Tequilas Ballroom

137 Indian Head Rd, Tornillo

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P. Estrada Juarez

Its a great place to have a party its big and spacious, the food is super delicious , that wedding cake was the bomb. The owner is a sweet lady that is willing to help, the only bad thing is the staff they are super rude, they answer you in a bad ways never been to place where staff was soo rude and mean, it got to the point where we left the party because it was a constant arguing with them. We went to the bar for beer since the host got a couple of kegs and they said there wasnt any so we could buy from them,, we told the groom and he had to get into a fight with them, at the end he paid for the kegs and they kept them, if you host a party here you need to keep and eye on those horrible rude ladies.

Atmosphere: 5

Service: 1

Mayela Nuñez

Good for the salon location but it's missing it's missing I don't know what I know

Erika Crystal

So I went to a party here and it is a spacious dancefloor, although the tables are a little tight. Not sure if food was brought in or a package from here but the food was delicious. It was a little hot but not too bad. Only weird thing I thought was how the waitstaff took a break from serving drinks, and there was still and hour and half of the party left.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 4

Robert Holguin

Very nice ballroom

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