Little Caesars Pizza

430 78, SUITE 150, Wylie
(972) 442-6515

Recent Reviews

Roy Delgado Jr

Been to this location numerous times, I'm always greeted as I walk in and the service is exceptional. BUT yesterday at 5pm, went in to get to pizzas for the family at home, and I had to deal with the rudest person I have ever dealt with in my life. I asked her a question in spanish when it got to the point of me feeling like I'm not receiving customer service from her, I think she was shocked I spoke spanish... either way, I hope she was sub'n for a day there. I don't want her serving me my pizza's there anymore.

Terri M

Staff is very nice and attentive every time I want little Caesar I will travel here to get it.. That says a lot..

Marty Sanderson

Sure would be nice to get someone to pick up the phone.. I've called 4x now and it rings non stop. The 1st time someone picked up and hung up, and then left the phone off the hook so I got the busy signal for like 10min. I have a birthday party today and have 1 hour to get pizza and get to the party. Gee thanks Little Caesars. Looks like it'll be Dominos for the win today and from now on. Ya know since my business means absolutely nothing to you.

Julie Morton

placed an order on the app it was ready when I got there and tasted delicious thank u

randall scott

Young girl (name ?) Up front was impressive at 6pm on Saturday. After I placed my custom order, it got real busy and she worked the front end like a machine. Never got flustered and the communication with the guys making the pizza looked well reherst. This dang calzony is really good too. Don't pay enough for the work it takes to get those pizzas out in less than a couple of minutes.

Nick C

Love y'all a limited time expecially the new Calzonie wish y'all could keep that as a normal order thank you buddy thought too much cheese but we also get stuff crust pepperoni thank y'all.

Alex Klager

Inexpensive ready to go pizza.

Jake Harris

Their slogan is Hot-N-Ready, but none of the basic pizzas that are supposed to be never are around the times. What’s the point of even saying that as your slogan. And it isn’t even this place either. It’s many locations.

Tasha Smith

Order was placed via phone and it was not ready when I arrived. Nor could the cashier find the order. After he walked to the back of the store, he came back to tell me that it was made wrong. When I asked why it wasn't remade, I was told "it just wasn't". So I said "Now I've got to wait while my other food gets cold", to which he responded with "yep". TERRIBLE customer service. No apology, no offer to comp the order. I will NOT be back to this location. Nothing will drive service/retail business into the ground faster than TERRIBLE service provided by terrible employees.

Lisa Meeks-Penny

Fast friendly and in and out with no issues or wait.

Pauline O'Connor

Love the pizza here and bread sticks!

Donovan Bradley

Friendly staff, fast service, good pizza. Would recommend.

Phil Butler

Great food and order on app makes pick up really fastIn and out

George Hardwick

Not bad best my expectations.

Mark Kelley

Great system to pick up your pizza. Simple to order. A little expensive when you add a lot of toppings. The specials did not really appeal to my family. Too bad.

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