2021 E SE Loop 323, Tyler
(903) 509-9800

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Amber Counts

Ordered thru Ez Catering......the food was great. Unfortunately the order was not ready on the correct day because somewhere a hack occurred as someone else picked up the order. However EZCATERING got it reordered for the next day.- Christmas Eve.Caused quite a disruption as we were 1200 miles from home and did not know the area.The EzCatering lady who fixed the order was fantastic and Subway manager was polite....though I have no idea why they gave out $200 worth of food without an ID or anything.I probably won't order from EZCATERING again. But Delilah was nice and apologized in a note.

Mike Allen

Went in to eat. Used restroom ot was so nasty. So I just bought a bottle drink and left

Aubree Cruse

First thing came in and the guy bold and white is just plan out rude! Like where’s the responsibility and professionalism.

Shay Richardson

One employee working today who is standing outside when we pull up to order on the drive thru. He sees us pull up to the drive thru and runs inside and pretends no one is there. He does not come to the speaker or to the window. He doesn’t even pick up the phone. Where are the responsible adults who want to run a business? Horrible!

Clinton Schreuders

The tall guy with the dreadlocks needs to learn some manners he is extremely rude and very belittling of his customers. I went in to order the boss sandwich. He doesnt ask what bread but looks at me says ok and twirls his hand. I say italian he says ok and twirls his hand. I told him nevermind and walked out. I used to go here everyday for lunch due to its location however never again. This guy has voiced many times in front of customers how much he wants to quit. HE DID NOT TREAT THE CUSTOMER IN FRONT OF ME AS HE TREATED ME.

John Woodcock

Good sandwich, they move as fast as they can. But knowing there not a lot of ppl work, they get less pay, with lot of over ram of stuff. Mostly only 1 person working by him or herself a lot. No wonder there way over work. Especially lots of ppl come for a sandwich.

Suzette Sutton

This is where I go. The store seems cleaner than some of the ones in Walmart. The poor workers at this one are always overworked. Despite how busy they are, they are always polite and curtiutious.

Selfmadee Kay

HORRIBLE! Go to any other subway BUT this one. Horrible customer service, Nasty, Closes early, RUDE workers.

Danny Kemp Jr.

Hard working young man did a good job with a rush by himself

David M.

I used to come here a lot. I went in today and the ac wasn't working. There was no ice in the drink machine and dead roaches on the floor. And, they had one employee working making sandwiches and taking money. Very slow service around the lunch hour.

Willard Libolt

The guy making our sandwiches, and ringing us up, wasn't interested in his job. Overcharged us on May 19th. Still have the receipt, and will be calling later.

Grace W.

Everytime I go here, they never have bread. The worker there is extremely rude. I hate to give them a 1 star rating. I would not recommend wasting your money or time here.

TMac Pullum

I had a buffalo sandwich (comprised of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and American cheese) on 6-inch wheat bread, with some chips and a small drink. It was real good.

Lauren Gonzalez

Hands down one of the best subways I’ve been to. The staff is incredibly friendly and handled my sandwich with care. I felt welcomed and the food was great. Can’t wait to come again !!

Semper Fi

Pulled up to order at drive through but the guy, politely, told me he was the only one there and I needed to go in. I went in, where he was helping someone before me. The guy, John, was amazing! He was doing his very best to help her and me at the same time while directing people to come in, that pulled up. The sandwich came out perfect and his attention to detail and great customer service couldn't be better! Thanks John! Keep up the great work and I hope you get a raise, cause you deserve it!

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