Sola Bread Co

2453 Earl Campbell Pkwy, Tyler
(903) 871-5772

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Jason Murry

We have been here multiple times and generally they are not open during the hours they say and tonight luckily we were here before the closed per the sign. We asked the staff at 725 how late they were serving new orders and several people all stated 8 pm. We ordered a beer and looked at the menu and decided and at 743 I attempted to order pizza and was told that they were done for the night. It is highly frustrating and happens on a consistent basis that they do not keep the hours posted. The pizza is ok from the times I have had it but expensive for what it is. The meat on the charcuterie board generally tastes stale ( I get dried meat) but not in a good way and I stopped ordering this years ago. We love the idea of bread with no preservatives the way it should be, but the business has a lot to work on and after tonight I have finally shown my wife that it is not worth it to even think we will try to patronage in the future.

Matthew Tommey

Absolutely the best pizza in East Texas - no question. After moving here in July 2022 we tried every pizza restaurant in Smith county. Nothing even remotely compares to the quality and taste of Sola Bread pizza. Absolutely love excellent.

Gerry P

I like the open-air atmosphere and the music. Drinks are good too. The pizzas are fine but not something extraordinary.

Don Dinnerville

I had a ham and cheese croissant for breakfast here and a pepperoni pizza for lunch. Both were delicious!A few minor suggestions - please carry a selection of soft drinks, get some large serving plates or something similar that you can wash so that you're not wasting a cardboard box that goes into the landfill for every single pizza, and get some "real" napkins instead of paper towels. Despite these things, I still gave you 5 stars, but if these aren't addressed before my next visit, I might lower the rating. (Good food is 100% of the experience.) :-)

Matt Tommey

Absolutely the best pizza in East Texas - no question. After moving here in July 2022 we tried every pizza restaurant in Smith county. Nothing even remotely compares to the quality and taste of Sola Bread pizza. Absolutely love excellent.

Neal Anthony

Great brick oven pizza! Lots of appetizers and pastries as well. It's a perfect combination with True Vine Brewery. You won't be disappointed.

Mohan Babu Mani

This is a great place to eat with live music in the true Vine area. The owner was good and friendly.


Great staff! Unfortunate hours. If you want to eat you need to do so before 8 pm. The kitchen closes at 8. If you enjoy beer and wine, you'll enjoy True Vine. Family fun karaoke night, great for kids. 0

David Webster

Craft pizza located inside a craft brewery. Handful of custom pizzas with non-standard topping. Pizzas taste good and fresh. Most seating is outdoors like the brewery.


I love a good thin crust pizza - it was surprising to walk in to a bakery that seems to specialize in pizza although they have other goods too. I had to get a soft pretzel to go with my beer from next door (The Bine Brewing Company). With their own take on beer cheese - not the usual cheddar etc. this one is cream cheese based with a little cheddar and spices kicked into the mix. It was different and surprisingly good. The pretzel is standard-sized but crunchy outside and moist inside with a light sprinkle of salt. A pale bake to it not the usual dark bake. This was like a french bread crust and center. Now the pizza. I ordered a CHARCUTERIE Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, speck, coppa, chorizo. Finished with jalapeno infused olive oil. The Jalapeno was barely detectable. It was definitely fired in the brick oven with wood but no detectable smoke flavor and the fire was hot although the edges did get singed. The oil does moisten it a little almost too much and left a slick on the pizza serving paper and fingers. There is pizza boxes no plates etc so be advised - paper towels are near the exit and drinks are next door at the bar. Otherwise, a good pizza not overloaded with stuff. So if you are expecting a pizza parlor forget it. All the pizzas were served in brown cardboard boxes with the Sola Bred Company stamped by hand on them. Forget the metal trays its take out. Like the brewery/wine next door it was empty when I first went in but the crowd followed and it was a crowd (Hint Hint). They page you by texting your cell phone.

John McMullen

Oh man, just wow. From pizza to pastries, they've got it figured out.Update, this is still the best pizza in Tyler, Texas, and possibly America. I'd need to do a side by side comparison with Tinder Hearth in Maine, but it's close for sure.

Tonya Gaddis

Delicious thin crust artisan pizzas, amazing pastries and try their pretzels with beer cheese for a snack. Inside next to True Vine Brewery, great place for kids too as there is a kid park outside. Check their Instagram to do bread or pastry orders each week.

John Sliz

There are two reasons I come to visit Tyler. Family, and Sola! Great pizza, bread and pastries to die for, awesome owners and employees. Never disappoints! If you've never been, put it on your bucket list! Simply the best!!

Dani Lausín

The best place to buy bread, made with firewood. Flavour is just like touching the sky. But the price is a little bit high. $5 for a single loaf of bread.

Rayback Barnes

I recently went to Sola Bread Co with a friend. It was my first time. The place is located inside a local brewery that has great lemonades, craft beers, and root beer, as well as wine. The atmosphere is calm. There are a lot of young families and people bring their dogs as well. The pizza selections were fancy! My husband has simple taste and would not have wanted anything from here, but it was great for my friend and I because we enjoy adventurous foods! We shared a Penelope and I must say, it was amazing!! I will crave this pizza often for sure! I am excited to try others. Overall highly recommended.

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