Jason's Deli

1340 Lake Woodlands Dr, The Woodlands
(281) 419-0100

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I love this place. The food is incredible and the service is great. There are so many choices. I can choose something different every day. It’s close to my office, so I just walk over. It’s a healthy option that’s delicious.

Katharine Branham

I have been coming to this Jason’s Deli since the doors open which is over 20 years. I love the quality for food, service, and people. The deli is always clean, fresh and friendly.

Patti Lambert

This is not turkey. It does not smell like turkey at all. Like most restaurants, this is some other animal. Our cats and dogs are being served on plates and most restaurants these days. Start boycotting these places; they're killing, butchering our cats and dogs our beautiful pets!! Most restaurants are. PAY ATTENTION

Ronald McGullion

Great sandwich, soup or salad restaurant! Been here before n it's always awesome. Good pricing n quality is superb.Food: 5/5

Tiffany Allen

I came in and ordered a salad bar to go on 11/05/22. I come in atleast once a week to this location. My total was 10.16. I gave the cashier a 10 and then I was digging for change to give him the exact amount. I only had .15 in change amlnd he stood there and repeated that my total was $10.16. I stood there digging for about 5 more minutes for a penny to give him why the line was backing up. Instead of just saying ok he wouldn't accept that I was a penny short. So I pulled out another 5 to make up for the penny l was missing. The girl next to him even kept telling him that it was ok and he refused to go on without the penny. This was the most craziest thing ever. I will not patronize this location anymore. He tried to embarrass me in front of the other customers.

Mike M.

The wife and I love this Jason's Deli. We don't go very often but every time we do we are happy. The place has been here for a long time (over a decade) and provides a consistent experience. Highly recommend.

Dongo Gifford

Ordered a New Yorker with Mayo. Took a bite, no mayo. Looked, sure enough, no mayo. Took it to the counter, the guy tells me there’s mayo on it. To which I reply, “there’s not mayo on that sandwich.” Manager walks by and hears, so she tells him to get some mayo. They took my plate, slopped mayo on the sandwich and broke a slice of the bread in the process, then handed it back to me. The sandwich wouldn’t stay together after that. So I got up, again, and got a to go box. In the process of moving the sandwich 3 inches to the box, it fell apart. Wasted $15 on a meal I didn’t even get to eat.

Carolyn Peterson

Hadn't eaten at Jason's Deli in years. It was great! Food was good.ServiceFood: 5/5

Todd Kielman

This Jason's Deli is exceptional. The staff are friendly and helpful. The restaurant is clean and inviting. I ear here at least once a week. And I will continue to

Sam Bradley

Staff is always cheerful and make us feel Luke they are glad we came. The food is consistently top notch in flavor and presentation.Dietary restrictions: I am type 2 diabetic and there sre lots of choices at Jason's that don't mess with my blood sugar.

Lynne Aldrich

Salad bar always good. And the free ice cream is quite tummy!

Charlie Balsam

One of the consistently best Jason's locations. Weathered the Covid storm, veteran crew, veteran operator. And the food is clean and delicious.

Erika Isaac

Staff is super friendly. We tried the Reubens sandwich and it was as good as the best Montreal deli, we missed the mustard though.


I’m writing this review to inform the general manager or the owner of the location for 1340 Lake Woodlands Dr, of the terrible customer service i received from a staff member. As a restaurant there are two components that make you successful. Good food and excellent customer service. You check one box and fail in the other. I arrive to the location and wait in the front to be attended. I receive a “yeah” in a terrible tone. I mentioned I’m here to pick up an order. “ For who” was the response in a terrible tone with a sour face. After providing the name i ask the team member what’s wrong. He walks away and rolls his eyes to grab my order. Once he returns he hand me my order and once again with a terrible tone “ do you want your receipt”. I ask for his name, which is Chris and to make things worse he was the manger. I don’t know who provided Chris a promotion or hired him to manage this location but whoever it was needs to adjust on how they evaluate talent. It a shame that a teenagers at Chic Fila provides better customer service than a manger at Jason Deli.

Lauren Rapp

They have great potatoes and sandwiches. The price range is affordable.

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