Stone Oven Pizza

810 7th St, Wichita Falls
(940) 500-4020

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David G.

Friendly staff. Great food. Fun atmosphere. We stopped Christmas day simply because they were the only place we could find that was open, and we were pleasantly surprised. We had a supreme pizza, cheese bread, and a slice of homemade cheesecake. YUM! Everything was great. There are games to play at the tables. The atmosphere reminded me of Austin, but us old folks (we're in our 60s) were welcomed and made to feel at home. Definitely a do over.

S. Howell

The pizza was similar to hideaway style. We got a supreme which was pretty good. The crust and toppings, esp Italian sausage were really good. I wasn't wild about the cheese for some reason but my husband really liked it. The service was really good. I'm not into girl power stuff which was all over the bathroom walls but if you like that kind of thing, this is your place! It's probably just young, and I'm not lol?

Kendall Sloan

Last few times here the amount of time spent waiting for orders promised at a specific time was long past. The pizza has been limp and wet. The current visit we were brought the food from the to go warmer so very soggy and limp, chicken wings were steamed in the foil container swimming in sauce moisture logged and soft. Granted I did make an order on the app for carryout only to add a note for "Dine in please" which the last time I ordered on the app I informed the owner that Dine in was not an option and he assured me if I added the note for Dine in I would be fine. We opted for a remake and the pizza came out slightly limp and the toppings just slipped off. Firo Pizza all day long! Hands down better pizza always consist crisp and flavored. This place doesn't actually have a stone oven! It's a regular low temperature oven with a stone insert!. Update.. Was told "the limp pizza is actually our thang"... Not like other pizzerias..... Beware

Ivy M.

Visited twice. Once over a year ago and once again recently. This place attracts my kids because of the TMNT characters painted out front. Add to that the access to table top games indoors. First time here, lots of tables games and welcoming. More recently, opposite is true. We ordered two pizzas and wings. Wings were good. Pizza was not. Double pepperoni is a mystery. Pepperoni was more on a basic - what you would find on a freezer pizza regular pepperoni. The cheese was strange and an overwhelming amount that even my kids were not into it. Nothing special to make it memorable either, unfortunately; bland. It was so quiet in the establishment and the staff in back seemed bothered by a simple and polite request for a pizza box. Being told twice that we'll be helped when they can get to it is ridiculous when there are several hands in the kitchen. Shouldn't of even bothered for the box as the pizza was unsettling to all members in our family. But at the prices they charge, you gotta try and take it for the sake of the cost alone. Also, they bring you ration portions of napkins and a single ranch for the table to share on the wings. Maybe there is a charge for each dressing and I missed that part. Seriously, at these prices for a blah pizza and little to make the venue memorable, you can find better in town. I will say that the guy who took our order in the beginning was probably the only friendly aspect of the whole experience.

ash swag

I really wanted to like it because they do good things for the community! That's the only reason I'm giving 4 stars lol. Food and service would be 1-2 stars. We had to wait over 45 mins for 2 slices of pizza, at night and it wasn't busy at all and the couple that came in 15 mins after us got their food before we did (not a call in, they ordered there). The pizza just tasted like cheap cheese and oregano, worse than gas station pizza. I wouldn't go back for sure unless I was super drunk and it was the only thing open lol

Hansen Family

We were passing through Wichita Falls at dinner time while on a road trip. Pizza is always a kid favorite so I did a quick search. The board games on the tables in the pictures made me feel certain we’d feel welcome. We had a great time playing games while waiting for our pizza. I loved the option to order a quarter slice. It made sure our ham and pineapple lover got just what she wanted. The pizza was delicious and the staff was super friendly and helpful. Don’t pass up the ice cream stand in the back. It was some of the best we’ve ever had.

linda walker

Had a very good Supreme Pizza. It's wonderful to have a Pizza place that stays open to 4amKid-friendliness: They had games for children and adults to play

Todd Fletcher

First time and it was very good. Even bought a second to go pizza to take home for later. Beer lineup was lacking, but they still had some good choices. More choices would be better, but we will definitely be back.

Katrina Withrow

Food was great, staff was attentive and eager to help. The location is easy to get to and there are lots of games on the tables to keep everyone entertained and interacting together.Kid-friendliness: Lots of toys and games to play with. The atmosphere is laid back and casual so kids running around having fun is welcome.

Andrew M.

Unbelievable amount of flies if you sit inside, can't imagine the amount in the kitchen... Pizza was ok

Cathy T.

Y'all need to update your menu online! I'm gluten free, you said online you have keto crust! Great! Drove all the way over and we're told, "oh, we don't have that on the menu anymore. But if you want, we can make a pizza bowl with all the toppings." Please fix your menu and save ppl the trip!

Morgan Page

I paid $16 for two slices of small, very cold pizza and the person serving it didn’t bother to tell me what I was being charged at all. According to friends, he charged others $7 a slice so I’m not sure why I was charged more. This place seems highly overrated.

Jenna R.

Pizza is as great, love the crispy crust. Giving it 4 stars because the place looks filthy and the same guy who checks you out was making the pizza (don't think he washed his hands in between). Otherwise, very good!

Noralee H.

We had calzones and were unhappy with the food. Service was good. Our calzones had little filling, too much bread and the bottom of the crust was burned. Actually black! Maybe the pizzas are better, but I cannot recommend the calzones.

N H.

We ordered 2 calzones and Greek salads to be delivered for dinner based on ratings. I cannot recommend this restaurant. Our local chain pizza does a much better calzone for half the price. Dining in may be okay, but I will never go back. Cons: Calzones were not as good as I expected. There was way too much crust and they were burned. The fillings were good, but sparse. We paid over $50 plus tip. Pro: Service was good and delivery was pretty quick. The salads were good and a good size.

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