2005 S Main St, Weatherford
(817) 598-1925

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Eden Biondolillo

What a mess of an ihop. Took over an hour and a half for the food, the glasses were all dirty, and I ordered an avocado toast with an egg, the picture is of what I got instead with no egg. You can see the oxidation on the avocado. overheard an employee complaining on her phone about customers in the bathroom. Definitely do not waste your time here.

Cara Mia Rice-Vacha

I grabbed some breakfast from IHOP because my adorable great nieces woke up with a craving for French toast. So we got regular and berry French toast, gluten free pancakes, scrambled eggs, berry crepes and hashbrowns with sweet tea and coffee. It made for an excellent breakfast at Holland Lake Park a few minutes away. They got the order, which was a pretty good size, all accurate. Thanks Guys!Dietary restrictions: They offer fairly decent gluten-free pancakes.

Jesse Lee

This is some of the best service I have ever gotten, and I eat out often. My server, Billie, was extraordinarily attentive and helpful. Also, the food was sublime. I will be coming back very soon... And by soon I mean in an hour.

Laura Daniela Gonzalez Elvira

The service at night is awful, we had to leave, this is the third time it happens to us, deffenetly we are not comming back, we are sorry for the cocker cause food is good, but everything else is really bad. My recommendation: if you like to wait you will definitely are going to love this place!??

Kay S.

Food was good! Service was also good, until this one waitress, little bigger with red/blonde hair yelled at someone not once but repeatedly and then continued to yell and then throw something! I'm not sure what's going on but they were extremely busy and the restaurant environment became very tense! We were there on a family date night and by far the worst experience, especially because my little one had to ask me what happened! I hope IHOP can fix this problem for the future!

Spears Spears

This was the worst IHOP I have ever been to.The waitress was making change while going to the bathroom ? They was yelling at each other because someone forgot to make tea. I'm pretty sure more than half the crew had to be on meth.?Food: 2/5

Linda Donovan

I enjoy coming to IHOP. The food is scrumptious. My favorite is the buttermilk crispy chicken dinner with mashed potatoes. I also had a “to die for”cookies and cream milkshake. Our waitress Jodi was delightful. She was very friendly and attentive. It was an enjoyable dining experience. I would give it a 5 star rating.

Robert Donovan

This IHOP is a really wonderful place to eat with dynamic energy that is light and festive. Our waitress Jodi was accommodating and very attentive. She was pleasant and always smiling. I plan on having her be our server whenever possible. The hamburger and steak omelette are always delicious.Parking: Excellent

Nashely M.

I ordered country potatoes amongst other things and when they delivered my food my potatoes were not country potatoes, they were cut up steak fries. I've had country potatoes before and that was definitely not it. My coworker did not get her iced coffee but her omelet was decent. That's the only reason I gave 2 stars. Definitely not ordering from this location ever again.

Alex P.

I don't think they realize that they offer curbside. I haven't had one good experience with it at this location.

Loyd Weber

Very cold inside to dine! Told the waitress was informed that during the time smoking was allowed. Was the result of the fans replaced . I'd think they could set a thermostat. Also stated the other side was to hot. I imagine during Texas high temps it would fell great. One of the associates started vacuuming the floor. That was very loud. Not very respectful towards the customers. Our waitress after coming by to check on us once and refilling our drinks. Never returned. She was gossiping with a nother customer. I got up went to the check out deck waited a few minutes. Then walked back towards her and threw customer. Before she noticed I was ready to leave. Food was great! But got cold very quickly because of the flow of air being so cold.

Liz Sieler

Only go there fully dressed in winter clothes or you freeze ? to death while waiting over an hour and still don’t get your food. We paid for our drinks and walked out very cold and hungry.

kimbue todd

My food was so fresh and delicious. And they brought me bonus pancakes .Great service and Good family environment ♡

kim smith

It was great, our waitress was wonderful and a hoot. We were 1 of 2 tables of customers so it was quiet. It was nice. I was disappointed that they dont make stuffed french toast anymore or even offer peach french toast, but the food was still really good.

Mike V

Great service, servers were polite and food was prepared and served in a timely manner! Made a great dinner after a day on the road.

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