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This is the best Mediterranean food I have ever had. Owners are Egyptian and it’s a really nice place and good vibe. The food is so delicious and the buffet was such a good choice. So many options and everything was so good. Came here for lunch and had to come again the next day and get the buffet to go before leaving town because it was that amazing. Thank you!

Geoffrey C.

Unique! One-of-a-kind! Exceptional! This place was so amazing to try. Visiting Houston, and surrounded in a world made up of BBQ, Mexican, and American cuisine. It was absolutely incredible to find a place like this. For less than 20 bucks, you can experience all of the different types of hummus, tahini, dips, salads, chicken, and lamb, dishes, Baklava, flan, rice, pudding, and everything in between. I definitely recommend trying this place when you're in the area. Sure, you're going to want to try the local BBQ scene, and it is really really good, but at the same time, you really need a break from all of that to try some healthy food every once in a while, and this place is simply the best option I found for that.

Kathy V.

I've been wanting to try this place for sometime. Finally made the trip out to it. Was very disappointed. We went for the buffet and everything was on the bland side. Not as much variety as you'd think. I had only one plate of food because I didn't enjoy it enough to go back for seconds. The service was good. The lady was kind and helpful but it would get awkward when you're scooping the food onto your plate. She follows along and watches you scoop the food. Although I know she's just there to wait to answer any questions. We were also the only ones in the restaurant. I sadly, wouldn't come back.

Tarah Splawn

This place is great! The potatoes are amazingly seasoned and delicious, the onion sumac chicken is tender and has a very refreshing taste. I’m glad The Woodlands Mall has this option in the food court now.

Shawn B.

Great restaurant, it had a nice buffet. I was pleasantly surprised at all they had to offer. I would definitely return.

M A.

Must try authentic homemade Egyptian cooking, you are treated with a smile and kindness. Enormous selection of food, my first visit and I am happy with the quality served.

Cindy D.

Enjoyed some delicious Mediterranean food today. We walked in thinking it would be very basic food. We were pleasantly surprised. We had the dinner buffet. It had every traditional dish you could imagine. There were so many choices I can't even list them. Just know the authenticity of this restaurant is superb. It is owned by a lovely couple. They opened the Woodlands location just one year before COvid hit. They kept the restaurant going and the family came together to keep it going. I regret not taking a picture of my food but the ambiance was so impressive. The manager was so attentive and hard working. He even let us take some desserts to go. We'll be back!


The best stuffed cabbage I have ever had so far. Falafel are not fried in the right temperature. Brisket too oily. Over all the food is tasty. This is is a hidden jam. I wish the name was easier so it coud be found on Google.

Nancy Perez

We visited this place for the first time. And it was Amazing! My husband is from Egypt ?? ❤️ and said he felt like he was eating his mom's food back home in Alexandria Egypt. Everything was fresh and tasty! I Atmosphere was very nice and clean. I met an Amazing couple who also was their first time eating there. I felt like we were in Egypt honestly.Excellent customer service. I wish to give them 10 ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️⭐️

Christine C.

Always so good and they are consistent. Salads and pita bread are always fresh. Love the garlic sauce!

Spam M.

Best. Lamb. Chops. Beef kebab is good. Egyptian salad is good. I'm a lover of rice pudding and it's delectable, with real cinnamon. Baklava is a bit lighter than I'm used to, but I liked it too. Potato salad is strangely good to me with veggies. Coleslaw is creamy if you like it that way. Ordered catering for a dinner and they were very flexible, on-time, and delicious. Will be back for delivery and also to try the whole buffet. Salad bar only was a great available option. They also make good iced tea, which is not always a given. Service was impeccable, smart, and didn't feel hurried. Buffet selection looked good and fresh even mid-afternoon.

Jeanne Boyle

Nice new place for us. One can order inexpensive entrees that are quite enough to eat like kabobs, duck, chicken, whole tilapia and half pound salmon for around $12.00. But…..once we checked out the buffet, it seemed like a great way to try out a number of delights that ranged from salads and babaghanoush to spicy vegetable dishes to chicken, lamb and beef for $16 or $17 depending on day of the week. A nice variety of Desserts came with the buffet. Sadly, I got full too soon thus was unable to try everything so we will return! Nice vibe. Very clean. A bit slow on service. Big screen TVs had either Arabic news, a drama or a childrens movie. Nice restrooms fully loaded with anything you might need. Ample room for parking in shade and for wheelchair accessible needs.I enjoyed the cool lemon mint drink. Others had mint hot tea, great after eating and with dessert.

Random One

Great variety and good authentic flavors! I highly recommend the buffet for people who want to try a bit of everything.

Ann K.

Great food at a great price. The buffet has a great selection. The baklava is the best I've ever had at a restaurant. I will be going back.

Lyana S.

Everything on the menu was amazing I can't decide what my favorite food was. The owners are soo friendly and the place was clean. Their food is full of flavor and the portion was perfect. I loved my experience here. Definitely coming back!!

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