Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

1960 N State St, Orem
(801) 764-9451

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Douglas Butler

I love kneaders and go often. My favorite is the Raspberry bread pudding. For some reason at this store it is always very dense almost like they are squishing the bread down flat or something.The staff isn't always the most friendly but they do have a great variety of food and other than the bread pudding everything has always been very good.

Crystal Hokanson

Kneaders just increased all the pricing on their desserts and despite this they couldn’t afford the cost of putting my desserts into separate containers. Nothing like eating a eclair covered in lemon tart. ??

Paxman Hatch

There was a huge hair cooked into my cinnamon roll, which was one of the reasons I went. All the fast food places had long lines but kneaders had nobody. It was 55 dollars for two soups a sandwich and some pastries. When I pulled up to pay, they gave me a little bag of vanilla caramels. That is until I saw the expiration date, the middle of December 2021. They looked like they felt bad for me spending so much money on food they prepared 12 hours before.One of the soups was good (Irish Stew) and the sandwich was good, aside from it being 11 dollars, the soups 9. The pastries were not fresh but still cost 4 dollars each. I was trying to share the cinnamon roll and cut it like a pie, or pizza. As I pulled out pieces, there was a huge hair baked into 3 or 4 layers so it came out hooked together by the time I pulled the hair out we all lost our appetite.I understand things are expensive these days, but this was like a ski resort. You would would expect quality for being robbed, but no, you get expired caramels and a nasty hair baked into your once favorite dessert. We used to go here often, not as much recently, and never again.

Peter Black

Honestly, this must have been the worst experience I have ever had at a Kneaders. I am don't eat there enough to understand if this was a bad day or if the quality really has gone down, but I did not have a good experience.We chose a table which seemed to be the cleanest available even though no tables seemed to be clean and no one out cleaning them.My turkey bacon on focaccia was terrible. I get this every time I go and this was bad. Turkey was dry, the bread for the sandwich was uneven and made it impossible to hold, and only bacon on one of the sandwich halves.I brought my three daughters and they each got a kids meal. The best item was the grilled cheese because how do you mess that up. The ham and cheese looked disgusting. My daughter ate it but it looked like a sandwich that could have been made with bologna and a cheap package cheese square. The PB&J was barely able to be held. Jelly was everywhere. The slide of bread on the top was thin and had holes making jam spew everywhere. My daughter took one bite and didn't eat anything else.Each daughter received a cookie. Surely, you can't mess up a cookie. Eww.. they tasted like a sugar cookie that had been sitting out for days. Hard and stale, the frosting was stuff and could not be eaten. Not one daughter ate more than a bite and one spit out after the bite.We had an employee come and take a picture of us at the table and he cut one of my daughters out of the picture.I was not happy with this experience and avoided complaining because I was with my daughters.

Alan Grant

Gone down hill lately. Used to be fairly high quality, and appropriately priced. Now the food is noticeably worse, and half the time you don't get everything that you ordered. I understand the price increase, but I struggle to see why the quality of food is getting cheaped out on? What made Kneaders good, was the homemade like food, and the delicious sauce. Now it seems like they are using processed food. Don't recommend it anymore.

Monday Glory

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Denise Redd

I love Kneaders and have been a fan for years but right now I’m a little disappointed at the state street and 2000N location in orem. Last week I picked up a salad for a friend who cannot leave her home due to cancer treatments. I requested a different salad dressing. I got 1/2 to her house with the order and decided to check it -the dressing was wrong so I went back -went into the cafe and got the right dressing. No apology -nothing.Last night I stopped again for a salad -got home and NO dressing-nothing at all. Time to slow down-not have so much fun working?and get the orders right kids.

Mallory Harley

The last few times have not been good experiences but this time I’ve had it. I DoorDash And the sandwich is $12 on there. I got a small piece of avocado, lettuce on only one side and it was closed in the container and hanging out, got next to no sauce. This was my last straw. I will never eat there again!

Trevor Hicken

The cashier was so nice and brings out the food to you. I ordered the Provolone, Swiss Melt and it was very good. It was a big group of us eating there for my birthday and they were great!

Nate Church

Love this place. Great go to for breakfast, cafe food, or anything yummy and light. They also have great pastries.Customer service was fantastic and I’ve never had a bad experience. The parking lot is huge ever since that grocery store went out of business years ago and they moved to this bigger building. French toast breakfasts are great, pastries are yummy, and all the sandwiches and salads are tasty. Would highly recommend for everybody in the area if you haven’t already tried it.

Red Sky

This place came highly recommended. Parked my truck at the far end in a large parking lot in preparation for an excellent experience. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Someone in a silver Ford wearing a kneaders shirt pulled up in an attempt to block me in and began to verbally assault me. Said it was his private property and didn't want me around please leave. I did. Too many places want my business why deal with jerks.

Brittany Nicole

This place is the slowest drive through and notoriously don’t answer their drive through during open hours.

Kylene Eckart

Got a call at 6:35am that your location I placed an online order with says prior had no pastry chef and couldn’t complete my order. So I had to mad dash to the grocery store and show up with other items for my work holiday party. Kneaders was sure to charge me with barely any notice of the cancellation and I have to wait days for my refund, horrible service. Never again!

Kyla Ferguson

I've always been happy with my orders from this location. There aren't many places to eat when you're vegan and I appreciate that this place takes the time to make sure the order is right. The artichoke soup is nice and chunky. Love this place.

Mike Johnson

We usually love kneaders. However, the last two times we have been here have been terrible experiences. The last time we were here our order was so messed up that we didn't know it was ours. We told them that it wasn't ours and they just left. We waited for our food and it never came. When we asked about it they said they brought it out, but it was a totally different order.This time our hot sandwiches were cold, out cold sandwiches were old, the lettuce was withered. The chips were stale. The sides were still wrong.This kneaders has gone down hill very quickly. I will not recommend this kneaders to anyone.

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