The Refuge Bar & Bistro

24 Waterway Ave #110, The Woodlands
(713) 389-5674

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Kristen Voitle

A great spot!! Had a bit of everything and every single item was delicious. Service by Bradley was outstanding. Definitely a new favor place. 100% recommend any of the whiskey drinks

Steven Del Angel

If you're not from USA, stay away. We had family come visit us who was over 21 but they would not except her ID, driver's license, and when we told them we'd have our son bring her passport he said they only accepted US passports.I get that every place has their own rules and they should be respected. What gets me is that this guy told me that it was "the law" not to serve someone without a TX ID.Went to 3 other bars on the waterway and had a blast..... without proof of citizenship!

Ami Weiler

I highly recommend!! From the moment you walk in the door, you feel the kindness and are welcomed with smiles. This place is an adventure of the palette and the cocktails are a work of art! Each dish is cultivated with an excellent taste that is unique and bright. The quality of the food and flavor is mind blowing! Our server Abbey deserves accolades for her knowledge and experience. She is wonderful in pairing a meal and her recommendations are precise. If you're looking for the perfect dinning experience this is the place for you! Everything on the menu is a delight! Thank you Refuge for such an amazing dining experience!

Austin Held

The staff was very friendly and the drink I had was okay for the price. I hadn’t been here since 2019 but the place has changed a lot in terms of menu. I had the sliders tonight which were basically dry sloppy joes on standard white buns. The menu itself was a maze of random small plates (Greek, Italian, seafood, Korean BBQ, etc). The experience was very underwhelming versus what I remember. The whiskey selection and cocktail list is still decent but not crazy. I walked in at 7PM and was the only person in the bar. A couple other people showed up but it was pretty slow. I feel like going to back to a simple food menu with a burger and a few other options would be a better way to go.

Robin Clark

The place is small and quaint and flat breads are good. However, I ordered salmon croquets and they were mostly potatoes in what looked like a panko coating. Not worth the price and super small. My friend ordered chicken curry. The equivalent of 4 or 5 small bites on a kabob; not worth the price. There was a lady at the bar that was so incredibly loud, it was disturbing others across the room. I know that's not the establishments fault but.... we also waited to be seated while employees walked past us repeatedly until finally, a man who I assume is the manager asked if we've been helped. The service wasn't that great but I think our server may have been new so that gets a pass too. Doubtful I'll be back.


Just tell us so we can wait until it’s fixed. A indoor dining in Houston without fully functioning AC is just wrong. Portable AC with water hoses running on the floor with an indoor temp at 89 degrees is just not fair to your customers. Thanks to some late summer storms it was 83 outside. The owners should fully disclose what is going on I will not be back

Johnathan G

The place is just another overpriced and over promised restaurant in the Houston/Woodlands area. The drinks are nothing out of the norm that you can easily find in any other good restaurant. All the food is way overpriced which seems to be the norm for these types of restaurants that pretend to be 5 star. The staff and the service are excellent. Everyone was doing a great job, very attentive. The restaurant was nice looking but could have used a very good dusting. All the light fixture and ledges had tons of dust on them. So price and food are the main reasons for the 2 star rating.


Great service, delicious mediterranean flavor tapas. Very reasonable prices, live music on Saturday and Sundays. We will go again.

Camila Biaggi

If you are looking for yummy drinks and life music, this the spot to go-to! I recommend making a reservation though, given that the place is small. It has a cozy, intimate vibe to it! A bunch of great drink options! The only thing though, the food menu is a bit limited. They have some yummy flat breads! I highly recommend those.

Brenda Noto Carnes

Great service, drinks, & Michael was a fabulous waiter! Purple moon is a great duo!

William New

Bourbon lovers rejoice this is the place to be. Smoked old fashion and the cheese soup. You will love it. If you love bourbon and have not been get here. I will be back!

Allee Bales

So many unique and interesting cocktails! It’s a really fun vibe with an older crowd! Would definitely go back! We split a couple appetizers and was not disappointed!

Eric Wilbourn

This review takes place during the pandemic. Visited here because my wife was having her company party here. Fun place. Good atmosphere. I will say it did take some time to get a drink but with the state of things (in terms of shortage of workers) this is expected. Overall, I would visit again.

Jordy J.

I was having such a bad day! All i wanted to do was listen to some tunes and get drunk... i was so sad.... Until i met trace and maddie. They turned my frown upside down! Best service I've ever had in my life. Trace told me his favorite drink was a old fashion smoked w angels envy rye and now i won't have anything else. I will be back every Friday night to listen to the music and have trace serve me. Maddie made me the best smoked old fashions! Thank you refuge and thank you maddie and trace.

Mike-Zema Ortiz

great band and atmosphere. fabulous customer service, will come back.

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