Antebellum Ale House

321 E Oak St, Weatherford
(817) 341-6625

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Khoi Phan

Food came out at a decent time. Had the Ruben was actually pretty decent. The draft root beer was pretty good too. The staff was friendly and the outdoor seating was pretty cool too.

Jennifer Dishman

Antebellum Ale House has been a great addition to the area. They serve liquor, including some local spirits, as well, but the big draw for me is their amazing, and ever-changing assortment of wonderful craft beers on tap. They maintain a beer menu on their website that you can peruse before visiting the bar, to see the details on each available beer at that time.The Antebellum Ale House was created in an old house, whose property roots can apparently be traced back to around Civil War era. While transformed, it maintains some great atmosphere and charm. There are a few comfy looking lounge areas inside with soft chairs and couches; great for more intimate conversation. This last time I visited, I saw a room with a game table as I passed by that I had not previously noticed. (It had been a while since I visited, but it's possible I just didn't see it before) I enjoy the patio area and tables outside, myself, especially as the weather is getting nicer. Antebellum Ale House is dog friendly, so you may meet a new four-legged friend while enjoying your drink. There are a couple of tvs on the patio, and corn hole is set up near the back of the outdoor area. There are both tables with chairs, and, picnic type tables with benches available. There is smoking allowed outside. I would guess it's not allowed inside, but I'm not certain of that.Antebellum Ale House does serve some food, if the mood strikes you, but I personally have not tried any, so I can't comment on that. There was also a food truck in the front parking lot on this last visit, but it wasn't open at that time.Parking can be a little rough. It seems the front parking lot (which was way too cramped and dangerous before) has now been blocked off, except for two handicapped spots. Please leave these spots for the people who need them! There is additional parking around the side/back, or, you can park along the side street next to the outdoor area.I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere, and the wide range of "good" beers you can enjoy at Antebellum Ale House. It's so much better than a typical bar experience. And, this is not the place to go if Budweiser or Miller Lite, etc., are your go-to beers, unless you're ready to turn over a new leaf! I would highly recommend checking it out, whether you're a local, or just passing through.

Veronica Gilbert

Really Dug this place! Love my Breweries, now I'm a mom of 2yr old twins and I love having a place I can go get a beer and my kids have some space to move a little and enjoy a fun place out. Food was good, beer was good and the atmosphere/patio were fantastic. Def is now on the go-to list of places. Oh and the staff were all pretty cool.

Alien Brain

Excellent experience all around! The staff here are amazing and take care of their guests. The atmosphere is great! We love coming here for a few drinks, entertainment, and a great vibe!Edit: added picture, these guys don't miss!

Danny C.

Will be back for more night caps. Has a great outdoor patio with many tables and fun activities to keep the night fun. uke box keeps music playing all night. Many drink options to choose from. Overall a great place to enjoy a friday or saturday night if your looking to just go somewhere and chill and enjoy a kick back feeling with friends.

Shannon S.

Such friendly, helpful, and kind bartenders. We were coming back from DFW with my underage daughter but they had plenty of choices for her as well. This place is adorable and had such an amazing patio/ beer garden. Looking forward to cool weather to go back and enjoy it. Fantastic beer selection and food choices.

Michael Thurow

If you're going for just beer environment is pretty cool and beer selection is good. Low rating is for the food I received. I ordered the curry chicken salad thinking it would be an actual salad. It was not. It was a scoop of cold chicken salad that was ok at best, did not resemble anything curry related though. Was very surprised at the product when I was one of 3 people in the restaurant at about 12:30 pm on a Thursday. I could hear the cook staff watching TV and working microwaves and come out to get a few beers to take back with them. Should have just left but had already paid for everything and the front and was pretty hungry so I stuck it out. Still not sure how it took so long to prepare what I received but I would never order that again.

Rushawnna Harvey

Lots of options! ? Sangria seemed most appropriate for ? Fest month and it didn't disappoint. Friendly staff. Casual, Fun Atmosphere, Family/Furbaby Friendly

Kyleigh J.

Even though it's technically a bar, they also have amazing food!! I got the "build your own" pizza, which is available for pizza, sandwiches AND salads, so definitely a win when you're looking for variety. The cream cheese queso was to-die-for, the new PEACH cocktail is just like the pineapple bootlegger (only better in my opinion) the ambiance is always a win for me. I like the "homey" vibes i get from the place. The staff was inviting and well versed on the alcohol! New favorite bar, new favorite people. Keep up the good work!!

Katie R.

The restaurant I planned on going to was closed for the holiday, so I went here as a back up and boy am I glad that I did! I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to support a local restaurant while passing through Weatherford. I love trying local places when I travel, especially to try local beer. AAH did not disappoint with probably near 30 beers on tap. I was a big fan of a banana bock that they had. I also tried two of their moonshine cocktails. The berry moonjito was not impressive, however the bootlegger was phenomenal!! A heavy drink due to its creaminess but I wanted to drink it all day! The pepperoni flatbread was great and I love that it comes with a sauce option. Was the perfect size for one person. Bartender (I wish I got her name!) was sooo nice, I really enjoyed talking with her! Great service and great vibes here

JoDee L.

Absolutely love love the flat bread pizza and I get a side of ranch for dipping. The atmosphere is pretty chill. The staff is very kind & the beer is on point. We plan to go back as its close to where we live. We have gone when there is live music. And I am absolutely will support a place that is pet friendly. Dogs over people any day :)

Samantha M.

This place did not disappoint! Wish I got a picture of our food because it looked and tasted amazing! Service was fantastic and the atmosphere is very unique but a place you do not want to miss! The pizza is amazing and you for sure have to try the cheesy breadsticks!

Cory Mahon

Came for mid-week lunch. We ordered 2 of their flatbread pizzas and a couple drinks. The food was really good and the bartender did a good job helping pick out a new beer to try. Great job y'all.

Becks Wright

Great food, so many drink options. I had the hummus with pita bread and my friend had the cheese melt with bacon. Both were really delicious, but the hummus just makes you want more of their food. Their pizzas are the best thing to order.The staff are really friendly and helpful. They have a lot of drafts, mostly Texan. I had the strawberry kiwi lemonade and it did not disappoint. They have a good amount of mixed drink options. I really like their outdoor space. You can bring your dog. They have games inside and a dart board. Restrooms are gender neutral. Parking was a little difficult because tight spaces and people going the wrong way.

Jared Kraft

My lady and I went there yesterday.I forgot my ID so we went back home to grab it, then came back and weren’t welcomed at all.One of the ladies working told me as a male “I don’t understand your kind” and I asked if I did something to her to offend her she said “no” and didn’t elaborate.That was awkward and after we ordered some drinks and I went up to the window to order some pretzels and beer cheese, she was talking to her friend and didn’t even acknowledge me, finally came over and I ordered them and she wanted to give me a number and my girlfriend and I were the only people there so I just said holler at me and I’ll come up and grab the food since we were the only ones there to make there lives easier. But she came back to me with “yeah I’m not going to do that” in a super passive tone and kept going on about having a system, I’m like okay! No worries. She could have just said “don’t worry about it we got you” or something nice without tone. I have never been treated this badly at an empty restaurant. First time being there too.RUDE, PASSIVE REMARKS, TERRIBLE SERVICE :)WILL NEVER BE BACK

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