8th St. Coffee House

901 8th St, Wichita Falls
(940) 716-0501

Recent Reviews

Seth Skelton

8th St. Coffee is a place I recommend to all visitors from out of town and people in town who don't normally visit downtown. The music, food (awesome biscuits, fyi), service and location are top notch. I really dig the views of the surrounding streetscape from inside while relaxing on the couches with good company. My only request would be to consider investing in upgraded plates/cups/utensils that are non disposable. I know that washing them is an added chore but would make the experience even classier than what it already is. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Morgan Trotter

The espresso machine temperature mist be set high because it always tastes bitter and burnt. Good espresso is smooth and only slightly bitter. (this also, just may be my preference.) Their food is good, not the best but not bad either. Their atmosphere at their old place was awesome, but since they moved they have seemed to loose that ambiance.

Sarina Klaver

Cute place. Food was good but … not welcoming at all. Place closes at 2. We arrived at 1:20 and staff was already cleaning and making it obvious they wanted to close. We received food and coffee in short order and all was delicious but while we ate staff was making a huge racket stacking chairs, mopping floor right up to our feet, and increasing volume of music. They all but screamed GET OUT!! Will we return, maybe but not after 1 pm.

Hope Darnell

Always an enjoyable experience. My coworker and I frequently come here for lunch and they are always so polite and the food is great.

Brandon Sossamon

Great little place with awesome staff. The menu is quite extensive. Definitely worth the stop!

Carey Jensen

I had avoided this place in the past for the lack of vegan options, but I thought I would give it another try since they moved locations. I made a to-go order so I could eat safely in my office without a mask. The dining area itself was small and crammed with tables. It had a few side rooms that looked nice, but they were all occupied.I ordered the Mexicali Wrap without cheese or ranch, and asked them to add picante. I should have checked the order before I left, but I was in a hurry. When I got to my office I saw that not only did they forget the picante, but they also didn't add any black beans or corn. Then there were still bits of cheese stuck to the guac that I had to pick out. So definitely avoid this place if you have serious allergies and are concerned about cross-contamination.It was too late and too cold for me to walk all the way back to have my order fixed. But, all in all, I wasn't satisfied.I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because, despite all this, the staff was friendly and the food came out quickly. The coffee was also good.

Brittani Birckbichler

I am a sucker for their bacon, egg, avocado grilled cheese. great atmosphere and great people.

Teresa Reid

It's a great place! BUT, they need to Have MUCH more help. We were there today and one coffee and one tea took over 20 minutes and that is with a line out the door waiting. We sat outside and the line out the door was the entire time we were there, over one hour. And, we miss the the old atmosphere SO MUCH.

Patrick A Corrente

Great little get away spot for good food, coffee & relaxation (prior to the coffee). Update: the move to the new location has changed the atmosphere. Some will love the new iteration: the broad vista & conduit to natural light; others will miss the warmth & intimacy of the both the former & the original. The food was not up to par. In fairness, the 2nd day of reopening with the crowds no doubt stressed the operation. We look forward to their settling in and continuing in their great unique and delicious food preparation.

Michael Phillips

We are out of towners visiting family for the Holidays. It’s the perfect place for kids and family. The Staff is so nice and the coffee and muffins are great.

Robert Sellers

Good place to chill with good food and a cozy atmosphere.

Lynn R (Kitten)

The waffles were delicious. The place was wonderfully designed. The coffee I ordered was a caramel iced coffee. It was not good to me at all, it came out a dark dark brown and tasted like stale coffee. But that was just my experience. The cost of two coffees and small breakfast was more than anticipated. Small portions, big cost.

Sara-Mai Conway

Stopped here for breakfast on a road trip. Totally worth exiting the freeway! Just a short drive from 287 in a really cute part of downtown and amazing breakfast sandwiches, good coffee. We saw the meals they were bringing out to others and everything looked good. Only thing - if you plan to eat in the car, ask for a well done egg - by default they are very runny! Will stop here again for sure.

suman mithani

Loved the ambience and service. Great place for coffee and lots of options for breakfast. They customize per needs. Must place to go for coffee.

Casa de Linda

My friend and I enjoy the atmosphere here - the music, mid century decor, and art are my personal favorites! I had the Almond Joy expresso and WOW it was good! The BLT breakfast sandwich was yummy as was the cinnamon muffin! My friend said the ice tea was perfect: not too sweet and the perfect amount of tea. We love this place and look forward to the grand opening of the new location!

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