It's Just Wings

1110 Lake Woodlands Dr, The Woodlands
(469) 208-9292

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Ac Dynna

Please do not order from themI have order before and every time was something. But this time the food was contaminated. All of my family got stomach bug from eating that. YES it was the food from there!. I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t something that prevents people from getting this

Terry L Horton

I have had these wings several times usually from the Hwy 59 store in New Carney. For some reason uber delivered from the lake woodlands restaurant and these were the worst wings I have ever had there was no sauce on them they were overcooked so bad you couldn't eat them we ordered pies and didn't get them this was truly very very disappointing and everything was ice cold.

Mel S.

I enjoyed all of the flavors. Apple BBQ - was very interesting with a nice hint of apple & sweet. Ranch - Was okay just sprinkled ranch dry mix on the wings that you can buy in the store. Mango Habanero - Not what you'd normally expect, not very hot, different sweetness flavor it didn't really taste like mango, idk what fruit maybe peach? The last was a chipotle something I can't remember the name, it was decent as well, interesting flavor. Nothing bad about any of the sauces. I asked for the wings extra crispy which maybe why my review is better than most. They were crispy, fresh and very large compared to most wing places. Overall I enjoyed, there was no lack of sauce which was nice also. Give them a try, I was surprised the reviews were so terrible but my experience was fine.

Proud Dad

1st experience was some of the wings were NOT DONE, so I just reheated them all. Some of the wings had flavor but most of them were bland. The chicken wing itself was big & meaty but lacks in the wing experience. Disappointing to say the least but price wise maybe one of the cost affordable places. Just reheated & add flavor & it's a nice meal.

Amanda White

This “restaurant” is a ghost. It’s actually Chilis there is no actual It’s Just Wings restaurant

Lauren B.

The family was really craving some wings and we decided to give this place a shot, so we Ordered through ubereats. I upgraded the order to "priority order" which would guarantee the order in 40-50 min. The food actually came in 75. So the food was cold, soggy and a mess. I ordered the boneless garlic Parmesan wings and there was zero sauce on the wings. They were flavorless and mushy. The lemon pepper wings had sauce but were over cooked and the meat was tough. The smoked wings were the only thing tasty from the order, but they too were cold and a bit soggy. Fries seemed as if they were under the heat lamps all day. The pies were tasty. Overall unhappy with the order, the whole family Was left hungry $50 later.

James ..

Absolutely disgusting! Ordered for my wife and I and immediately knew i messed up when the directions lead me to Chilis. Chilis can barely get their own food right let alone one of these "make our food for us" or "delivery only" food chains. Ordered wings and several sauces because i love to dip. Show up at the to go parking, entered my spot number and waited 20 minutes. I finally go inside to see what was taking so long and my food was sitting on a rack. Fries were soggy and somehow the wings were soggy. Okay maybe the wait is the reason for sogginess.. . but the flavor was disgusting. I usually pig my way through anything but i ate about 1/4 of my meal and my wife ate less of hers. YUCK!

Tonya C.

Uncooked wings..... do not go here! Tried to call to see if we can reorder or why uncooked no one answer phone. Which made me me dig deeper to find out more about this place that I ordered. Immediately did I get disgusted that this place is not a real business ... this location is located inside another business and then I was scared cause I just look it up while at work trying to find a place to send me lunch. Finally when good arrived it was not done...... smelled delicious but not done ...... at least if you guys answered phone I would consider ordering again. But not going to deal with a business not answering the phone.

Sequoia Riverwind

Great wings great prices. Unless I'm dining in this is my new go to for wings.

Roger H.

This is kind of misleading. It's just Wings is not a stand alone restaurant. It is a "ghosts " restaurant using the kitchen at Chili's and can only be ordered via Door Dash. We could not even order in the restaurant. Looking at the menu on door dash's website they look good, but I guess I'll never know.


My new favorite wings! We had been ordering wings from the other wing place for so long, I wouldn't have even thought of trying wings from any other place had it not popped up as a recommendation on DoorDash. And now we are fans for life. Here's the difference: SMOKED WINGS! Oh my gosh. We didn't quite know what to expect... what immediately blew me away was the juicy texture... then - BAM - that flavor! That smokiness is undeniably superior to wings without. It simply doesn't compare. I tried both the Cajun Rub and the Garlic Parmesan, and both were outstanding. We will absolutely be ordering from Its Just Wings again... like this week!

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