82 S Main St #2, Blanding
(435) 678-3616

Recent Reviews

Sharon W.

This place was a joke went to The drive-through The totally messed up the order of a pizza ham and cheese Italian bmt 6inch meatball sandwich on wheat bread four chips four drinks Came out with white bread no lettuce three different sandwiches They through them in a sack went back to get it corrected with the guy being Nat very nice So thumbs down No wonder people eat at a&w No customer service Rude And plan not nice Thumbs down

Myron Mott

Lobby was dirty. Could work on their service a little.

Lance Begaye

It was a good place to go.

Alberta Rosarita Benally

You build your own food... It's really good to eat.

Catari Curley

I had ordered through the subway app twice on different dates and my subway sandwich was not what I ordered. When speaking with the manager he claims he can remake the sand which, but living far away from the subway store it doesn’t help.

Ramsey Arnold

Best "Bang for the Buck" for healthy custom sandwiches with FRESH Veggies!

david innes

staff didnt know how to prepare wraps, ... soggy, tasteless wrap, never again. Only good point is that it can be open late (n McDs No BK etc in town) many restaurantc close early, nor all can sell beer

William Christensen

Find was good. Service was average.

Varsha H.

One of the best subways I have ever visited. Super clean restrooms and super clean place. If you are driving around Utah, this is a well deserved pit stop on your way to arches National Park. The food was fresh and delicious. The service was fast and easy. The staff was friendly. This is one of the subways I don't mind going back again to.

Scott Johnson

This subway was nasty dirty and smelled bad, it connected to a hardware store

Joe Lewis

The Italian BMT is the best sandwich ever!

Jon Gingrich

Very speedy, and polite service. Great place to stop for a bite!

Kyle Hosler

Love subway, quick, healthy and good.


This is the only Subway I have been to that is this cool. Clean, friendly workers. My visit was in April 2017, the information provided only let me go back to August 2018.

Ian C.

Best subway ever. Very friendly staff. They work very fast and very clean. The toilet was very clean.

Eva Aboites

Employees need to pay attention to what customers order.


Visited every day to get my sandwich lunch for the next day road trip/hike. Nice location and good food.

Spencer Moulton

Good service. Good food.

Allen N.

Every subway sells the same and sandwiches but this one felt a little special. Lots of workers behind the counter and super friendly. Interior is all new and very clean. Nice drive through and very fast and diligent workers. Would recommend.

Chuck Toth

Excellent customer service and great prices.

Boomer Bluee

Super clean, polite people, and a great experience over all... best subway I've ever been to. Ps they have more than one knife to fold your sandwiches they always use a clean one

Steven Sandoval

Service is excellent. Open on Sundays despite strong Mormon influence on most local businesses (alcohol ban, religious pamphlets offered).

Johnny M.

Halfway to Denver needed sustenance!! Small town Subway ahead... could be risky... Nope! Very nice store and friendly staff. The sandwich was reliably Subway, and for me, that means very good!

Daniel Bahrt

I've been here 4 times and each time the service has been slower than other subways I've been to regularly.

Keele Johnson

Excellent place to eat.

Brad T

This is a very clean subway. The staff was very helpful. Reasonably priced and the food was fresh and good.

Kanting Tsai

The dining area is clean, the staff friendly and their service is fast! Best is, the subs are tasty.

hound dogger

Eat there every week great people great food great price

Carlyon Hayes

The food was great, the employees were very nice

LaShantee Chico

The food is tasty, clean area, nice staff, and fast. You need to come and eat here. This place is an awesome place to eat. Good prices too. Love ittt❤️❤️

Sanket K.

Good place to get your quick and healthy meal in Blanding. Fresh vegetables, clean environment and friendly staff.

LeeAnna Mitchell

Never really liked that much bread

Alton Pugh

Food was excellent, and the servers were great and easy to talk to. Especially Spencer. He was a life saver.

DJ Ford

Love the variety, nice quick and clean service.


It was getting near closing but the staff was still cordial and promptly got to work on my sandwich. It was made exactly as requested, and I could tell they were really making sure my double-meat BMT was made exactly as I wanted it.The store was clean, the staff was courteous and the parking lot was clearly illuminated. A good place to stop off to grab a sandwich to eat in or to go.They also offered a drive-thru.


The restaurant is bigger than most. I'm sure that has something to do with no other restaurants that provide a place to sit down in town. It was clean, appeared to be well managed and food was good.

Chris Bradford

This was a nice, clean place to grab a quick sandwich. There aren't many other fast food places in the small town of Blanding. My only complaint was the large group of little kids running all over and squealing while their parents zoned out. But that's not Subway's fault.


In Blanding at 8:30 at night. This is small town with limited places at this time of night. So happy to see this place. Very friendly employees. Subway food is always good and consistant store to store - so never surprises. Good location on Rt 191.

So-c Char

Big place and it has drive thru. Awesome


Normally, I would not rate a Subway. However, because the choices for food are, respectfully, a tad limited in Blanding, this Subway is a good option for lunch or even a light dinner. The service is good and the food quality is what you would expect in a well managed Subway. The dinner area is larger than most Subways and there are two bathrooms for customer use. Both times we went, the property was reasonably crowded, but not excessive. The property does have a drive thru for customers in a hurry to get back onto the road. No surprises here.