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1600 Lake Robbins Dr, The Woodlands
(832) 702-8080

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Daniel Heffernan

Pizza was 30 min late cold and delivered by door dash instead of pizza hut. After ordered they refused a phone call from us.


Heed the reviews! This place sucks, and so does management. I ordered a 3 topping special with extra sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and ham. They took forever to bring it curbside, and there was little sauce and no pepperoni. They gave me a receipt without the code to report it, so I really had to research to report it. I demanded a refund, but they are brain dead. Nothing. I love their thin crust, but nothing from that place again!

Tony M.

apparently pizza hut is trying to strong-arm people into ordering strictly online. After physically visiting this location they told me the deal I was looking at through the Yelp app was only good if I ordered online. The deal was a large three topping pizza for 10.99, After asking him how much it would be to just order it straight up right then and there he told me 21.99! seriously, double the price just because I'm buying directly in person?! This is just ridiculous.

Trenese C.

Extremely slow delivery service, like 2 hours late. Expensive $48 for 2 pizzas and the pizza was delivered room temperature, which by pizza standards, that's cold. Very terrible experience and my delivery location was 10 miles away so it was also frustrating it took so long.

Chad B.

This is for the Pizza Hut call center in The Woodlands, TX.. really poor customer service. Called to check on delivery of my order but it took 6 phone calls to get me through to the actual store that got my order. Once I got hung up on. I'm teaching summer school to 16 accelerated high school students and wanted to reward them but got hung up on and one time nobody picked up the call. When I get hung up on it makes me feel like my business ($100 dollars), is not important to your company and it makes me want to never order from Pizza Hut ever again. The quality of the pizza was consistent with what I'm used to over the years. What wasn't of any high quality was call center reps #1, #2, #3 (hung up on me), or #5. CSR #4 (Neil) was very helpful and "understood" my frustration. Thank you to the PizzHut on McBeth Way, The Woodlands,TX also

Meredith M.

I have had the worst experience and given them several chances to fix all the problems. We have ordered several times and given Pizza Hut multiple opportunities to fix them and they don't. This last experience was the worst, we ordered pizza and wings on Saturday evening, I let the delivery driver in my apartment building and never got my food. When I called to complain they told me the location was closed and I would have to call in the morning. After attempting to call 5 times and getting hung up on every time we proceeded to go to the location. The district manager refunded us and told us to call him when ready to place next order. I called him last night to give the restaurant another chance. I was suppose to have a credit from a previous botched order which he couldn't find and the new order which we placed last night took 1 1/2 hours to get. It took the driver 25 minutes to find my apartment. The district manager did call to follow up, however when I told him of the problems all he said was we will do better next time. There will not be a next time!

Zero C.

Worst delivery pizza place ever if I could give them zero stars also I would first off cold pizza Second delivery an hour late ordered at 1057AM Arrived 1:00 PM they would've probably been later had I not called. Not the pizzas I ordered I gave them two chance this is my second time getting my order screwed up / I attempted to rectify Issue at store level and asked for corporate number they would not issued information they attempted to give me the run around Mr Everett DM seemed hostile after I asked for corporate phone number. Bad service / Don't waste your money

Angela H.

I would give them zero stars if I could. This is the most unprofessional Pizza Hut I have every had the displeasure of ordering from. The manager was rude and so was the driver after they were late delivering our pizza to the hospital the 2nd time. I will never from this pizza hut again, all the staff needs customer service training because they are horrible. The driver said he was sitting outside the hospital waiting when he arrived almost an hour late. The pizza was supposed to be out for delivery @ 1:37 and he arrived at 2:25. These people are a joke. He said he called and text the number listed on the ticket which is a landline. So how do you text a landline???? He called 1x which I verified by caller ID. Pizza Hut needs to hire quality employees.

Elena D.

Please don't order from here. Our pizza was delivered after being dropped the driver. I spoke with a manager Dolores and she offered to have it remade in 2 hours I then asked for a refund and she said it had to go through corporate and that she would try to refund it. A couple days later I still see the charge and I call back another manager Jessica was very sweet and polite she said the refund was never issued as far as she could tell and that she would have her Manager call me. I then spoke to Adam who was also very polite and sincere and he said he would handle the refund. I waited 3 days now a week since it happened and still no refund. I've spoken to corporate and this entire experience has been awful. Just stick with Dominoes or Any other place. I will update if I ever get my refund but I won't hold my breath.

Bria R.

They said they were on their way, took over an hour from the time they said they were way for delivery. I called and they said the driver made a mistake, but this has happened at least 3x already. When the pizza arrived it was cold and there was literally no sauce on it and they forgot our sauces for the hot wings. I do not recommend this Pizza Hut at all. The driver didn't even apologize for the wait and miscommunication... If I could give it negative stars I would.

Jerry A.

I don't know why they have less than 2 stars at the time of my review, but all I can say is they have been exceptionally courteous, especially for a Pizza Hut. They can be a little late on deliveries at times however street speed limits do exist, combined with many orders that they have to deliver on any given night. They also have made the effort to include a little extra when they run a few minutes late, be it extra sauce on delivery or larger pizza at no extra charge upon in store pickup. People need to realize employees do what they can, and there is only so much in their control. Thank you again for your positive Pizza Hut experience!

Eric And Tarah C.

The pizza was hot and ready when we ordered it online and picked up at the store. No complaints got the $5 medium thin crust pizza and it's delicious.

Albert M.

Food itself was exactly what you expect to get from Pizza Hut. Pretty good and decent price. The service there is terrible and wait times are always over estimated times. Frustrating... but if you really want Pizza Hut go for it

Nelly M.

I love pizzahur but this place makes me not want to eat it anymore. They take forever with their delivery. They say the computers never work!! Waste of time, order else where or make the time to drive.

Koby B.

If I could give a negative I would. I placed my order for delivery at 5:36pm and was sent a conformation that the delivery would be by 6:05pm. At 6:30pm I called to check on my order and the person that answered told me they were swamped and my order had to be out for delivery. At 7:07pm, I still hadn't received pizza so I called again and the person that answered apologized and said I wouldn't be charged and I asked her to tell me when my pizza would be delivered. After 5 minutes on hold, I was told my order was never done. She said she would put the order in immediately and I said I'd pick it up to make it faster and she thanked me and said it would be ready in 15 minute. At 7:45pm I arrived to pick up my pizza and when I asked the lady said she forgot to put my order in. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS LOCATION AGAIN! Stay away and buy from a competitor. 2 hours and no pizza.

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