Milano's Pizza

669 Hill St, Tatum
(903) 947-2808

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ForverYoung Disciples

We place pick up orders at least monthly here. The main guy always answers the phone enthusiastically and in today’s world that kind of customer service is rare. Another perk that is rare in the pizza world these days is including Parmesan and red pepper with each pizza. This place does it without asking and it’s a nice touch. The pizza is delicious and the same every single time. The cheese bread is delicious too. I only wish they delivered and that the marinara dipping sauce was hot not cold. Will continue to give them our business. SO much better than chains like pizza hut or dominos.

angie santiago

The pepperoni pizza tastes soooo good. Definitely the best thing

Michelle Colditz Murphy

Good pizza. Kinda pricey. I paid $20 for a large supreme hold the tomatoes because that’s one of their normal toppings

minnette betts

The food is great. If you want dine in you will disappointed. They need to upgrade and spend some money to bring this wonderful restaurant into the year 2000 much less into the year 2022. They are stuck in the year 1980-1990. Their. Pizza has fresh ingredients and cooked to order. I am in love with their Supreme pizza.

cody bennett

I'm in town working from out of state and I'm a foody. This place was a hit. The Supreme pizza was awesome. You could taste all the flavors of the veggies and the meat. Nothing over-powering anything else.Food: 5/5

Antoinette Sulya

Walked in greeted immediately, placed order. Everything was made actually the way we ordered. Ladies that where working, conversational and enjoyed our chat. They're a busy faculty and the taste of the food so on point. Had meatballs with Alfredo suace. Better than I had anywhere and I travel for a living. If going through stop and if you live there your lucky to have a pizza parlor like this one. Hate to say this, but Imo's meet there match.

Adam Spencer

Best fresh pizza I’ve had in a long timedelicious,messy and overloaded with good stuff

Haylie Parks

Pizza was delicious. And the guy who helped us (owner?) Was very friendly and accommodating

Lu M.

Have a sign out front that says buffet. Walk inside no buffet. Person behind the counter just had a no buffet comment. Just cover it with some tape or something. I understand it's a small town but the plant brings in lots of people.

Saint Vick

I've had there pizza's and sandwiches. Both are excellent ?. I always reccomend to add extra cheese and it won't disappoint. It's a great pizza even compared against the best establishments. How could I forget the beautiful wings. I swear on my momma's life I thought I saw an angel.

Kerri P.

This is awful pizza. The last one I ordered the box was full of grease. The cheese wouldn't stay on the pizza. Years ago it fairly decent, but no longer. Plus, a large is the size of a small elsewhere.

Do Hickey

Best pizza i had in a long time! Huge ingredents! Loved it

Ted Hunt

Not impressed at all. Both the wife and I got the lasagna. Was way too much sauce, the meat was like a from a cheap frozen pizza. Barely any lasagna noodles. The garlic bread was very sad too. Asked for a water and brought out bottled water. Sadly won't be back, was hoping for a nice little restaurant in town to frequent.


I have ordered from this place a few times in 3 years of living here. The first time we ordered a pep and cheese pizza, I get there and they have two pizza’s a pep and separate cheese pizza due to my language barrier being from the north that’s just a single pizza where I am from. I kindly paid for both. I just ordered a small pep and mushroom to my surprise it came as one pizza awesome!! But handing out frozen Tiramisu not what I had expected. The Milano’s in Longview set the bar for me it has always delivered good service and good food. I will not eat at this location again.

Lacy Rodgers

I believe the shrimp alfredo is my favorite but everything on the menu is amazing. Believe me, I have tried it all.

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