Pizza Hut

1090 W US Hwy 287 Bypass, Waxahachie
(972) 937-2013

Recent Reviews

Keith Powell

Bring the delivery time down from 2 hours and deliver me hot pizza.

Timothy Strange

Large order today never delivered with no communication to us. It took multiple calls to finally get someone to take our call. Finally my wife had to drive there in person to go through drive through and get refund for the undelivered order.

Taylor G

The pizza was cold and hard like cardboard. The cinnarolls were dry and partially blackened. Usually I am very pleased with my orders from this location. Took 2 hours for the order to arrive, which I understand can happen.

John Beast

Pizza was pretty dry and I did not have any marinara sauce for the breadsticks

Jill Merchant

We are staying at a hotel so food is limited but we ordered wings online. It said it would be 25-35 minutes for delivery - ok, no problem.An hour later, the status still said they were making the order. Well we called the number for the store to check the status but it just brought us to some ordering holiness. Definitely not local at all. They kept trying to transfer us to the store to check on it but no one ever answered. One time we called back and this dude had roosters crowing in the background... its 11pm so definitely not the same timezone. Can't make this stuff up. We said, "um... is that a rooster?" He just ignored it and tried to rush us off the phone. Had a good laugh at that because how is some dude in Thailand supposed to know where our food is? But it took forever, the wings were cold when they finally got here, never got to talk to anyone at the store either. Will go elsewhere next time.

Elaine Holladay

Ordered super supreme. it was far from my go to pizza. Too much sauce not enough toppings, under cooked. I thought the order was wrong it was so unlike my previous order. Asked for contactless delivery. Did not happen. Box was bent in half. Disappointed.

Chemesha Davis

Our pepperoni pizza was a little undercooked,but other then that our overall experience was great.The young man at the window had exceptional customer service,and a very inviting personality.

Irma R

I use the pick up window when I order online and the gentleman that works there in the evening is awesome. Fast, super friendly service everytime!

Greg Satchell Jr

A little short staffed but extra friendly. The short staff caused there to be a wait. Other than that, good experience.

Leticia Allen

Took over an HR to get our food. Maybe faster delivery service

Beverly Addison

The food was ready,hot and fresh when I arrived to pick up my on line order.The employee at the window was very friendly.The pizza was delicious and still hot when I got home even though I had a 20 minute drive

Eric Salinas

The boneless BBQ wings were a light on the BBQ sauce, but other than that the pizza I ordered was good (pepperoni and black olives).

Conswela “KoNNiE J” Moore

I love Pizza Hut. It’s no other pizza place like it.. thanks you guys rock!!?

Randy Dobbins

Deliver my pizza faster than 1 hour and 50 minutes and deliver it hot

Misty Porter

The last 2 times I have ordered, my food has come very cold and old tasting. Not fresh at all after spending so much money here. I try to be understanding but twice in a row is not good service at all.

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