Street Tacos Don Joaquin Lindon

131 S State St, Lindon
(801) 899-2581

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Chelsea P

I used to love this location. The chicken tacos were my favorite. But this last Tuesday, (taco Tuesday) the chicken was SO over cooked and dry, that it wasn’t edible. I don’t know if they just cooked it all the day before because they know it’s going to be busy the next day? Maybe that’s why it was dry? Nonetheless, the quality has never been that bad. I then take two bites of my moka leche cake and I see it…MOLD growing on the cake. One more bite and I would have eaten mold. So gross!

Tyler Wagner

When someone asks where to get the best street tacos my answer is ALWAYS Don Joaquin's. The food there is just so dang good. I personally usually go for a burrito because it's like a giant taco with cheese! But I also go with gringas or regular tacos depending on my mood. This location is by far the boujiest. It's a nice building with lots of space and. I love the walls and high ceilings at this location.

Stephen R

These tacos were really good. The al pastor were good, but not great. But the cabeza tacos were excellent, and were just like some I had in Mexico a while back. The salsa was good as well. And prices were not outrageous like they have become in some places. I highly recommend this place!

Jon Clark

The staff is friendly. The al pastor tacos are the best thing to get. I really enjoyed their green salsa as well. The food always comes out fast. Good place to go for a quick lunch.

Chris Bowerbank

I've never been disappointed. I especially like their street tacos and quesadillas. Everything is good though. They have many sauces to put on your food. They also have onions, cilantro, limes, and radishes. If you like onions, try their roast onion side order, so good. I can get 3 tacos for under $5 on taco Tuesday.Kid-friendliness: Kids eat here too.Parking: Plenty of parkingWheelchair accessibility: This place is wheelchair accessible.

Brandon Garner

Went with a buddy and it was very tasty. The lady at the register was so kind. We didn't feel rushed and the food was so good. Clean location too!Thanks for a great dinner and a space to have a great chat with a friend.

Maria Hunziker

Been there many times! Always fast service and always excellent food quality! Portions are generous. I have also bought salsa and chips from them, very reasonable prices for deliciousness!

Cody Jacobson

Portions are fine, although maybe a little inconsistent. Dishes are tasty, and the salsa bar is a great touch. However, the actual meats aren't the best. The cuts aren't high quality and made the eating experience less enjoyable.

Zach Webber

Staff was friendly and the food came out hot and quick. Portion sizes are huge as well. Definitely a go to if you’re in the area and want something quick, delicious and authentic.

Alton C.

Did not get helped for a couple of mins. They also forgot my friend order. Food had no flavor, but at least it came out fast so that is a plus

Shelley Bingham Husk

Yummy street tacos! The prices are great! They have a decent sized salsa bar and delicious grilled onions.If you love cheese, get the gringa taco, it's smothered in grilled cheese!

Doug Cannon

Very delicious and authentic tacos! I had 2 al Pastor and two with the chorizo mix. Both delicious! The sauce bar was great. Onions, cilantro, a very delicious mild green salsa, and the spicy Habanero was really good. I did not try the ones labeled "very spicy! Eat at your own risk!" ha ha! I will return! Thank you!I returned! Still delicious!

Chad Challman

I liked this place a lot when I first moved to Utah, but have since explored more and found better places. Don Joaquin has decent asada, and their brisket tacos are very good, but the rest aren't as good as others we've found. This new location is nice because it's so close to our house, so if we have a craving and don't want to drive far it's still a place to grab some decent asada tacos.

What Jake

As someone who bbqs up their own street tacos and tries every street taco place around, this place was okay. Meat was dry and I was disappointed to find out you have to dress up your tacos yourself, even with the street taco basics such as onion and cilantro. If you do go here make sure you dine in. It did hit the spot for some work lunch time tacos though.

Curt D.

3rd or 4th time eating here... Always fast and great service. I always stick to the street tacos and have loved all the options that I have tried (chicken, pork, and beef. The building is super nice inside with lots of tables and space. I really like the salsa bar so I can pile on the cilantro and different salsas. I have learned to stick with the guacamole salsa since some of the others are too hot for me. My wife and I got 2 tacos each and shared a side of rice and beans. The total was 12 bucks! I will be a frequent customer here!

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Street Tacos Don Joaquin Lindon

131 S State St, Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 899-2581