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808 Fort Worth Hwy Ste 112, Weatherford
(817) 613-8585

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A Dingo Ate my baby

Man I really tried to just deal but after trying to eat a pizza with no sauce on it and then going to see if the dessert is at least edible and it is both burnt on the bottom and raw in the middle. Really was just a trash meal. Unfortunately won't be ordering again so the refund of points towards a free pizza in the future or a 20% off my next order coupon seems kinda ridiculous. Ugh do better.

Susan M

If you order from them be careful how you word your survey. If they don’t like it they’ll call you about it. Unprofessional and weird to have them call you on the phone and ask about the survey.

Susan H.

Ok so I ordered dominos for dinner tonight. It was very good and hot and fresh. HOWEVER, I thought I ordered bbq sauce for my chicken. When my order came the bbq sauce wasn't there. So I was asked to leave a review. Ok so I did. I said I didn't get the sauce but everything else was DELICIOUS. A short time later the freaking manager is calling me wanting to know why I left that review because I didn't order the bbq sauce. Come to find out it was my mistake. I thought I ordered it but didn't. The point of this is that the manager had the nerve to call me out on the review because of the stupid sauce. He made a big deal when he could have just let it go. I stated in my review that everything else was great. I didn't realize till after I looked at my receipt that I did not actually order it. Because of his attitude I will never ever order from dominos again. So yeah be careful if you leave ANY kind of negative review they'll be calling you. That was just too weird and unprofessional. No thanks.

Scott Silge

So the first time I order I dont get my sauce at all. Then the second time I order I put a reminder in the note to bring sauce. So they bring the correct number of cups but they bring icing instead of garlic. Idk what's going on but kinda disappointed

Wayne Waits

Wow ! Have had Dominos for over 25 yrs, last night was the best pizza I have ever had from a dominos. Hope they keep it up.

Conservative American

Whoever the old man is that answered the phone when I called was very rude and condescending. Absolutely no customer service, and shouldn't be answering the phone.. I wonder why they are hiring for all positions ??? I wouldn't want to work with a jerk either. Just save the headache and call Pizza Hut...1 hour later: Now that I got my pizza, of course Travis forgot to put spinach on it. Thanks Travis. And if you are the same man I talked to earlier. You are one hell of an employee. Keep up the great work. ???

Stephanie Bechthold

Pizza was ready as posted, but was not hot when I got home. I live about 2 mins from this location and I arrived within the 10 min window that I was given that it would be ready.The young lady that took care of us at the window, was very pleasant and polite. I did sit at the window for a few minutes, not sure if anyone was there.I have not been pleased with the pizza since they moved to the new location. I stopped going there for about a year and only ordered this time, because Pizza Hut was closed.

Carissa Branch

Called to place a pickup order. Jace was the very unpleasant soul who answered the phone. God bless him because he has an obvious issue with working with the public. While I ordered a Chicken Bacon Ranch sub with a side of mushrooms. Jace proceeds to tell me he cannot do a side of mushrooms. This has been something we have done for quite some time. I said is the sandwich pre made? No, are the pizzas that people want mushrooms on pre-made? No, so can I have a side of mushrooms? No. I said we have had this same sub the same way he stated they are not supposed to do that. Do what sell mushrooms? I had a large order I did not do and an every Saturday purchase of 15 pizzas a week. Well not anymore. I hear Marcos is fantastic and they can sell mushrooms. Travis… Jace will not modify or sell extra or sides. Lost a loyal customer. ( we never asked for freebies we always pay)

Crystal Claire

This Domino's location is fantastic. Their customer service has always been impeccable. James T. had delivered our order several times and is kind, courteous, and greets you with a smile.

Brenda Stout-powell

What a dissappointed! I didn't realize how much Dominos had gone downhill in their production of pizza and how many corners they cut to move to the new location in Weatherford. Why change something that was NOT broken? Greedy hands in the mixing bowl!!! And who ever heard of a pizza restaurant that does not offer parmesan cheese or red pepper to sprinkle on the pizza? ?

Valinda G Nelson

We ordered pizza for our last day of school . We ordered at 6pm to have it delivered at 7pm .They never came?

Jessica Gutierrez

I placed an order last night, and was given one wrong box of pizza. I called them and they remade my ENTIRE ORDER, even though I just wanted the pizza replaced. They were very apologetic and happy to fix the mistake. I totally understand that these things happen, but I wasnt expecting my entire order to be remade. The manager that delivered it was very kind, and explained there was a new manager in training. Whoever that MIT is, you're doing great, dont worry. All around, great customer service by both of them, and a great experience even though part of my order was wrong. Thank you, and keep doing a wonderful job

Josh Crosson

Every time we eat here they mess up one way or another. The worst dominos around. Go ANYWHERE else. Hell a frozen pizza is better than this sorry establishment. Can never follow simple directions.

Ashely Hamel

I ordered half of my pizza with red peppers. Now I understand you can’t load it up like a supreme but I can literally count the amount of red peppers that are on my half on one hand. If I only get a topping on half a pizza( it came with 2 toppings) I would think you’d want to make it look like there’s enough to actually enjoy because this is pretty ridiculous. We really enjoy Domino’s Pizza I love the points I love the service but the presentation has a lot to be desired. As seen here in this photo. Pretty disappointing

Josh Hedrick

I usually order in my app and have a smooth pick up here, but tonight my app was screwing up royally so I went up to the store to order and I was absolutely blown away by the service. Both staff members I interacted with were polite and helpful, they really seemed to care that my order was placed correctly and ready quickly. Very impressed and I will be returning.

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