Steak 'n Shake

107 I-20, Weatherford
(682) 582-8184

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Reaper Tsaku

The manager and the cashier were amazing. The cook however was clearly on something. He didn't cook part of my meal, burnt what he did cook, and made EVERY SINGLE ITEM incorrectly. Things that were supposed to be on it were missing, things I asked off were there, and I cannot stress enough the fact was almost everything being burnt. I might try again on another shift, but I'm not coming back during their closing shift.

Alexander Caraway

I love this place! They will make you any menu item the have the inventory for even if it’s not on the menu! Custom burger? No problem! Always taste great and staff never complains about the request. Thanks y’all

Mark Douglas

Pretty good burgers!! Only been 1 other time pretty good people and burgers.

Allen Helland

I like steak and shake , the are big in the midwest need more in texas !!

Angela Willis

Excellent burgers, as ALWAYS! No matter which Steak & Shake we go to, they are ALL clean and the food is ALWAYS good!

Johnny Walker

It's was very good to eat there and I would go back

Anthony Pearson

Went to Steak 'n Shake 1271273 and not only did they ring up our order wrong, then were extremely unprofessional and didn't do anything right to satisfy us. After the confrontation, they were excessively polite to us and had everything we asked for after that.


Staff was excellent. They were courteous and friendly. They went out of their way to make sure we had our order correct. They even went next door to get us coffee which they didn't have on hand.

Matthew Lowrey

The food is great. I highly recommend them. They treated me like VIP today. Fantastic Staff!!

Sarah Mantei

It's my favorite. And so much better lately for whatever reason

Elsbeth Bryer

Employees stared at me for awhile while not doing anything before coming to get my order when I didn't leave. Good shake.

Stephanie Haines

Justin Tillison always makes such good food ..

Linda LeHue

Very good food!! I ate inside for the first time in a long time, due to Covid!! I went around 3pm. There were only 4 other customers there. We were all self distancing. I felt very safe. The employees were very nice. They got the order right and got it out very quickly. Can't wait to go back.


The garlic steak burger & fries was delicious. I will return soon .

Danny Blackburn

Excellent serviceBrandy fixed us upGreat food

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