Kawa's Hibachi Grill and Lounge

1024 W SW Loop 323, Tyler
(903) 747-8558

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Service outstanding every time Food always delicious 3 girls at front door playing and dancing not so much The doors at front when open allow outside heat to come in and they are not watching and closing doors - I am sure this is adding to the cost of your electricity- please address this - if they have time to play they can be held responsible to ensure the doors close after each guest


I have visited this restaurant several times when I come to Tyler. Last night My best friend and I along with her family visited and we received the worst I have ever received in my life. I normally tip really well because I appreciate good customer service, but the service last night was so AWFUL I asked for the gratuity to be taken off of my bill. I don’t mind paying money for what I want! We should have left before we sat down to eat because the host staff were terrible and not the most friendly which should be a given being in a hostess position. We proceeded to stay after that encounter because again we wanted Hibachi and was celebrating a small victory for one of her children. When we finally get a seat to sit down for dinner one of the hostess comes and take our order because she stated the waitstaff was busy and she helping out! Ok fine. We ordered drinks! ….. 30-45 minutes passed! No drinks? Waitstaff states let me go check! Comes Bk no drinks as the bar! Wow ok may I speak with the manager please? Manager come apologize and says I will go make your drinks now! Had to ask for water while waiting on the drinks that never came! Hair was in one of the kids lemonade! Finally we get our drinks! Fast forward to the meal! Bring out our soup! It was cold as ice! Requested hot soup please as soup is supposed to be hot correct? They bring back Lukewarm soup! At this point I don’t even want my soup And really ready to go! Our chef Alex tried his hardest to make the situation better but then I don’t get the chicken that I ordered with my steak! Ok no problem! Just take it off my bill then I get the bill with the gratuity added and I’m like no sir. I will not give anything more than what the cost of my meal was!!! This was by far the worst service ever and I definitely will Not be returning! I felt so strongly about it that I wrote this very long review because it was that terrible!!!

Vale Shia Mccuin

I really enjoyed the food and service,it was a little warm in the hibachi area and they had fans plugged in,hey this is Texas so we can bare heat,lol but the excellent food and staff made it all worthwhile

Lany Moore

Let me start by saying that I almost want to give this place 5 stars just because of their little side salad that they serve. It’s SO good!!! I gave it 4 stars though because service isn’t the best and the sushi rolls are only mediocre. BUT they do have great fried rice and their jalapeño chicken is super good!

Wyatt Schaefer

The service was standard, nothing particularly impressive. The food was also very average. I got the chicken jalapeno wok classic. If you like/tolerate spicy food to any reasonable degree, the food barely tasted spicy. The portion of food was generous. The only utility I would personally find in going to this restaurant would be in taking someone on a date or if that is where my friends wanted to go. I would never choose to go here due to their relatively expensive prices for average tasting food. (But, it is not a bad place to go, either). Admittedly, I did not get sushi, but it looked good! Would give more stars for a spicier plate (especially one that says "jalapeno" in the name) or more impressive service.

Colby Golightly

Horrible experience. 2 of us, my wife and I, were seated with a group of 6 people at our table for hibachi. They seated us in a tiny room with 4 grills and what seemed like no ac. Everyone was complaining about it but no solution. After we ordered, the grill across from us, which is joined by the tables had 14 people. These tables are not designed to accommodate more than 10 at best and even that is cramped. We were asked by the waiter of the other group to slide down to allow more people to be sat with this huge group. Our food was sub par and we received strips instead of rib eyes. We have been frequent customers to kawas but after this experience I don’t believe we will be returning anytime soon.

Ladildra Freeman

The chef was good, but my veggies were barely cooked. The waiter wasn't good at all. He would say he was bringing something, but never brought it. It was my bday. I wish I would've went somewhere else. First and last time going.

Tracy C.

We called to check the wait approximately 2 minutes prior to arrival. We were told there was no wait. We arrived and they told us there was a 5 minute wait. Ok no biggie. So we went to the bar to grab a drink. Less than 5 minutes later the hostess came to tell us our table was ready. They took us and another party to the hibachi table. Our server showed up fairly soon after that to take drink orders and then food order. The server returned with our soup and salad. The chef never came. After sitting there for over an hour we went to ask our server what was going on. They only had 3 chefs working and we were left to sit for over an our when we were told there was no wait. The evening was getting late so we opted to pay our tab and leave. Upon exiting we found the manager to express our frustration to which he responded that they had just sat a 50 top and were busy. No apology was given by the manager. Very sad to have experienced this horrible service and lack of caring. Maybe if the manager had visited our table and apologized, offered a free appetizer or drink or simply and explanation we would have stayed. But instead they've lost a customer.

Darcy W.

Been hear many of times but today for my sons birthday was the WORST. Burning hot while we waited over an hour at the table and still no chef. Our family and the other family at the table left. When we graciously asked for our check it would have been nice for the manager to comp us for the inconvenience. We felt bad for the waiter. He was great! Please get it together for the future guests.


Let me keep this short and sweet. Our entire hibachi table left after waiting over an hour for our cook to come out. The room was so hot we had to go to the restroom to cool off. Hit or miss. But not sure we will return.

Sills Stanford

Kawa’s is absolutely incredible! I just got back home from there, I went for my birthday. The Hibachi experience is well worth it. Our chef, Alex, did a fantastic job not only making delicious food in exciting fashion, but also making great conversation with everyone he was serving. It’s incredible that he was able to have such a fun personality while also performing his job with high skill over the very hot grill. All the chefs around seemed to be doing a great job as well. Kawa’s has a great atmosphere with plenty of well-trained staff!

Baylee Allen

So glad I came here for date night! I thought the atmosphere was really cool, and the service was GREAT. Even though they were busy, they seated us immediately, and our server was awesome. Awesome personality, super helpful, and she didn't mind giving us extra time to look at the menu, but she also came and checked in on us frequently.The food was FANTASTIC, beat fries rice I've ever had in my life, and I discovered that I love octopus sushi. Oh, and the drinks were FIRE. They made THE BEST whiskey mule I have ever tasted in my life.And it's an extra plus that they have more than just a hibachi menu, so if you don't want to spend that much money, they have things under $20.TL;DR: if you want an awesome date night, go to Kawa's. It's the best date night experience I've had in a long time.

Danielle Buchanan

I really like hibachi. Who doesn't love dinner and a show? David was our chef and he was so much fun! He did some traditional show stuff but then incorporated some tricks I hadn't seen before. There was a lot of fire! The food was of course delicious (I recommend the salmon and steak) and our waitress Lindsey was fantastic! I will definitely eat here again when I'm in the mood for hibachi. Oh! Tiny thing, the women's restroom was really dark once in the stall. That was kind of strange. The light above me was green and would slowly go off and then come back on. Otherwise, it's a clean restaurant with friendly staff.

Britton Jensen

First and probably last time.Kinda ruined my kids Birthday meal. They had to go back to the kitchen 3 times to get the rest of our missing food. My kids still waiting on her rice. They discounted the ticket (we didn't ask, but it was kind of them) about 20% and apologized. I went to the front before the meal was finished to address the situation with the manager quietly and away from the table. He then proceeded to follow me to my table (he had said let me see where you're sitting) and most likely unbeknownst to him, made a scene. He was apologizing profusely and talking about discounts and comps in front of the whole hibachi table. I can appreciate his attempt at "fixing" the problem and as stated before, appreciated the discounted check but I was trying to be discreet as it was an important event for my daughter.Lastly, please if the owner/manager reads this, the bathrooms were horrendous.Kudos: I politely said something to the hostess before we were seated and she swiftly got someone to attend to it.

Chris Butts

There are a few choices for Hibachi and sushi in Tyler - Kawa's is by far our favorite and maybe our favorite restaurant overall! The facility is clean and spacious. Staff is always courteous and their sushi is top-notch! We typically get the California roll, Shaggy dog roll (<-- My Favorite) and the Spiderman roll, lo mien noodles and fried rice. Always excellent and worth the money! The only gripe I have about the restaurant in the lighting in the restrooms. It feels like a "gentleman's club" and is a little too dark with the lighting they have. I once dropped my ring after washing my hands and me and two other guys are on the floor with our phone flash lights trying to find it...

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Kawa's Hibachi Grill and Lounge

1024 W SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 747-8558