was delivered piping hot and ready to eat! Love the presentation and the containers that the food are delivered in.Let’s get on these flavors…yesssss…just the right amount of spice and flavor balance! That egusi and swallow had me rubbing my feet together and rocking back & forth. Lol! It’s best when you eat it with your hand…makes me feel comforted and accomplished. The jollof rice was fantastic…the right blend of peppers and other spices…I couldn’t stop eating it. If you’re in the area or around the area, see if they deliver to you…top notch!

Aubtrish Gee

I asked for all meats n all I got was cow skin smh. The soup could have been more seasoned with Maggie cubes or boulon cubes. When I got home I had to add my own meat and seasoning.

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