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lindsey loveless

I went through the drive thru tonight at this location and ordered a couple of burgers. When I got home my boyfriend noticed that his burger smelled bad and upon looking, we noticed that the bottom bun looked like it had mold. I called the store and they asked us to bring them back in so they could look them over. When I got there the employees were great until my interaction with the manager. She was immediately escalated and claimed that their buns all looked fine, and once she found the burger that was the obvious issue kept screeching that it wasn't mold and was an issue with their bun toasters. Burns generally don't have a blue tint to them but I wasn't about to argue with this lady. She kept insisting that they would just remake the burgers for us and after telling her no a couple times and saying that I would ask my boyfriend if he even wanted a remake, she snapped that I didn't need to ask him, that she didn't have time for this and that they would process a refund before yelling at another employee, Logan, to process the refund and storming out of the building. The only reason I even went back was because they asked me to bring the burgers back, and I had only called because there was a clear issue with our food and I just wanted to know what options there were to fix the issue. I was not rude or confrontational (I couldn't even get a word in the whole time) and the manager tonight was extremely hostile and unprofessional. She either needs time off or a different job..

deborah adams

We just left this McDonalds and we are appalled. I wish I could give them zero stars. We had to pull up to wait for our order, which is fine, however we were given the wrong order, which also isn’t a big deal because people make mistakes, right? Well we pulled around the drive-thru and asked for the corrected order and the worker felt really bad and was going to let us keep the first order given to us (the wrong order), however the manager made her tell us to give it back! We knew full well that they are required BY LAW to throw this food away because it had been in our car but this manager was so petty that they were willing to just WASTE this food and throw it away rather than let us keep it for the inconvenience of having to spend more time there to get the correct order! PLUS! If they DIDN’T throw it away, how appalling!!! This isn’t the first time we’ve had issues with the management at this McDonald’s. Some of the workers are really sweet and personable but the management is horrible.


Customer service needs improvement. Twice in the same day, I drive through I was given Diet Coke; I ordered Regular Coke. I always like extra ice with my drink, and I’m sure everyone knows McDonald’s uses an automated system for their drinks and ice portions. However, not to inconvenience the staff too much for some reason they don’t know how to add extra ice to a cup manually.?

Craig Miwa

Placed a mobile order for a Shamrock shake on St Patrick’s day. Get there click the app I get charged. They tell me too bad they can’t make them. I ask for my money back. They say too bad you need to refund through the app. I told them to show me, they can’t. They say sorry there is nothing they can do and I need to contact customer support. I ask how? They said you have to find it on the app they don’t know how. They will not refund me I need to talk to the Mobile group. What a pain. I’m out $4 for a shake I never got.

Leyla Manrique

If I could give them a 0 I would! I ordered a hot n spicy chicken sandwich and it tasted gross like if it was siting out for awhile, on top of that they didn’t even give me the rest of my order correctly. And I repeated my order 5 times to the person taking my order through the drive thru! When I called the store to speak with someone to get my order fixed, apparently I was speaking with the manager who is rude and hung up me!

Cory McFarland (Smalls)

So... I'm sorry so many people have had bad experiences at this location, but mine was perfect.While I was in the car wash across the street, I set up a McDonald's order for pickup, from my phone.I drove to mcdonald's, went to the drive-thru, and told them my order number.Then, they gave me the receipt, and about 30 seconds later they handed me my food.My food was made nicely, and I don't see any issues with my order.

Sydney Kaye Davis

the employees are petty and mean. argued with me for 5 minutes about not being able to do more than 2 orders. we had two mobile orders and had to order at the mic like we had done many many times before. interrupted me multiple times to argue with me and made us come around again to order and made us late to my sisters birth.

Jenna Storrer

It was good, I mean it was McDonald's. I liked it. I got the sauces I asked for and was given lots of napkins and I use them. The workers are always nice and do their best to be fast and efficient.

Joe Byers

There just so mean, every time and they can’t do more than 2 orders and we know they can do more. But there biggest issue is how rude they are

Debbie Buddle

They should offer more drinks through the drive thru. I don't drink carbonation or coffee or powerade. I drink lemonade and they won't serve that too me through the drive thru want me to give you more stars the give me more options. Other wise Wendy's is where I prefer since I can get any options through their drive thru.

Scott M. Stringham

McDonald's is good for two things: breakfast and the Big Mac. However, the Big Mac only satisfies a very specific craving once in a while. Compared to other burgers in the same price range, it's very low quality. The breakfasts are extremely unhealthy, so I avoid them most of the time, but sometimes you just need to satisfy that one craving. The rest of their food is inferior to pretty much every other burger joint in both flavor and quality. I would not cry if McDonald's went out of business.

Jared Raulston

Would give 5 stars of the ice cream machine ever worked at this location. If I want ice cream I drive to a different McDonalds.

Janae Van Ry

My husband ordered from here today and got something he didn’t even order and the burger was completely raw. I understand being short staffed, everyone is, but raw food is dangerous and inexcusable.

Chris Smith

Terrible location. Avoid this McDonald’s if you can. The time before this I waited for 40 minutes for our food and the line was only a couple of cars. And then today, the incompetent worker taking doing the drive-thru added things onto my order that I know for a fact he didn’t read back to me. He told me that he had read them back to me but he for sure didn’t because there were others in the car that heard exactly what he said. And then he wouldn’t take the extra things off the order so we were charged for them. It was a very disrespectful and horrible experience.

Steve A

It's McDonald's. I went in the late evening and the service was fast. The fries were hot and good, the 1/4 pounder with cheese was ok and more expensive than I expected.

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