Los Hermanos

395 N State St, Lindon
(801) 785-1715

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Marisa Firth

Food was okay. Nothing special. Salsa was really weird, like seasoned tomato paste. I got the combo burrito, it was good. Restaurant was pretty clean and service was nice. The nachos were just a bunch of chips and basic shredded cheese- for $20?! Try using a delicious queso cheese!Food: 3/5

Todd Cannon

The beef taquito was very good. The chicken tamale was just okay. There was very little meat and the chicken was a bit dry. I usually prefer a more chunky guacamole but the smooth guacamole here was really good.Food: 4/5

Ty Smith

We have loved Los Hermanos for over 30 years. Last night we went in at 9pm. It closes at 10pm. Five people in our family were already waiting for a table. We decided to join them. When we came in, adding 7 more people, saying we were with the 5 who were already there, the employees looked at us and said they would have to open up the sun room. We said not to do that, we would be happy to split up. One of the servers, who it seemed was the one who would be serving our party was visually upset and audibly sighed. We said we would leave because it was obvious the employees would prefer us not to be there. One of the other employees asked us if we were sure we we okay to go somewhere else.We assume the restaurant was understaffed last night, and we get it. But employees should never let the customer know they are not happy to have them.We will continue to come to Los Hermanos but hopefully we will not have this experience again.

Lisa Young

Loved the chips and salsa and the halibut was delicous. It was lunchtime with only 2 other customers. They "lost" our ticket and it took nearly 40 minutes to get our food. There were flies everywhere all over our booth, table etc. Maybe because of the plants? Idk. Unfortunately not great.Food: 4/5

Danielle Jacobsen

Very small portions vs cost. Almost $20 for a bowl of soup that they call pork chili Verde, that tastes disgusting! Salsa and guacamole were the poorest quality of any in the valley. The poor waitress has to put up with poor food quality vs her better service. And getting a proactive drink refill.... don't hold your breath. Stopped going there before cause of quality can't say the time away has improved it.

Lucas Robinson

My wife grew up going to Los Hermanos. They speak of this place like it's the cream of the crop; many memories and great food. Unfortunately something has really changed. We came here a couple of years ago and the service was ok and food was not very good. Similar to something quick and cheap like Mi Ranchito or Beto's (which both have better google reviews, sadly). We went this week with a reservation and were greeted and asked to wait a minute, and ended up waiting 15+ minutes to be seated. When taken back there was not really anybody in the restaurant, only a few tables. We waited a really long time for drinks and chips and salsa. We were also not asked if we wanted more chips and had to ask for them a couple of times. It took a really long time to get our food, and they accidentally took a plate to the wrong table so one of our family members had to wait longer for their plate to be re-cooked while we all ate. The rice tasted like it was out of a Zatarain's box. The food is otherwise forgettable. Very sad that this place is not living up to its potential. Server was nice but service was very poor.

Yvonne Henricksen

Staff was friendly and helpful, but service very slow. Chips, salsa, water not delivered for more than 20 minutes after we were seated.When food was delivered it was not hot.Flan was delicious.Food: 3/5

Jennifer Sevarino

We all enjoyed our food. The horchata was fantastic. The waitress was perfectly nice and friendly, however service was slow for us when we were there.Kid-friendliness: They don't have crayons or any activities for kids to do while they wait. And service was slow when we were there, which made it a little tough with kids.

Iliana Rebollo

Came for our first time after living in the area for years. We wanted to try it out since they have been in business for a while. Not very satisfied with out visit. Prices are ok, but you are definitely not getting what you pay for. We ordered the steak fajitas which were drenched in oil ( I am not one to complain or send food back as I have work in the restaurant business as a server for almost 13 years, so I think I know a little bit about what am talking about) so I proceeded to put them in a separate plate. Fine, maybe they'll taste good, I was still trying to keep a good attitude because the portion was pretty sad looking( literally like 8 pieces of thin cut steak). Nope, had no flavor. Service was not great either, nothing memorable about the server. Got our drink and food order quickly after we sat down. She informed us the kitchen was backed up, which again I understand how that is. Brought us chips and salsa and our drinks. She only refilled our chips because we had an appetizer that was a dip and we needed more. Shortly after bringing our appetizer our food was brought out by her. She never came back to check on us while we ate. Good thing we are not complainers and we didn't need anything else with our meals because we would've been screwed. We sat for a while after we were done with our food still nobody around, she finally showed up so we asked for our check right away and gave her our card to run. She admitted she was cleaning and that's why she wasn't around. As a former server I can say my priority should be a paying/tipping costumer (if you want a good tip take care of your tables thats how servers make their money). Again wasn't expecting much just from observing.It was our first and last time there. Wish we would've love it.

Brayden Hardman

Trinity is the absolute best! She took care of my wife and I. The food as always was good, but the customer service was top notch. Especially for showing up 20 minutes before closing.If you get a chance to be served by Trinity you will find dinner far more enjoyable. ?

The Petersons

I live locally, so I frequent this place often. I can attest to the fact I have never had such poor service before, which was shocking as every other time they have been perfect. The restaurant was pretty empty with only a larger group a few tables away. Our waitress seemed to be focusing on that group and not us. She was quick to take our drink orders, return with the horchatas and take our food order. After that, it was some time before we got our water and another long wait for food. The food was good, as it always is but about halfway through we needed drink refills, more tortillas, and some extra sour cream. So we waited to catch her attention. And waited. And waited. I gave up waiting to get sour cream and finished my meal, but the diner with fajitas was sort of stuck staring at her food and waiting. We finally asked a different waitress walking by for a box, more tortillas, and the check, which was brought out a few minutes later by our waitress. By this time we were late to go pick up a family member, so I immediately grabbed the check and added my card so we could go asap, but she had disappeared again before I could hand it to her. We waited and waited a while more. I finally had the others leave and I stayed behind to pay...eventually. I have no idea how much time I waited, playing on my phone, but our check was finally grabbed by someone I didn't see and didn't say anything. It was returned a few minutes later, and I was able to pay and leave LATE for the arranged pick-up. I've never had that level of terrible service from Los Hermanos, either here in Lindon or when we visit the Provo location. I left full, but frustrated and upset.

Jeremy Jensen

I’ve never been so disappointed. I grew up going to this place for graduations, school dances, family events. It was one of my family’s favorite places ever. The salsa was ADDICTING.I’ve since moved to SLC county and haven’t been in years. I decided to make a trip tonight to have some of my favorite childhood Mexican dishes.Everything has changed. The salsa now tastes like pace salsa from the grocery store, everything was bland. Services was extremely slow. They were stingy with the chips and salsa. My bean and cheese burrito was filled with ONLY rice and no beans or cheese. The whole thing was a total disappointment.

SamanthaJo De la Vega

We were there with a large party. The service was actually quite good, but they didn't ask if we wanted dessert before they brought the check. Not a deal breaker, but I was surprised because they brought birthday desserts to other members of our party. The food was good. There was an odd smell in the front entrance, but the restaurant was clean.

Joel Underwood

The Lindon location of Los Hermanos holds quite a bit of charm. The location itself is a notable historical location. The dining room is spacious and homey, I would say it holds a rustic and dented appearance, which I feel amplified the charm.I had the steak and enchilada, and the food is affordable, decent, but lacks proper arrangement as another of our party ordered the same thing, and the food was placed differently than my own. The steak was under seasoned and slightly overcooked to medium instead of my preferred medium rare. This was tolerable.Our waitress was pleasant and friendly. The wait for our food was a bit long, but the copious amounts of chips and salsa blunted the wait. Overall, it was a great experience. I'll be back.Parking: Be careful when you enter and exit. The busy road at the location is known for deadly car crashes.

Shawn Hite

It was a little loud for me. I understand singing happy birthday to people.. they had 4 during my dining experience. It was a little much when I specifically asked for a quiet corner. Great food, though.Food: 5/5

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