The Foundry Coffee House

202 S Broadway Ave, Tyler
(903) 944-7805

Recent Reviews

Kara Bazley

Calming atmosphere and I love the architecture of the building. The patio outside is perfect for spring weather. Friendly baristas and great coffee :) If you're in Tyler, it's definitely a spot to check out!

Margaret B.

Love the different espresso options. Great place for a really good latte. Staff was very knowledgeable.

Anwesha Maitra

The perfect place to smell the coffee and get to work!A great place to hang-out, work or study. The property is beautiful and the coffee is amazing. A must visit if in Tyler.

Taryn W.

Great mochas. Wish the oven hadn't been broken as I was set for a quiche. Will try again as the mocha was amazing!

Ronnie C.

It's not cheap so just bring your wallet.Its coffee and sandwiches.Theres nothing like a good latte.

Michelle N.

From the outside, to the inside, such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. My husband and I wanted to go on a brunch date and decided to visit The Foundry, since it looked so inviting. Met with smiles and friendly service right from the start. Received exactly what we wanted and it did not disappoint. From the artwork on the walls to the flowers outside, this is a great spot to hang out with friends or go on a date. Now I'm going to enjoy the atmosphere and our day with some delicious coffee in hand!

Jannifer K.

Hazelnut and lavender in one drink? Yes please! I popped into The Foundry on my drive back to Dallas and was blown away by the broad coffee menu (the possibilities were endless), how spacious the place was, and the industrial meets hipster feel of the place from the interior design. I can't believe we don't have a place like this in Dallas...or at least not one that I've discovered yet. The barista, who was busy making drinks and taking orders - as there was a line when I came in - was calm and kindly thanked us for our patience as we waited to place orders. When I ordered, I decided to try both the lavender and hazelnut syrups in my go to drink - a decaf oat milk cortado. The cortado was slightly sweet, slightly nutty with a punch of cocoa from the espresso notes and just the tiniest hint of lavender. It was an absolute delight drinking the cortado slowly as I sat by the window, relaxed in the space, and watched people walk down the street outside. The atmosphere was moderately lively with chatter, and the coffee experience at The Foundry was re-energizing and a real treat in and of itself.

Hannah Rhoades

I hate coming into places right at closing but we’re visiting from SoCal and the barista was so so sweet about it. She was very personable and made our drinks to perfection. So incredibly sweet to see all of the kind and genuine people that Texas has to offer opposed to most Californians. We will definitely come back when we visit!!!

Upward Treehouse

A great place to grab coffee in Tyler Texas!

Mary F.

Great coffee....friendly inside and out! Engage or personal focus spots! Drink up

Maggie S

Really friendly staff. The owner actually was out front and super friendly. Very wonderful and welcoming vibe. The coffee that we had was top notch (Latte with Carmel syrup).Would definitely go again and again!

Taylor Kirby

Great place and atmosphere! Everyone is super nice and the outside area is gorgeous. As well as the featured gallery! Prices are good to boot. Highly recommend.

David Scott Reynolds

My coworker and I are always looking for random, hole in the wall places and we just happened to be in downtown Tyler working and noticed your shop and decided to stop between appointments, and we were both very pleased. Will definitely be back when we are in the area!

DeMario Miller

It was my first time going, but the atmosphere was amazing!

Jordan Orozco

I come here sometimes for the wifi and eh coffee. I would love to stay and study here but the chairs are basically all the same and they're horrible. I really cant even sit there for more than 30 minutes without being uncomfortable and i feel like that's PRETTY important. I'd rather sit on the floor honestly.

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