Beto's Mexican Food

1667 N State St, Orem
(801) 224-3444

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Do go if you don’t mind getting diarrhea.We got two burritos, california and breakfast a few days ago and those were the only thing we ate all day(it was a BUSY day for us) and we both got diarrhea.I could tell the meat inside burrito was old but didn’t think it would be bad enough to get me sick!Called the restaurant and the person had no idea what she should do, asked for manager to call back. Manager calls and says she doesn’t speak English and apologized we both got sick. She told me her daughter who can speak English will call me back in a few minutes.Fast forward three days has passed, no call. No refund, nothing.Very disappointing. We have been to Betos in other cities in Utah and they all had provided fresh food that never got us sick and good service.So do yourself a favor, skip Betos Orem and go somewhere else.


I have been coming here for 2 years and the quality of the food has gone down. The prices aren't worth it anymore and the service is nonexistent. They don't read your order back to you or tell you the price. I pay 8.97 for a bacon breakfast burrito. That doesn't even include a drink. They keep getting my food wrong and I'm tired of it. They also rarely give receipts so good luck proving they got your order wrong. Until they fix their problems I'm done eating here.

Veronica Pinkerton

We got the mix burrito, ham burrito, and combo breakfast burritos. They all tasted really great and are pretty much huge! The service through the drive through was really good. We asked for extra hot sauce and they definitely gave us no problems about including them or a side of cilantro and onion. I would definitely go back! Sorry, no pix on this review... We ate them too fast lol ?

James Wright (Jim)

Ordering through the drive-thru, it helps if you know Spanish. Even so, I occasionally have to repeat my order at the window. But...the food is worth it. The street tacos with chorizo, egg, and jalapeno will wake up your mouth and send it to Flavortown. Good thing they provide utensils and plenty of napkins. The corn tortillas hold everything together well.

Mike Zimmerman

Service is friendly, but slow. I can't fault it too much because they are always open. There's nowhere else to get a good burrito in the middle of the night.

Colton Jackson

great burritos, quality food. One of the better Beto's out there.

Marisol Gomez

Amazing experience with daisy!!! She is always so happy and ready to attend will continue to come thanks to her!! Thank you for all you do ?

Sarah Jean Dworshak

I love the food.... when I get the right order. The last two times they have screwed up our order and gave us the wrong items. We didn't know until we got home. So now we have to open up the burritos to make sure we actually got the right item before leaving the drive thru. Like I said, love the food, but this has happened twice now and it's annoying.

Dave Watson

I have eaten here twice within a week and both times, my burrito has had egg shells in it. I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say that I don't like egg shells in my food. I think I will be taking a break from this Betos for awhile. The staff are amazing though, but the cook.. Not so.

Danielle Latu

This betos is way better than the Provo betos. Food is cooked right, not soaked in oil, and everything is fresh

David Marinero

Normally this place is pretty good about large orders, but today Eyibeth kept getting some much wrong she even accused us us not ordering what we had originally asked for.We order 2 mixed breakfast burritos, 2 bean and cheese chimi plate, and horchata.When we got to the windows she had us down for 4 bean and cheese burrito's and chips and guac.After correcting the order we ended up getting 2 breakfast burritos, 2 regular bean and cheese burrito's. No drink.The woman in the window kept staring at me blankly like I was the one causing the ordering issues. Not sure if they remove the 2 bean and cheese chimi from the menu, which that could have said if that was the case.In the past we have had issues with them not removing ingredients, but never flat out wrong orders. We have had better luck all around at Rancheritos.

Ozzie Alvarez

It says its open till 2am but they are closed when you get there. Get your shiz together beto, you’re in america now.

Armando Picazo

Its a nice place to eat but they forget stuff

Skyler J

Great go to!! Breakfast burritos are my jam!! Tried the shrimp tonight and it was amazing!

Elyssa Hunsaker

Minor mix up with my food. They made it right immediately with me issues. Really great customer service. Best place to get a late night burrito.

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