Godfather's Pizza Express

2605 E Bankhead Hwy, Weatherford
(817) 598-0998

Recent Reviews

Ruben Cabrera

(Translated by Google) Exquisite taste of pizza. Great service.(Original)Exquisito sabor de la pizza. Gran servicio.

Melissa Ortiz

Was so happy seeing this place! Haven't seen them since Iowa 15 years ago

Joey Messer

Pizza is amazing! But customer service is the worst! And they always charge me more than their website says it costs.

Judith Warren

Pizza was good, but price is ridiculously high.

Chelisi Tadlock

Very good

Celeste McVea

I've had family and colleagues tell me they've stopped here and tried their pizza. I was not disappointed!!! I actually ordered multiple pizzas my favorite hands down was Hawaiian! It's not like the mainstream pizza so many have been programmed to like it's a totally different flavor and I'm glad I tried it! Definitely a repeat customer.

justme plz11

This place is awesome and so is the staff! We go just about every other weekend and haven't had a bad pizza yet!

Karess McVea

Delicious and always made fresh !! Whether getting a personal pizza on the go or a few large pizzas for dinner, you can't go wrong

Markus M.

I'll drive 45 mins out of my way for godfathers pizza and the gas station is the best

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