The Highlander Public House

726 Scott Ave, Wichita Falls
(940) 247-2508

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Christina Everett

The food was good. The drinks were good. With a table of 10….The service was HORRIBLE!!!! The waitress still got her $55 automatic gratuity though …. It took 15min to get to even get to order drinks after having to request to get to order. Then took that long again to get them and get to order appetizers. Refills…. Again had to ask another server ourselves. Our server was nice when she actually came to our table. And maybe they were busier than what we could see. The bartender was very nice when she delivered our mixed drinks. Since we were visiting and not in a hurry, it was fine. Had we been in a hurry, we probably would have got up and walked out after 10min of not getting served.

Anna Simpson

We had lunch today. The stuffed avocado was very good and food portions are generous. The Mac n cheese fell short on taste, very bland. The restaurant itself looks and feels run down. It had a stale smell which is a real distraction.It's a bummer because I have looking forward to eating here.

J Black

Excellent patio for the dogs and the humans who like to sit out doors! Very accommodating! Great staff! Food was hot and very tasty! Looks like it’s going to be a little scary, but once you get inside, it’s a great experience! Highly recommend the Fish and especially the chips! Also really enjoyed the flavors of the Chicken and Waffles!

Juliana Chan

We got there around 2ish, it was quite slow but took awhile for anyone to take our order, but once the server was assigned, it's all good. Food was decent and big portion. For some reason, so many fly and quite annoying, we had to wave constantly to get rid of fly.

Rose Miller

Omg. You have to have the fried pickles spears. So delicious although you only get 4. I will get them next time. The fish and chips was delicious as well. We shared it and couldn't finish it. The prices are good cause you get the great food. I will return if back around.

Laura M.

Good downtown option if you have some time, always seems to take minimum 1 hour, even when it's quiet. Prices seem high, but are immediately justified once you see the portion sizes. My husband got the pork lunch special for $10 with 2 sides and it could have easily been shared between 2 people. The Highlander fries are magical - to me. The fries here are my favorite kind: soft, super salty. I would say, however, that the amount of gravy on the loaded fries is incredible. It's a lot, and made the fries pretty soggy, which is perfect for me but may gross out others. Definitely something I recommend for everyone, but maybe ask for half of the gravy if you want them crunchier. Or even on the side. The kids Mac+cheese is incredible and completely wasted on ungrateful kids who prefer a box of Kraft (mine). It's the spiral pasta with a white butter cheese sauce more similar to Alfredo, plus herbs. Even the kids burger is huge and delicious (ya, I tried it). My grilled chicken sandwich was delicious and way too big. It's a giant, perfectly seasoned breast. The roasted veggie side definitely had some frozen items in it but the added flavor was still good, I would get it again. The restaurant itself is pretty cool - German pub style. The patio is large and always shaded. I *love* that the only TV's are in the bar (do we really need more screen time?). Love the cute hairy cows everywhere and how they put kids art on the walls, my kids think it's awesome. My only complaints are: The amount of sodium is truly extraordinary, which I was excited for, but be aware. Needs some improvements, particularly the bathrooms with cobwebs and tiles falling off walls, as well as new benches - pretty smushed. It's tough to eat healthy fyi. Even the salads would have to be customized to be remotely good for you (dressing on side, no cheese/candied nuts/fruits). This is for a splurge day for sure. Will come back again and again

Mikaella M.

I recently bisited Highlander Public House and ordered the HPH burger. Let's just jump right into the meat of things and start with the bacon. Mmmm mmmm mmmm... the bacon was dripping with brown sugar sweet goodness with just the right amount of black pepper and saltiness. Honestly I should have ordered extra on my burger. The patty was cooked with very little seasoning, but the bacon, cheddar and mayo helped bring it all together. The bread was soft and tender, although beware if you keep all of the garnish on (lettuce, tomato, pickle, raw red onion) as the bread will fall apart. I ordered grilled onions on mine (was not told about the $2 upcharge) and only added the pickles which all blended wonderfully. Now let's get to the fries. Upon first glance, they appear soggy and greasy. I was worried they would not taste good, but man, when you get into the flavor and varied crispness throughout, it makes for a great experience. Overall, one of the best places I've eaten in Wichita Falls, TX. I highly recommend trying out Highlander Public House.


If for some reason you end up in Downtown Wichita Falls, look no further. Best chicken fried Steak I have had. Everything else looked great as well. Chicken and waffles, fish and chips, Philly cheese steak and salads.

Carol H.

My husband and I went to The Highlander on Friday evening around 7:30. We hadn't been there in a couple of years due to a previous not great experience. We were seated promptly and the menu looked promising. Then we waited, and waited and waited. There were at least 4 to 6 servers that came to every table around us and looked at us. None of them ever acknowledged us. If someone would have said Hi I'll be with you in a moment, or something it may have been different. Since that didn't happen we left. I tried to email the manager to let them know that they may need to talk to some of their staff. They do not list an email on their website. I sent a PM through their Facebook page and have not gotten a response.

Dianna P.

Went there last night to celebrate a family birthday. Got there at 5:30 pm. Service was slow. We had a 15 month old and a two years old with us. Gave us 1set if crayons and kids menu. Never got the second one. Ordered drinks three appetizers. Got two of the appetizers about half an hour later. Had to tell the waiter to bring the third. 1 1/2 hours later we finally got our food order. How do you tell babies they have to wait 1 1/2 hours to eat? They were fussy and bored. Food was ok but not good enough to wait that long. Had them put the birthday cupcakes and number candles in the back in the cooker. When they brought it out one of the candles was missing. Finally found it but it was broken. Have only been there twice but will not be going back. Right after we got out good a staff member can to the back where we and others with small chi were seated and said the food would be another hour!!! I understand everyone is short staffed but this is ridiculous. Have not had a good experience either time.

Jana L.

If you are contemplating a meal in downtown Wichita Falls, DO NOT consider The Highlander. We took family there this evening. The service was awful to start with, and the food was less than desirable, although the burger and fries were ok. The entire time we had to fight a pack of flies. Think Lord of the Flies! Our server was clueless about the menu and not very attentive. Very disappointed.

Nellie C.

Great concept, but poor execution. Our food was cold. There were flies everywhere! My husband got a biscuit in his meal that literally weighed 1/2 of a pound of uncooked dough.

Marcus S.

Lousy place to eat, order the mozzarella logs for $9 and there is only three on the plate. I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich, the one at Chili's is way better! Wife got chicken and waffles, she says it was okay, but bricktown's was way better. Party of 15 and they charged 20% automatically, service was okay but not worth 20%, manager and owner were rude.

Kerrin Kuntzman

My friend and I stopped here on our way back to Dallas. Our server was incredibly accommodating in trying to get us our food quickly so we could make good time on our way back home. We both ordered the stuffed chicken. They delivered the food ahead of schedule (the menu states an 18 minute wait) and the chicken was delicious. The vegetables and rice were okay, but the chicken was the star. Thanks for a good dinner and a great customer service experience!

Fran Smith

Food was very good. Service was not. This makes it hard to want to go back. Wings and Mac and cheese were great. Server took forever to come back to take our order (restaurant was not that busy and there were multiple servers) dropped food off, order was wrong, but she never came back to check on us. Had to ask another server for sauce and ketchup. Then she dropped the bill, waited like 15 minutes for her to cash us out. Good service is what makes or breaks a restaurant for my husband and I, definitely will specifically ask for another server next time.

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