Antonini's Subs & Steaks

17314 TX-3, Webster
(281) 338-1305

Recent Reviews

Michael Metcalf

Great food great hospitality

Mark Giefer

Really nice mom&pop sandwich shop. The people that work here are very friendly and the service was quick. Probably 3 or 4 minutes after we ordered, we got our food. It's just basic sandwich shop stuff. They have a breakfast and lunch menu. Canned/bottled soda and chips.I would recommend coming here if you're on a budget or in a hurry.

Lance J

Little pricey but cheese steak was excellent. Pepper topping has just the right amount of heat and flavor.

Bradley R.

If you're looking for a LARGE sub Antonini's is the place to go! A huge and fresh bun (French bread?) holds a substantial amount of fresh deli meats were loaded onto my recommended Italian sub. The location in Webster isn't fancy or pricey, just highly recommended.


Absolutely horrid. Coworker recommended this place I guess because he hates me. Over priced and horrible. We got the Philly cheesesteaks and they were very bad. I can’t speak about the other subs but avoid the cheesesteak which was supposedly one of their “best” menu items

CJ Johnson

Possibly the worst philly cheesesteak I've ever had. Meat, bread, cheese and onions were all flavorless except for the kethup that coating the inside of the dry bread. Only gets 2 stars because the chef was very kind and courteous. Somebody give that man a real job.

Santiago Guajardo

Drove from Humble to this sandwich shop and it was worth every mile the Italian sandwich is a beast.

Lorena G.

I absolutely love this place! They are a local shop & do their best to ensure a quality experience. Moreover, I reeeeaaally enjoy the turkey sub but went with the Philly today and I was not disappointed. Those cherry peppers are the bomb, too!

Nina R.

We had the cheesesteak with the pepper sauce. Serving was huge and fresh! Place has been here for over 20 years and it's patrons are loyal. Some to some as a matter of fact while there. Definitely check this spot out!

Dennis Morris

What a great cheese steak. This is the closest cheese steak sandwich in Houston I less you go Philly to get one. All about the bread. Outstanding!


I just finished half of my Italian sub, and I had to take the time to write this review. This is an amazing sub. I love the combination of the delicious meats and the crunchy veggies all topped off with fantastic chopped peppers. I love it!

Adrienne Dove Brown

OMG! Those peppers were amazing! I need to get back on that side of town to buy a jar of those famous peppers!!!

Nick Zahabizadeh

How subs should be done, no ifs, ands, or buts.Stop reading, and please taste these subs.Do it. Please.

Dwayne Rouse

One of the best steak n cheese subs I have ever had.

alyssa wagner

This place is awesome! Maybe a little messy but it is super yummy and worth the extra napkins. Ive tried every sandwhich and all of them are top notch. Their peppers are to die for. Everytime i stop in I grab a tub togo because they are so yummy. Great subs! Great people!

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