Oriental Garden

16734 Champion Forest Dr, Spring
(281) 376-1455

Recent Reviews

Sarah Farquhar

Worst Chinese food in the area.

Richard M.

I have patronized this restaurant since I moved to Houston in 1994. When dining in, I have always had a good dining experience with above average dishes. However, I cannot say the same thing for takeout/delivery. Once again, an order scheduled for 45/50 minutes took an hour and a half. But, for once it was not iced cold. Pity though, the aluminum foil dishes were both busted open and spilled into the bottom of the bag, also soaking the spring rolls, all into an inedible mess. The soup survived in it's impossible to breach container. When I called the restaurant, I was offered replacements. But I had neither the inclination or the time to wait another hour and a half for a probable replay. The wait time is annoying, but times are changed for now. I can deal with that. What I cannot deal with is the cavalier execution of placing it in my hands. The restaurant notoriously packs dishes to fail. Maybe it was the Grub Hub driver with no real skin in the game. But that relationship needs to succeed or get out of the delivery business. And as I write this, I believe I am inclined to simply allow the now broken habit of dining in to lapse completely.

Chanell Williams

Terrible service, after ordering from oriental garden several times the food this time was very nasty, cold and over cooked. When I called the restaurant to see about getting the order re-cooked properly the gentleman was very rude and unapologetic. Need less to say, nothing was done although I have been a regular customer since I’ve been in this area but this is the LAST TIME I will ever order from this place again!

Charlene Mengel

Great food and staff including owner Ben are like family. All our grandchildren have eaten here for 13 yrs. Having them open for takeout only is great. We will always support them takeout only during virus lockdown has been great . Thank you!

Rachel S.

We ordered delivery from here and were really happy with our food! We tried sweet and sour chicken, General tso chicken, pork fried rice, and egg rolls. I loved the hot mustard as well.

Stephanie Mock

We received the wrong order through Grubhub and before we had opened it to check the restaurant had called apologizing and had our correct order sent out.

brizzick williams

My husband and I ate here today for our anniversary. It was so good. Food fresh, clean restaurant, good service. I’m ready to come back already.

Chris A.

Literally the worst Chinese food I have ever had. General tso's tasted like water, dumplings were flavorless, and the soup needed more soy sauce than is probably healthy to add any flavor. Would not recommend.

Glenda P.

Awesome Chinese food and Great service. Would definitely recommend this Restaurant to anyone looking for Good fresh Chinese food. Ronnie is one of the servers hes Awesome!! Give them a try you wont regret it. Oriental Gardens you Rock!! This is the Louetta location.

Linda C.

Best Shrimp with Lobster sauce I've had in a while. Friendly wait staff and very good prices and portions. Will definitely be back.

Daniel Krattli

Fantastic foods, prices, and service. I left happy and stuffed. One of 5 best Chinese restaurants I've ate in Houston region.


Love the food, it's a lot on the plate but feels light not heavy at all unlike other Asian food I've had.

Cindy Wachsmann

Love this place, been going for years! Ben is always super friendly

Marshall Franz

Cheap food and...... you know the rest. Shrimp toast isn't the real thing worst ive eaten. Sorry folks

Andrew Koenen

Great family owned service! The portions are large and delicious with wide range of options. Don't be afraid to ask for extra spice if one enjoys it.

Ana C

Omg. Hands down this is the best Chinese restaurant in the area. I drive 30 minutes to get here but it's so worth it!

Belinda Lewis

Today was my first time trying this new dish Happy Family minus the beef and it was delicious.

Lesli Hart

Our go to for great egg rolls. Been dining with them for 20 years.

Meaghan Beacon

Great food, service and prices

Ann Tuttle

Quiet and peaceful. Great food for many years.

jayne c

We love, love, love, this place! Everything we've tried is absolutely great. Love the Hunan Beef and ribs. The food is always fresh.

Angel Diva

Shrimp Egg Foo Young was good. The Gravey was very good, that makes or breaks the egg foo young.

Madysen L

My first time coming in today I felt like I was the only one int restaurant a guy name Ben waited on me and my husband and my picky ratting children he was pleasent and had so much patience for us I would come back just to see Ben and eat their amazing food now I'm picky real picky and the food was great to me must try guys and Ben is a plus to this company with great customer service

Devonne D.

This restaurant been around for a while, not sure if it changed owner. We just moved back into the area, so the last time I ate from this restaurant was over 15 years ago. Against my better judgement . I should've listened to the reviews. Everything was nasty! Using spaghetti noodles for lo mien... that's a wrap for us. Will never eat here again.

Sally J.

I so wanted to like this place. But from the first impression of entering the restaurant, it's a VERY outdated (like 1970s-feel) place that seems to only get regulars from seniors. The waiter was REALLY nice, but unfortunately, that couldn't make up for the complete lack of flavor of the food. I literally have never hated Chinese food. It may not be my favorite, but I've never NOT eaten Chinese food. I barely ate a quarter of my meal here, and that was really only to be polite and try to fill me up as I was hungry. Everything was bland at best. I also saw a bug in my egg drop soup. Everything just felt really dirty there. I honestly don't know how it gets such great ratings.

Michael Meriwether

Chef Ben prepared a special menu for us, some of his favorites. First he presented his Hong Kong Wonton Soup with Chinese broccoli. Next course a generous serving of Pork Egg Rolls. His main courses, a wonderful Seafood Triple Delight nestled in Fried Birds nest accompanied with Korean Beef w/Sweet Chili Paste and steamed rice for lettuce wraps. He completed the table with his personal favorite, Kim Chee Fried Rice, an interesting version of a familiar rice dish. He warned us that it is an acquired taste. It proved to be a great compliment to the entrees. All in all Chef Ben presented us with a 5 star dining experitnce.

Ellen Henley

I've been eating at Oriental Garden for 28 years. They are a comfortable family owned and operated restaurant. The service is great. The food is not expensive. I often go for lunch and have a Chinese Chicken salad.

Leopold Gering

Outstanding wonton soup and teriyaki chicken sticks!!!

David Harrison

Have been going to this restaurant for several years. Great staff and great food. I highly recommend

Tish Valdez

Very friendly, reasonable prices, quiet atmosphere, and delicious food!

David Monte

Best Chinese food in the area! Generous portions and great tasting!

Karen K.

We tried Oriental Garden for the first time, and it was great! We even added special instructions which were all followed accurately. The food arrived hot and tasted fresh. We highly recommend! The "egg rolls" were actually crispy veggie spring rolls which is what we prefer. Good food!

Amanda D.

I wish someone would have left a review regarding the smell when you first walk in..and it doesn't get better once you sit down. I honestly wanted to leave but my husband insisted we stay. Wouldn't say it's for kids. We took our baby and it is very quiet inside. So you can imagine the strange looks as she started to get fussy. Crowd was older people. Over all id stick to the Chinese restaurant across the street.

Cindy James

Great Food & reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere and great service. Been going here for years!

Holly Feray

Pleasent meal with the folks. The garlic eggplant was not as good as last time. Everyone else loved their meals. The wonton soup was very good with just veggies.

Adriana Alvarado

What really killed my experience here is that when we got sat, the restaurant had a very bad odor! It made me want to get up and leave. Either the carpet or chairs needs to be deeply cleaned or the linens need to be washed better because the table cloth where I was seated had a big stain on it. From working at a restaurant I know that when any linen has a stain on it, that linen SHOULD NOT be used! I decided to order the beef and broccoli lunch special that came with rice and soup. The wonton soup had a good broth but the wonton itself was actually cold so that was disappointing. The beef from my beef and broccoli had a weird after taste to it so that also killed it for me. I’m giving it 2 starts because the plate that my mom ordered actually tasted good and the service was decent. This place has potential, but needs MAJOR improvements!

Debbie Blair

Always good food, good service and the price is great.

Cheryl G.

This is my favorite Chinese Restaurant! My family and I have gone her for decades. Family owned. Fast service. Great value. Awesome food. Highly recommend!

Leanah M.

The food at Oriental Garden is top notch (especially the won ton soup), but the restaurant itself is in DIRE need of updating. It smells like an ashtray when you walk in through the dilapidated doors that are covered in years of grime, the carpet is at least 20 years old and smells, and the furniture is likely just as old and seemingly falling apart at the joints. The last time we dined in, I traded chairs twice to find one that I felt was stable. The staff is friendly and attentive, but I just cannot bring myself to eat there. I do wonder about the state of the kitchen, but we've never had any issues with the food tasting weird or off. We call in our order and pick it up to eat at home.

Bruce L.

Let me put this simply, the food was terrible! Generally when I'm hungry, I would even eat food that doesn't taste good, but in this case, the food tasted real bad and the beef had a stench. The won ton was doughy. Needless to say, they went into the trash. Save your money and save your trash from stinking up.