202 Fort Worth Hwy, Weatherford
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Suzanna Ravin

I like this place but my food wasn’t awesome this time. My husband had a good sandwich but my “Greek” salad was literally all greens with the teeniest amount of something that could have been feta and if I hadn’t added chicken it really would’ve been poor. Drinks were good. And we will come back but salads need a revamp.

Bridgette K.

Sheps has great food and good service. You have to know what to get though cause most appetizers are a hit or miss. Overall it was delicious (aside from us ordering the wrong appetizers lol). Fun environment!!

Rachel F.

Just walked out after a very filling dinner! Amazing food! Great atmosphere! And incredibly friendly employees! There were kids playing at the claw machine in the front room, being kids getting excited every time one would win something and just having a grand ol time in general. And here comes "Karen" (Lauren) as she corrected my boyfriend on her way out lol. Legit yelled at these kids that were just having fun. And then proceeded to make a huge scene in the middle of the front room yelling at them to be quiet and then stood in the middle of the room yelling at the manager and everyone else that was sitting enjoying our food. I truly feel bad for her son who made a b line for the front door after they were asked to leave. He was embarrassed! Red in the face and nervously laughing. Shame on you Lauren for embarrassing no one but you, your husband and your son. Kids will be kids and you better count your lucky stars my babies weren't with us because you would not have spoken to them that way. Also I most def went and won me a price out of the claw machine after they left and to the manager that handled that swiftly and smoothly, thank you! Us other patrons appreciate problematic and distracting people being removed from the restaurant so quickly

Scott Kirk-Matthewson

Great selection of Burgers. The ‘No kiss for u’ fries were awesome. The Cowboy burger was huge…

Crystal Webb

Great service, great food...Fun place to hang out and plenty of large tables to bring the whole gang♡

Tammie T.

The best bar food I've had! (Coming from a girl venturing from Dallas). Ordered the wings, cordon bleu sandwich, and burger. ALL WERE AMAZING. Wings surpass Pluckers and Wing Stop. The service was top notch. Staff worked as a team and conversations at the bar were great. Visited here a month ago and still finding reasons to make it out to Weatherford just for Shep's. All around, on my list of favorites places ever.

Jeanette B.

Well so far I've only been here once. It's always packed so I figured it be really good I ordered a burger and I took one bite and that's all I could do it tasted like what you would imagine a hockey puck tasting like. I will give them another chance because they're always packed maybe it was just a off day. The staff was friendly and the mimosas were fantastic.

Molly C.

Shep's really let us down tonight. An absolute waste of money for horrible service and barely edible food. I've reviewed this place before with high marks for service and quality, thanks to Janelle, but tonight they lost me. When we got there we waited for a long time to be seated. I actually had to walk to the expo and break up the conversation between the servers to get some help. The server we got then passed us off to another server who looked barely legal enough to serve us alcohol. He never checked on us. If he had, he would have found that the bread on both the hot dog and my grilled cheese was so stale and hard that it was inedible. The hot dog was cold. Not even cooked. No grill marks or browning at all. It was absolutely disgusting. The cheese on the inside of my grilled cheese was still cold. He didn't even ask us how our meal was. I had to go find him yet again in the back to bring us our check. Made us pay full price for nasty food that we didn't even eat. Didn't even ask about the WHOLE HOT DOG that was left on the plate. Just said "didn't realize you were in a rush", checked us out, and we left. Wtf Shep's.

Kevin C.

Omg. Just a really awesome hangout bar. Great atmosphere. Nice and cold for hot summer days. And if your brave get the Chewbacca Burger with Onion Rings.

Wynonah B.

We had lunch on the patio on a Thursday afternoon and it was definitely busy so we were incredibly impressed w our server!!! Long straight blond hair - didn't catch her name!!! She was perfectly attentive, kind, and timely. Nobody walked off or had to go find her, etc. - such a nice experience!!! We will absolutely be back. Thank you Shep's for a great afternoon out w our little family!!! Not to mention the food was divine...we got some fried pickles, Parmesan fries, and burgers. All was fabulous!!! Can't wait to go back and check off the menu one by one :)

Lindsey F.

This place is so much fun, the patio is so nice to sit and enjoy lunch, with great food and incredible service!! Definitely a stop to make!!

Katherine C.

Great service, great food! Chill place with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Love the burgers, best in Weatherford.

Maria V.

I don't remember the exact name of it but the Buffalo chicken sandwich was very delicious. The onion rings looked really good but they weren't the best. We sat in a room that had old arcade games kid enjoyed it. Spent a couple bucks for them to play the games. The service..... everyone just seemed kind of awkward, maybe they were all new. Idk I know places are having a hard time with staff. But would definitely eat here again!

Michael Stein

Angel was fantastic, the best onion rings EVER, And the Matchstick burger was amazing! Can't wait to come back. Thank you Angel for a great experience!

Tracie Foster

Awesome food, beer, and service!!!

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