Sweeto Burrito

1990 N State St, Orem
(801) 225-1178

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Kevin John

I absolutely love their carnivore burritos. They are filling, full of meat, not too heavy on the rice, with a delicious sauce. Some of the other things on the menu have been hit or miss for me, but the carnivore is dang good.


Admittedly the food is pretty good, but very slow. They consistently do not follow the instructions. My wife likes the carnivore with no cheese and no Sriracha, (she doesn’t like spicy) they always get one if not both of those instructions wrong. Also the food is far too expensive

Michael Frey

I’ve noticed similar reviews to what I’m about to make. I’ve loved Sweeto for years; their quality, quantity, and quick turn around. After the Provo location closed I continued to eat at the Orem location. After not having it for about a year, I came back this last week and got the carne assassin and buff chick and I was pretty disappointed. There are higher prices for smaller burritos and very few fries. The fries tasted good but the burritos were filled with plain rice, beans, very little chicken and steak and a lot of flavorless ranch. Both burritos were almost identical in flavor. I don’t know what was missing from the previous burritos but these were not good. I could have made the exact same burrito at home. I’m hoping they bring back their quality and quantity. I’m fine paying more for something I love but I did not love my last visit.


How do they expect me to eat my sweet pork salad when they have no FORKS!!! No sorry, no how can we make this right, NOTHING!!! On top of that, it was dirty, overflowing trash cans, one straw, no napkins and it was a ghost town on a Saturday at 7p. One of my worst experiences for a restaurant. Will never go to Sweet Burrito again. AVOID THIS RESTAURANT!!!!

Laura Boyter

Ty was exceptionally helpful in getting a catering order put together for my work. He was able to deliver the food on time and it tasted great. My co-workers loved the food! Service initially was a slow, but they're understaffed so I understand. I'll be back to order more lunches in the future.

Jaxon Jones

The food:I ordered a classic sweeto burrito with tater tots. The tots were spot on. The actually burrito fell short of expectations. It seemed to lack some flavor. Maybe a lime would help? The flavors of that particular burrito are not something I'd go back forThe staff:Very friendly and accommodating. There was a mix up with a payment method but they kind and the friendly manager was able to figure it out.Cleanliness:The restaurant was mostly empty when I went and the tables all seemed to be clean. The bathrooms were also in good order.

Colby Bird

I am sad to leave this review.I went there today and was sad to see how much prices had raised. Then I got my burrito and it was half the size of what they used to be. Then I bit in, and it wasn’t even good. I feel bad for the poor teenagers running this store. They were running around like crazy and hadn’t been trained well. I think I heard every customer politely complain about something. I am sad to say, but I don’t think I’ll ever be going to sweeto burrito again. :/

Abby Washburn

Man this place use to be delicious, I dont know what happened but the last 5 or 6 times I've been here it has been disgusting. This last time, and will be the last time. I ordered an all American burrito, with cilantro ranch instead of fry sauce. When I got my burrito, there was no cilantro ranch, the meat tasted like it was days old... (looked like it too) no fries in the burrito. & our order of tater tots were burnt. We called and complained, and were told we could come back when the fryers were working.. so we came back two weeks later, to give it one last chance. And I wish I wouldn't have. My burrito was filled with grease. I will not be returning.

Nigel Bloomfield

2 bathrooms that hold 1 person each. The door has a deadbolt type lock so you know you locked it right. The decorations match the rest of the restaurant. Paper hand towels. Handicap bars. No toilet seat covers or changing table.

Dallin Ward

Bros @ sweeto, If you’re reading this, cook your beans and rice LONGER! Don’t use DAY old tortillas! Also remember not to skim out on the sauce bro! Literally do these things and be the sweeto that we all love and want to stay loyal to.

Kai Schulze

Went through drive through. Tots were very over cooked and not much sauce was in the burrito. Felt like the burrito was really small for the price. I love sweeto burrito but this location just misses the mark on several points. Highly recommend going to a different location to fulfill your burrito needs.

Erika Zimmerman

We used to love Sweeto but this location has really gone downhill. We went last weekend and got our order through the drive through. When we got home and opened up the bags, the tater tots were dark/burnt/had clearly been cooked in very old oil and were inedible. Based off of some other reviews here in the past week, it looks like it’s been a VERY long time since they’ve changed the fryer oil. We had tots in our burritos too, which made the entire dinner disgusting and ruined. We reached out to Sweeto for a refund and they said that someone would get back to us, but it’s been a week now and we still haven’t heard anything. Bad food, bad customer service. *edit* after I posted my review and tried reaching out again, someone finally got back to me. They refunded my money and said they are also sending me a gift card so we can have a “better experience.”

Chris Schow

We just went through the drive-thru. We were craving tots and this is what we got. Like the previous post from 3 days ago, the tots were overcooked and cooked in very old oil. The flavor leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. I love Sweeto Burrito, my experience here this time was the worst! If you can, go to a different location.

Joshua Nelson

This last visit the tater tots in the burrito and as a side tasted very burned, and as is they had either been sitting out forever or were cooked with old oil. Inedible. What we ate made Mt wife and I feel sick too. I recommend you go to another location. I typically like sweeto burrito--just not this one.

McKay Martin

Well sadly I normally love this place but they had pretty horrible customer service this last time, I had a coupon that THEY advertise on the app for a buy one get one 50% off, so i order my two burritos for like 22$ and they say don’t accept those coupons anymore even though it says valid through their location. They wouldn’t honor it so instead of the 16$ they would’ve gotten for the coupon they got 0$… Great Business Strategy… no wonder they’re going out of business all over the state.

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