7345 E 900 S, Huntsville
(801) 745-3542

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Ashley M. Lopez

I love the waitress we had. Her name is Jessica. I'll be back soon just because of her.

Jordan Allen

"You here to eat?" Those were, literally, the first words I was asked once the person at the front counter put down her cell phone. And though I immediately thought of a dozen or more snarky retorts, I simply said we were if they were serving. Fortunately they were and we had a good experience. Nothing special, but it was breakfast in Huntsville which, from what we found, is hard to come by.

Michael Selph

Open for husiness but owner says can't use restrictions cuz Covid. Not sure how restroom caught it.

Josh Beckstrom

Great environment, very nice people. Had breakfast this time, and lunch last time. I liked breakfast better, but both were good. They have dogs in here so kinda cool. Would come back for sure. Thanks!

David M.

The place just LOOKS like a roadhouse dive. The inside has the kind of decor that normally appears on TV shows where the producers never left Hollywood so they just throw stuff on the walls that they think should be there. But the burgers are top notch. The shakes are awesome. The fries are so-so. Come for the burgers. Stay for the shakes. I want to come back to this place after we're done with the Kung Flu lockdowns and the magical face diapers.

Kelly Quiroz

Best raspberry milkshakes ever! Even better than Bear Lake, IMHO. Made with fresh raspberries and Farrs ice cream. $4.50. Bathrooms are closed right now because of Covid, but sit down restaurant, milkshake bar, and gas station are open. Wear your mask!

Trevor Legg

Great people who are friendly. I called ahead so my order could be ready by the time i got their.

Tim M.

We stayed here in the RV park and the hospitality was great and the fresh raspberry shakes were even better 8). Had to go with the signature Chris burger and home style fries. Just perfect!!

Mackenzie Matson

Best raspberry shakes! Perfect for any summer day after any activity.

Rory Lillico

Very different from your traditional gas station. It had a homey and small town feel. We didn't visit the restaurant inside of it, just stopped for some gas and a drink. The gas station part of it is minimal, the restaurant was definitely the main attraction. But no problems!

Nikki Sutton

Such a surprise from this little roadside stop! I highly recommend the cheeseburger and fries. And their shakes... So good!Our waitress was also amazing but I didn't catch her name.

Nina Hansen

They have the best Rasberry shakes! The chicken strips and fries are great too! It's a great family place. Its a great first date place.

Nate Leavitt

Great home town restaurant. Super friendly and helpful staff! Cobb Salad was a hit and the Salmon Burger was really quite delicious. Shakes are really really good too. Has a little store and an RV Park adjacent

Windy Anderson

We have been going to the Oak's for years and now that they're gone we decided to try Chris'. Wow! Yummy!!! Big burgers, homemade fries and fresh shakes. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Prices are mid range but it's worth it.

Cristi Porter

NO service ettique at all! Super unprofessional! Expensive for what you got. Food wasn't bad, but most everything else extremely low or no quality!!

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