Pizza Hut

710 Fort Worth Hwy, Weatherford
(817) 599-4134

Recent Reviews

Teresa Swor

How is it when you order a large 3 topping pizza per the coupon and ask for the topping on the side they want charge you for the toppings. Amazing how common sense escapes some.


9.23.22My husband picked up a pizza last night around 9pm. We both got sick from both ends about 5 hrs later. Food Poisoning.This is unacceptable. And before you question my judgment, no, we had not eaten all day. It was your pizza.. please do better in the future.

Lita Goen

Great pizza would be even better if they stayed open later

David Ferguson

I have used this pizza hut forever and am always satisfied. Occasionally, we will get a pizza somewhere else but we always end back up at Pizza Hut.

Wanda Jones

Worst customer service ever. Charged my card and said it was declined. I have proof that food was paid for. Management was rude and not helpful. Never again will I order again from this pizza hut . I've had pizza hut for over 30 years and never ever have I been treated like this.

Nikki N.

This review is on the service I received at the drive through window. I got my order in and they guy at the window says please pull forward to which I say I can't pull forward as 2 cars are parked in the driveway... he says AFTER THEY PULL OUT. Look dude it's not my fault y'all have the dining room closed and all you have is drive through. Don't worry I won't bother y'all again I promise! NEVER!!! I would have cancelled my order if I could have!!! Then the guy comes out to have me pull forward farther and sit in the sun with no air conditioning when it's 100 degrees outside. This place blows.

April McGrew

We have had consistently great experiences at this Pizza Hut! The food is hot, fresh, made correctly, and so easy to grab through their drive thru. It's become our go-to pizza pickup when we are in a hurry!

No Ordinary Travel

We always get our order accurate, hot, and delicious. It is always ready on time.

Jo Sorensen

My order is always hot and fresh, and made correctly. And the delivery person is always very friendly.

Chad Born

Got our order perfect, on time as they said and it was great .

Elizabeth Rohmann

You have to buy your pepper and cheese packs. Before. Long you will have to buy box to put pizza in

Elizabeth Humphrey

Pizza was awful also asked for and paid extra extra sauce and cheese and there was barely any cheese

Kristy Scroggins

Good pizza.. like the options on build your own... everyone loves the cinnabons

Danny Flowers

The pizza was great and was here in the time they said.the driver was sweet and quick.

Ann Towles

It was already upsetting to get nickeled and dimed for parmesan cheese and red pepper, but then to get home and find out the meat lovers pizza I bought just had cheese and sauce! Very upsetting.

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