Homestead Steak House

121 E Center St, Blanding
(435) 678-3456

Recent Reviews

Ruth G

We enjoyed the small town atmosphere. Good food and generous portions. The employees care about the customers. This was a great find after a long day of travel. There seemed to be a lot of local customers too. Would definitely recommend. Nice variety of meals.


We cannot comment on the food because we left without being seated. Servers kept telling us to wait even though there was plenty of seating available regardless of COVID restrictions. Did not feel welcome after 15 minutes so we left.

Christal Joyner

It was a quaint setting with above average food. I ordered a steak cooked medium. It was under cooked and I was too tired from traveling all day to wait, so I didn't send it back. Still tasted good. My husband had the country fried steak which he didn't finish. I would recommend this place, but don't expect more than a hometown restaurant.

Miles Brinkerhoff

This is one of the only places to eat in town. It's a bit dated. New chairs and some decor would make it more updated. The staff were friendly. The food was great. It was cooked perfectly. It was delicious and fresh. For a small town place it had fresh quality ingredients. It was a pleasant surprise. I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Blanding


Good ribs, and a rack was huge. Tiny portion of broccoli and mushrooms. Next time I would choose the salad bar. The baked yam was also a small portion, and it was only 1/2 of a yam. Nice ambiance in the glass enclosed place where they seated us. I really liked that.

Ben Jones

Great food and very friendly waiter. Thanks for a great meal

Elaine T

FANTASTIC food! Navajo Taco was delicious… be sure to order extra fry bread to go! My husbands hot turkey sandwich was enough for at least two! Fresh, homemade carrot cake with fresh made, REAL whipped cream on the side! This will be a regular stop on this route!

caranina lavender

The experience was exhilarating! Some of the trails are hard to keep track of. ?

Dan Croom

Stopped July 7 after a long,hot,day of motorcycle riding, anticipating a fine meal. Waited for 20 minutes with no waiter, while another waiter whose section i wasn't in served my drink. I finally asked to be moved, so he took my order. My steak arrived,looked great till I cut i to it. Literally only cooked on one side!! Not even turned on the grill. Sent it back which I hate to do, but finally was edible but far from good. Im very disappointed. Judging from other reviews, i may have come at a bad time, but most assuredly cannot reccomend.

Alexander M.

Now you know where the Blandingers go out for dinner! The Homestead Steak House seems like a community meeting place as much a down-home dining room. The food is stick-to-you-ribs good, and the service is friendly enough to make us feel like visitors, rather than strangers passing through town. Thanks, Kailee, for being a customer service star! The Navajo Fry Bread Taco was my personal favorite, big enough for two, and delicious, too. We loved the piping hot French Fries, and especially the Onion Rings. We loved our burgers so much that we ordered one more "for the road". They have a large Salad Bar, complete with optional "treats", so there's no excuse for not having your greens while waiting for he hefty entreé on its way.

Geoffrey Greene

I showed up at the end of a long day of motorcycle riding, and I knew I might be a bit stinky. The restaurant had 3 sections....inside, a sun room, and an open patio. The hostess pointed out there were no tables inside and the sunroof was really hot. I knew from having just been outside that, though near triple digits, there was a good breeze. I asked about the patio to the hostess's surprise as no one had taken that option all day. She got the door key and I walked out to find several tables in varying degrees of shade and the nice, previously mentioned, breeze. When the waitress came out,, I placed my dinner order...chicken fried chicken, sides selected as garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli with mushrooms, and soda to drink. And please bring a refill now too...I knew I'd need it. The waitress got everything right the first time, and I got my dinner quickly. The chicken fried chicken was juicy with a nice crispy crust under a plentiful serving of gravy. And more gravy on the potatoes...excellent. The broccoli and mushrooms were quite good. I put a dab of butter on my roll along with the provided jam and made that my dessert.

Rick M

After a day out hiking and baking in the sun, the Homestead Steak House was an unexpected treat! They were busy and for good reason. Waiter was friendly enough. I had the seafood platter and it was good. The salad bar was great. Both my wife and son enjoyed their meals as well.

Jeremy Gohier

Such good food! Small and cozy, but a top quality experience. The staff was so friendly, and the sun room is a great way to enjoy your meal.

Andrea N

I had the chicken salad sandwich and it was delicious! But it could have used a little seasoning, ike poultry seasonings such as seasoned salt and some pepper

James G.

Homestead Steak house knows their audience, that's for sure. The food here is "comfort food", simple and plain. The service is energetic, friendly, and synchronized by a team that works well together. Our server was stellar....Kailey was so cheerful, and keen to make one dish "just right" that had come out LESS than, uh .... "perfect". That dining room is spacious and well "socially distanced" for modern times, even though they might have squeezed in more tables (we're glad they didn't). We felt safe, and enjoyed just the right amount of "communal" energy. Blanding doesn't have much in the way of dining fact, our hotel staff described The Homestead Steak House as "the only sit-down" restaurant in Blanding. Taking them at their word, we came here, left outr snobby big-city expectations at the door, and had a heart meal. Things to try: The Navajo Taco. Get the small one, it's plenty, even to share... the flavors were typical Southwestern Taco, ... but on Fry Bread! Fry Bread is always a good idea! Onion Rings are a must! Also we really enjoyed the homemade berry cobbler, a la mode, of course!

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