Dairy Queen

1809 E SE Loop 323, Tyler
(903) 561-2972

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Jessica Bruton

I came through tonight right around the 10 o’clock hour. I ordered a #1 with cheese, all the way, extra pickles on the side. I also ordered tots and a Dr Pepper. I was asked to pull around. My order arrived to my car and I leave. Upon arrival at my house, I open my food bag. My tots are burned. Okay cool. I still have my burger. I usually dismantle my burgers to eat them because I don’t eat bread often. The patty is burned. The cheese isn’t melted. The vegetables are limp and I’m missing my extra side pickles. I pick up the patty to take a bite and it’s cold cold. I break off a piece with my fingers and the meat has the feeling of a patty that has been sitting for several hours under a heat lamp. I’m an EMT. I’m used to gas station fare. This was far worse.

Kirk Elmore

Staff friendly and food was good as far as fast food goes.

Ruby Fonfara

Me and my friend at at Dairy queen one day I got a burger and it was dry and she got chicken nuggets and they were hard but we didn't complain we ate and leftFood: 3/5

Jeremy Prudhome

Just got blizzards. I recommend the slow down a little and wipe their cups and mix the blizzards. Especially if that's all a customer is getting.

Carter Langford

Place needs work and better management. They get resupplied on Wednesdays and they are constantly out of stuff every Wednesday afternoon. Simple solution order more. Being out of basics cost the owners money. The drive through window has needed repair for over 3 years. People working there have to drag it open due to being worn out.

Terri Reynolds

I'm torn between a bad review and a good review because some things were good and some things were bad. Such as the French fries? Supposedly they pull this to the back to wait on our order and I think we were there probably 5 to 10 minutes ish but the fries were cold and nasty and my sandwich was nice and hot. I ordered a dude which is great but the fries were just not even edible in my opinion.

Michael J Sweeney, Jr

The one-star review I left was a "pocket-dial" mistake. Had a great experience with the staff yesterday.

Darren Hintze

Great place to be! To be honest the no dairy dilly bar was really good... ?.Place is really clean and service is fast!

Jose Munoz

This is the cleanest, friendliest, welcoming DQ I have ever been too. I was having a bad day and the manager and staff made my whole outlook for the day better. Keep up the awesome work. Yes. The food was awesome as well. Thank you!???

Katy Reeves

WILL NOT RETURN AGAIN.... I have enjoyed bringing my kids here since 1997, but I haven't been here for years. We were nearby after ? practice at rose rudman on donnybrook outdoor court and since theres no longer a location next to Leegacy HS on Broadway We drove further to our old fav paluxy location. Unfortunately the service was slow had to wait too long for anyone to finally show at the register as there were several people working the drive thru at 9 pm. My husband and I enjoyed dipped cones for $2 and $3 but our 14 year old son was hungry after basketball practice and ordered a 6 piece Chicken strip basket meal with a drink over $13 of wasted money because these high dollar chicken strips were hard and dry and overbaked under a heat lamp and for that much money ? we won't waste gas/diesel again to go to DQ. DISAPPOINTED ?

LeVita Ross (Vita)

When you're asked to pull around back because your order is being freshly prepared is worth the wait. And then our order was delivered to our car with a smile and a little bit of customer friendly conversation. Thanks DQ❤️


When you're asked to pull around back because your order is being freshly prepared is worth the wait. And then our order was delivered to our car with a smile and a little bit of customer friendly conversation. Thanks DQ❤️

Bennie Latch

Waited 35 minutes for one ice cream, even though warned when walked in slow staffed. Watched cook in between burgers etc scraping grill maybe 20 seconds with young skinny Caucasian fellow chit chatting and snacking ( not good) Okay then counted 9 cars go threw drive threw. Another's gentleman and his wife waited longer that owns a work out gym. Another Black gentleman waiting longer B4 me gad time to come look at my Car he liked. That's how long it took the whole place got to know each other but it was not the party get to know kind of thing, it was the frustrated kind of thing now we all know each other too well over an ice cream waiting some up to 47 minutes. You can't give me any excuse I watched closely with them.

Jessica S.

Terrible service. The girl spilled ice cream on me and didn't seem too concerned. It took forever for us to receive our blizzard.

Trenton Hankins

I was given a burger with no meat on a togo order. I was on my way to work so I couldn't turn around and go back. I called the store to let them know what happened, they told me "Please hold, we'll have a manager speak with you to try and get this resolved." I sat on hold for 15 minutes and tried calling back 5 to 6 times but my call was never answered. Nonexistent customer service and ownership should be notified.

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