1440 N Hwy 77 Ste 7, Waxahachie
(972) 937-1222

Recent Reviews

Rebecca Walton

Amazingly friendly staff. Made this Brit feel very welcome and the food was great

Leslie Baesa

We went on a class field trip. The customer service was amazing! Everything was fresh and the place was very clean.

Lacy McCarty

I had a frustrating experience this afternoon. I called in two days in advance to order 12 pizzas for my daughters birthday party to be picked up at 12:30. The party starting at 1:00. My husband arrives at 12:30 and my order was not ready, and we were told the order was never received. I spoke to a young lady on the phone when I called two days in advance and she took down my order and all of my information, then I guess tossed it in the trash? I hate when I try to do everything right, and be organized, and make sure I call my order in with plenty of time… but still, I end up with my husband and our food being over 20 minutes late for our daughters birthday party. No discount or anything was offered at the time either, which is severely disappointing. It just stinks! :(

Lyric Deal

Pizza on the right was very undercooked and still doughy the pizza on the left looked more cooked.

Sarra Cannon

We are new to town and have eaten here twice already. Kids love the pizza and despite it being busy, they were constantly putting up new fresh pizza the whole time we were there.

Kaitlyn Winters

For cicis in general, it was a good time. Middle of a Saturday on super bowl weekend so it was very busy. Workers were engaged and running smoothly. Pizzas were brought out constantly to meet demand. Food was coming out exactly how you expect from this establishment. No bad findings(except to play the games for kids it’s a minimum of $20 game card) that was alittle disappointing but oh well. Will be returning to this location for future pizza buffet days!

Christopher Gonzales

Really will not revisit this location. Some of the staff very rude restrooms were Terrible pizza and salad bar were with minimal selection. When my wife ask for something for the salad bar they were just like we put when we saw what we wanted in the fridge they had.

Ron Perkins

It's always fun to eat here. They have so many different choices for such a reasonable price. My wife and I stopped there for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially liked the brownies. We tried the chicken wings for the first time. They were flavorful but I'm not sure they were cooked all the way. I would order them again though and just tell him to make sure they cook them all the way through. The staff is friendly and efficient and seem to be working all the time. The restaurant is clean and tidy. I would recommend this place.


I love going there after school, it's very nice and the cinnamon rolls are just.. Chef's kiss

Joshua Fox

Kinda disappointing on the buffet, only had couple pizzas up and asked when they going to get more said was going to be 7-10 min to get pizza filled back up. They definitely still didn't have a good verity of pizza then either.

Lyn Brown

I ordered a pizza of my liking but it was just okay due to the fact that the ingredients were very sparse, not really being able to enjoy the different ingredients due to the lack of amount

Priscilla Morales

Good place to take your family and not spend bab fortune.

Bernice Stroup

Good pizza , clean restaurant, accommodating staff, overall a comfortable atmosphere!

Joseph Greninger

Typical pizza buffet sub par food for cheap price

Nikki Basham

It was really crowded, but the food was good and almost all of the games worked.

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