Hey Sugar Candy Store WACO

324 S 6th St, Waco
(254) 424-9010

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Julie Schulz

Love love love this place. Homemade ice cream and candy and chocolates... what more do you need? The owner special ordered loose pez per my daughter's request for us. Will definitely be back!!

Hector Sierra

Cool place has some cool variety on retro and current candy! Ice cream is nice. Gotta try the Apple Pie ice cream and Big Red ice cream!

Talon Cacy (Talf)

It's some nice nestolgic candy, but it's definitely not worth the price. Three small bags with maybe 4 pieces in each $55. I love candy, but it's outrageous preying on tourism.

CJ Weinstein

Super fun signage and design. Interior is invited and stocked with all the favs, from gummies, to old time sodas, candy by the pound, and ice cream. There is a chocolate bar, with turtles, chocolate covered stores, chocolate covered pretzels. Really wanted some licorice and tried 2 varieties but they were hard as a rock. However the chocolate covered smore was ridiculous. If your heading to the Silos and can't get in head 1/2 a block away for food, bars, and candy.

joy fetchenhier

I was so excited I stumbled across this place. It's really cute inside and out. However the sea salt taffy I bought was so hard I almost lost a tooth. I've been to other places that had a better selection. But nonetheless a nice stop


Walking down the street and it caught my eye. The establishment and staff was amazing! They had an abundance of candy choices that will satisfy the sweetest of tooth’s. If your in town I’d recommend buying some candy from them.

Anony Mous

This place was AWESOME when they were at the other location. Tons of bins of candy. Now, not so much. The place is small, cramped and sparsely stocked. So sad...

Reaux Paint

OMG you feel like a kid again when you walk in the door. Awesome atmosphere & service! Milkshakes to die for! Really unnique ice cream flavors and you can have any made in malt or shake. Staff extremely friendly & and happy to let you taste whatever flavor you'd like! I Adore this place! Will most definitely be back. Customer for life!

Pete Hatzakos

Just an okay selection of candy and drinks. Was expecting a lot more variety. Kids like it.

Julie Hills

Super cute candy shop located conveniently within walking distance of Magnolia Market and nearby restaurants. The employee was super sweet and the candy is delicious!

Chris Brown

Decent little candy store. Also had an ice cream section. Might be pricy for some, but if you want some unique choices in candy or just to see if they might have that rarer candy that you miss, give them a try.

Veronica Carrion

This place was pretty fun for being a small store. Lots of candy from my childhood and a variety of sodas I would never drink such as bacon flavored soda that you could have with a side of ranch soda. No thanks! but the kids thought it was awesome. Multiple types of rootbeer too including sasparilla soda. It was truly a treat we dropped in on by suprise. If nothing else grab some hand dipped ice cream while you're there.

Darrell Harvey

They were very helpful willing to go find anything I needed for me I saw them interacting with all different types of people unlike what one other person had said in a review suggesting they were racist they're not I seen them interacting with multiple types of people always cheerful and the places amazing the great selections couldn't be happier

Sami Navi

The staff was really rude, didn’t acknowledge us but said hello to white folk. Really what the heck moment when we were checking out and both staff members ignored us. We got a truffle that tasted like plastic and noticed that there were many item marked up lazily. Definitely the worse candy store I’ve been to in Texas. The place smelled nice and that was our foot in the door, the service and products ensured we never come back again.

Mr. No Tengo Dinero

Nice dream place for sugar lovers! ?A lot of options for candies ?Don’t eat too much sugar but maybe once in awhile it could be fun ? to visitOld American ?? candies ? shop! I enjoyed the visit

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Hey Sugar Candy Store WACO

324 S 6th St, Waco, TX 76701
(254) 424-9010