Pop's Burritos

148 S Main St, Blanding
(435) 678-2413

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Sean Gunning

Great little shop hidden away not on the main street. Love the humorous decor! Build your burrito the way you want, but their fillings are top notch. I had the shredded steak and my wife had the chicken. We both smothered it with the green chili and it was really good. Not too spicy but a good almost sweet flavor. Paired better than I thought it would. If you're swinging through you should make this one of your stops.

Harley and Judy Upton

The best Breakfast Burritos I've had in awhile! Our Family enjoyed the hospitality and service. Very Friendly Service.

Michael Williams

A small family owned business that makes wonderful burritos, salads and on Tuesdays, tacos (in addition to burritos and salads). Wonderful flavors and salsas. They have just about anything you can think of to add to your burritos or salad. Highly recommend!

Jacob Wells

Great place to stop for breakfast or lunch! Tasty burritos that dont drip grease down your arm


The burritos at Popā€™s were excellent, and the staff was super friendly. I donā€™t know how they keep all of the fixings so fresh in such a small place, but they have that figured out..

Susan Mayberry

Nice flavor, but the brown rice wasn't fully cooked. It was like eating little grains of sand. Told the girls behind the counter, and they DID NOTHING! 5 rating quickly downgraded to 1.


I love the food here. It's always fresh and made with TLC. Great place to satisfy your burrito cravings for both breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Their meats are not very good at all. They need to redo them completely. Tortillas aren't too great either. They need to do like Costa Vida and those types of restaurants and heat up the tortillas or ditch the ones they have for a different brand. No whole wheat option. Why are people still eating white flour products when we know it's so bad for you now, and not as yummy? Vegetarians will like it fine. Their salads are a lot better than their burritos. Still not nearly as yummy as Costa Vida, but better. Also they have Chinese food on Fridays. They need to rethink their fried rice. Some of the options are decent. This is not a critique, it's a suggestion review. I just like the place and the people. I love the idea. I want them to improve because I eat there quite a bit. They used to have the best kids meal in the world though for the price. I assume you can still get it? The frozen yogurt is WAY over priced. Not as yummy as the frozen yogurt brands companies like you can find in Moab.

Tawnya W.

Fabulous food, excellent prices and superb service! What a gem! We stopped for breakfast and our group tried the biscuits and gravy and the Hayley burrito. Both had fantastic flavor and were generous portions. The rosemary potatoes and cilantro lime dressing were awesome. And if we'd had more time we could have thrown some AXES! How cool is that?! Glad we found this place for our trips through Blanding.

Mike K

Whenever going to Lake Powell I don't miss an opportunity to eat at Pop's. Great value and quality burritos.

Mike K

Whenever going to Lake Powell I don't miss an opportunity to eat at Pop's. Great value and quality burritos.


I have been down to Pop's twice in the last month. Good food and great staff. They added Axe throwing to their establishment which was so much fun. The owner was helpful, interactive and just plain kind. They even had an Axe throwing competition for the 4th of July. Down to earth place to visit. We will be back every and any time we visit Blanding.

Dawn C.

Great food! Nice surprise in a small town. Chicken burrito bowl and Sweet Pork bowl we're both awesome!

Andy Sheldon

Super nice counter service, lots of good burrito options. I am giving them 5 stars to counter annoyingly negative reviews on Yelp! This was awesome fuel for a visit to Canyonlands country.


I chose Pop's for a late lunch while visiting Blanding. The restaurant is clean, modern and the staff is friendly and professional. I was able to choose the burrito how I wanted it prepared and it was created as I watched. Delicious and convenient.

Ian Allen

Stopped here on a drive from Moab to Page and were really surprisedā€”these were some excellent burritos! The space has a welcoming and all American feel. I had the sweet pork which was delicious and thereā€™s a veritable medley of different salsas and condiments. This place also has axe throwing nights which just adds to the charm. As someone who frequents Chipotle I can say this was much better!

Justin Russell

The staff here was incredibly friendly, and the food was absolutely delicious. My friend and I both got nachos, and we both really enjoyed them. As far as small town restaurants go, if you're passing through Blanding, you have to stop here and try their food, and chat with their staff!

N Quinn

Very tastey reasonably priced food. Big serves. Free fast wifi

Skye Thompson

Best burrito in Blanding.

Amy B.

Yes, they have vegetarian and vegan options, but it's good, not amazing. It's a similar setup to Chipotle, but they don't offer the cooked vegetables or sofritos, and you pay for your guacamole. You can get raw spinach or shredded lettuce. If you ask for cilantro it turns out it's a sauce, not the chopped herb. I appreciated that the spicy salsa actually had a pleasant kick. If you're hungry, it will likely hit the spot, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make a visit. I suspect this is the best dining out option for non-meat eaters in the area.

Pop's Burritos

148 S Main St, Blanding, UT 84511