1930 S Main St, Weatherford
(817) 594-0808

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Amelia Saucedo

If I could give 0 stars , I would . Truthfully this location has messed up my orders. They lack in so Many areas from preparing to order taking, phone etiquette, customer service. I don't launch complaints without a solution. Here goes, I suggest this location re-train it's entire staff and look to the Hudson Oaks Wingstop as a role model. Hudson Oaks a but further but night and day difference so much better.

Maddison H.

About a year ago, we ordered food online for delivery. It takes the payment, but the order doesn't go through. We called about it and got the worst attitude from the guy on the phone. He was very rude but said "it will be delivered and it's fixed". An hour after that, we went up there, because the food never came. We called and they said they have no idea what we're talking about. When we got there the food STILL wasn't ready. The little gay guy at the front gave us attitude, laughed at us and got the manager. When she came and talked to us he was talking crap behind her about us and laughing. Here we are, a year later. We order online again, and the same thing happens. So we call and the girl says "are you sure you paid? are you sure you placed the order? are you sure it was this store?". We corrected it, and went to pick it up. She tried to make us pay again, and we told her we already paid. She said "what do you mean?" They charged us $18 for 2 drinks. TWO DRINKS. They don't know what they're doing, and they are so rude. Clueless.

Justin Maddox

Camron was excellent…. Meet me with a smile and was very courteous while I waited…. Thank you to all wing stop employees


Idk what happened but I’ve been ordering wings from here for months and,they started becoming drenched with grease. I definitely understand that with wings you’re gonna get some grease. But this place has dropped the ball. Ordered from the Hudson Oaks location and it was great

Julia Coleman

First time having wingstop and it was super delicious! Only problem was the dry rubs weren’t that mixed but also they forgot my veggie sticks. I was quite sad about the veggie sticks but the wings make up for it in taste!

Ken Tidwell

Surprisingly good. Well cooked, meaty wings with a tasty sauce (I had the mild). A bit pricey compared to wings in Buffalo but entirely serviceable.

Liza Hathcoat

Wait times get a little crazy, but other than that food is consistently good.

Joyce Tarter

Ordered at 4:30 for 5:30 pick up. When i got there they told me they had 3 orders ahead of me. So the point of setting up a time was useless. So I waited for 15.-20 minutes. Timing is not planned well. They were not busy or understaffed.Then they waited to give me my drink cups till a got my food so my food had to sit while I made my drinks.


We have only been here a couple of times, and both times were great. Tonight we placed a pick up order. I arrived right as it was being bagged, everyone was very friendly, and I was in and out. I got home and there was a little oops with the order. It was nothing major, really, and we are only a few minutes away. We called, they offered to fix it right away, and I went back to pick it up. They were just as friendly the second time. I let them know a couple different times that weren't upset. Quite frankly, we are talking about humanity here. Life is too short to get upset over an oops. Yall are awesome at this location and you've earned yourselves some regulars. Thank you for the always delicious wings!

Jimmy Comfort

We ordered our food stated wait time was about 25minutes..we waited and then we got a text saying that they would be ready in three minutes and it was another 30minutes before it was ready. And I will add this was at 845pm, so it was very busy and it took forever. Unacceptable.

Mandy Scott

The ladies at the register were nice and helpful. There was a male employee possibly on break that was eating and burping loudly and fanning his breath. Pretty disgusting. The drink machine kept making a loud popping noise. The wings were great, fries were not too fresh and greasy.

John 3:16

This Wing Stop in Weatherford is amazing! Very friendly, hard working staff who treat you like family! They even kept our kid entertained while we waited and were so nice to our family!!! Just LOVE restaurants like this where they treat customers so good!

Elevated Blue

The chicken wings were amazing and gone before I realized what happened. The people working there was supper friendly.

Freddie Peterson

Employees are friendly and food was great. We love the family atmosphere.

Christopher Johnson

Great staff, friendly environment. Clean. And the wings were cooked perfectly.

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