57 E Gallivan Ave, Salt Lake City

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Danna N.

I am quite impressed with how tasty this place is considering how I'm not vegan. I will say that there is noticeable difference from meat and vegan 'meat'. I personally find it a little difficult eat the meat substitute because it's not what I'm used to. However, it's worth trying. The food is still enjoyable. My absolute favorite is their buffalo cauliflower. It is the BEST buffalo cauliflower I have ever had. That is one thing that you cannot skimp out on when visiting this restaurant. It's delicious. They have the texture and flavor down to a T. Other items I have tried include tacos, tostadas, nachos, and their burrito. The nachos and tostadas would be my preferred items. The interior of this place is the absolute cutest during the day and night and the location is a bit hidden. I look forward to coming back once covid-19 dies down and truly hope the buffalo cauliflower is back on the menu.

Anna S.

Very impressed. Our group got the burrito, tacos, bowl and nachos. All tasted very good, considering I'm not a vegetarian. I was a little skeptical, that my friend recommended we go here and I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend getting avocado or guacamole added to any of your entrées. And the sauce that they provide goes the extra mile on taste. When I go back I'll probably get the tacos those are probably my favorite. The burrito was very filling in the bowl was a perfect size. Open during COVID-19 for pick up and they have an online ordering option. Super easy plus lots of great options to eat outdoors if you want to go and pick it up. And if you need a drink they have Horchata and some really good coconut lemonade.

Wes N.

Sadly, I have to agree with many of the other reviews that mention the new menu being far inferior to the previous menu. The Cali burrito with the thinly sliced seitan used to be my very favorite meal in town. Now it has cubed, chewy, dry chunks of seitan, vastly inferior to the old version, and not crave worthy. The buffalo cauliflower was my second favorite, which they've also changed and is also far inferior to the previous incarnation. No longer my favorite restaurant in town. Bring back the old delicious menu items please!

Alisonbzz z.

Whether your vegan or omnivorous, you won't be disappointed eating at Boltcutter. Their menu is focused on high-quality, delicious food and they have a full bar with some of the best tequila and local spirits. I almost always get the nachos because they are incredible and I'm never upset when I eat too much. And Boltcutter is the only place I know (including my kitchen) that can make tempeh a shining light of yumminess in their tacos! Pro tip: always get extra hot sauce! Parking: I can always find street parking but there's also a parking garage right there for busier nights. Pro tip: walk next door to get some vegan ice cream from Monkey Wrench. Eat too much because, hey! It's vegan. How bad can it be? Service is always great; attentive but not pushy making for a great place for a long slow dinner or lunch. Boltcutter is the one of the best restaurants in SLC and you'd be dumb to pass it up.

Brian Wood

I ordered food at 5:35pm and was told it would be ready at 6:00pm. I went to pick up my order and was told it would be another 25 minutes, the same amount of time I was told it would take the first time. I left and came back after 25 minutes and was told it would be another 10 minutes. I waited in front of the building and they took another 30+ minutes to finish two meals. I received my food at 7:29pm... 2 hours to get a to-go order. I wasn't offered anything except for an I'm sorry when they handed me my dinner.

Rebecca and Abe Anderson

Love this place! incredibly trendy, with very good and well presented vegan food options. Great cocktail selection as well. Highly recommend

N E.

I just went to Boltcutter today and it was SO GOOD! I ordered The Cali Burrito. I loved the unique delicious flavors of this burrito. You guys, this is a local shop that is open for business in spite of all the current coronavirus challenges. These guys are providing delicious reasonable priced food and deserve your support. Get out there, support a local shop and buy their food!

Asha Banthia

I ordered the quesadillas. Ask for the hot sauce - delicious. Restaurant is all vegan and an ice cream store next door that is all vegan too. Had rocky road ice cream after a long time!

Christopher Root

Second visit. Spicy cauliflower appetizer slightly over-breaded but delicious overall. Cali burrito crisped perfectly with a large amount of cabbage and seasoned seitan. Busy atmosphere on a late Saturday afternoon and very friendly service with respectable portions and prices. Will most definitely return.


I think this is my new favorite place. I came here with my family and we all ordered different items, I loved my tacos we all tried each others food and liked every single item we ordered! I will definitely be coming back.

Tracy Silva

Just went here last night and everything was phenomenal! Service was a little slow but I will definitely be back

Morgan Hamilton

I used to love this place. They changed their menu in January and I was excited. After seeing it and eating it, it was highly disappointing. The menu is a lesser version of their old menu. The food is worse quality. They remove customers favorite items and not just that, removed ingredients to make items more basic. It was bland and honestly made me sad because I used to love this place. I wish I would have enjoyed it more before it went downhill.

Dustin F.

The nachos were amazing! Lots of great flavor and you wouldn't guess that it's a vegan dish. It was the only item I tried but the place had a great atmosphere.

Christie Jones

I guess I’m fortunate to have come here for the first time recently, loved the burrito and the nachos. It’s sometimes hard finding food plant based options and healthy can be a little bit more expensive which is a downside. However I guess you need less because there’s actually more nutrition, so better all the way around. The staff was friendly and food came out pretty quickly. I would eat here again and again . Thank you ?

Kayla L.

Ok, if you don't know whhat you are looking for, it is IN BETWEEN THE ANTI DAIRY ICE CREAM PLACE AND THE BANGKOK TERRACE. The only signage I can see from street view was a boltcutter vinyl on the door & it was dark inside so I couldn't tell it was different than the terrace place! Now, lets get to the important part, the food! We tried the shroom tacos, nachos and tortilla soup. WE LOVED EVERY BITE and basically licked the bowls. I am newly vegan and my partner is VERY carnivorous so he was FULL of doubt but we left happy and probably should've stopped for ice cream next door but other than that I WILL BE BACK. I'm going to crave those nachos. Well. Done. Boltcutter.

Chandler R.

Used to be my favorite vegan restaurant in SLC but has taken a serious downturn. They stripped the menu and got rid of some of the best items while raising all of the prices. Feels like everything on the menu now is greasy and over-sauced. Also there is now only one salad option and the brussel sprouts they added are way to sweet and over-fried. Seems like the entire staff has turned over as well? Won't be back anytime soon but definitely would return if the old menu came back!!

Lauren V.

Unfortunately, won't be coming back. So sad about this!! Used to crave this spot all the time! I would switch off between the sin carne burrito, buffalo cauliflower, and the Godzilla bowl. They got rid of both the sin carne burrito and the Godzilla bowl. They changed the recipe for the buffalo chicken, (Which was a phenomenal and WILDLY popular dish) to a sweet habanero sauce, still okay on the flavor, but SO soggy. The cauliflower was absolutely caked in batter, but not crispy at all. $11 for cake battered sweet cauliflower, no thanks. They got rid of their bowls and now only have the Caesar salad. Such a shame... the bowls had amazing flavor and variety. The prices are wildly expensive. I chose to get the quesadilla this time and I wanted to swap the cauliflower for sin carne. The server failed to inform me making a swap would be 3 additional dollars... not a good look. $14 for a quesadilla with cheese, caramelized onions, black beans, salsa, and sin carne asada... unimpressed. Our server was nice and attentive, though, so he gets the one star - besides not mentioning a 3 dollar surcharge for a swap in the quesadilla. Sad to see such a phenomenal vegan place get rid of a menu that was craved by so many!

Zachary Duvall

I'm not vegetarian or vegan, and I really like the food here :) I have a brother-in-law who is vegan and a sister who is vegetarian and they introduced me to the restaurant. I've chosen to come back even without them. It is a little bit pricey, but it's good food.

Ashley Davis

They've changed the menu!

Savannah L.

This was my favorite restaurant in SLC because they did dairy-free and gluten free... There were fewer GF options, but that's okay because they were STELLAR. The buffalo cauliflower used to be the pinnacle of a day to me... but has a new recipe, more sweet, less buffalo. The old favorite Chavez salad is also gone... replaced by a strange, smokey-flavored Caesar salad with burger-style sautéed onions... It's like a naked burger? For the non GFers there are burritos, etc. and lots of vegan proteins. Luckily buffalo cauliflower is becoming a thing in SLC and PC. I would still recommend as 'good' to vegan friends, but say go for other dishes than the new salad!

Sherri Sorensen

Love the fresh food everything on the menu looked so yummy! I will be back to keep trying something different!

Brittney M.

THESE TACOS ARE VEGAN! And no, I'm not vegan. But I do like trying new things. And these tempeh faux fish tacos have me wanting more! * I've never had tempeh. But when I took my first bite I swear to you I thought I was eating a fish taco. And I think it was because it's so well garnished. * Also if you're craving a sweet dessert Monkey Wrench next door sells vegan ice cream.

Eliza N.

Everyone that was a decent server quit. Katie, Grace, Amy, Emily... is there even anyone left? Not that it would matter. The food sucks now. Upped the prices and entirely downgraded the food. This used to be my go to spot and I can't even stand to go back since they updated the menu. I mean... why change something that's working so well? The buffalo cauliflower used to be the best thing on the menu and now it tastes like a stale week old pickle. $15 for nachos? I mean, really?? Don't go try this place. And if you already have, don't go back. If you're thinking of giving the new menu a chance... don't. The owners treat their employees poorly and customers even worse. 0/5.

Lauren Bair

UPDATE: Came back for the first time since the restaurant reopened. The atmosphere and menu have completely changed. As a customer that has been coming here for years I was quite disappointed by my experience. Bolt Cutter, why'd you have to do me wrong?

Johanna Pinto

I love it here. Their burrito is my favorite thing to get and their Sin Tacos are a second favorite. The staff is lovely, and the location is beautiful.


I've been eating here for a while and it's always been delicious. We came in for lunch and were seated and able to order quickly, but waited a very long time for our food and drink. When our food finally arrived it was totally different from the previous times we've eaten there. Turns out the menu changed and it's not nearly as good! Apparently there's no way to modify how they prepare the seitan since it's made days in advance.

Alex B.

Why would Boltcutter change the recipes of their food when they already had the best vegan restaurant in the State!?! I would of had the original sin carne tacos for my last meal, no questions asked. But now it taste like they bought store bought sausage and chopped it up and put a glob of Guacamole and called it the same thing. I am sad to write that I will NOT be going back to Boltcutter even if they still have one of my favorite hot sauces. Oh and they raised their prices...$12 for a burrito... no thanks.

Nicholas H.

Boltcutter was an amazing restaurant. It is terrible to write a bad review for a restaurant that was once previously my favorite reataurant in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, they went through and made a bunch of changes to their small menu that changed the makeup of the ingredients used so now most of the food that was once complex and flavorful is now dull. An example is their Cali Burrrito; it now has thick, dry, chunks of, what taste like frozen MorningStar steak instead of the seasoned shreds it had before. While I don't mind the raised prices too much, it really isn't worth it for the generally terrible customer service that you get. Notably, our most recent one was especially frustrating. We came as a group of six on a Wednesday night and were told the wait would be 45 minutes. After waiting about 30 minutes and watching Them seat tables inefficiently so that our group of six couldn't sit down (seating a group of four and a group of two next to each other at a set of tables, for example), the hostess came and told us that it would actually be another 45 minutes She seemed to be encouraging us to leave. We said we would wait, then she came and said she was sorry and could seat us right away. Then she came back and said she lied and that we would have to wait. Then she came back and sat our group of six at a four top. After the meal, they forced a 20% tip, even though this isnt their policy and they have never done it before for our group. After three bad experiences in a row, my group of friends has decided that we will need to make a different vegan restaurant our go to spot for a night out.

Victoria D.

Oof all these great reviews were well deserved before the revamp of menu and it pains me to write a bad review for my once favorite vegan restaurant. Forewarning, food quality has gone WAY down and prices have went up. Old menu items are NOT the same. I kind of felt robbed paying $40 for lackluster food that used to be so good and beautifully presented. I would have paid extra for old menu items. Seems suspicious they're trying to save money by sacrificing quality. Can't say I'll go back as often, if ever and probably wouldn't recommend at this point.

Zach L.

I've been going to Boltcutters for awhile and is by far my favorite vegan restaurant in SLC. After closing and revamping their menu, I was excited to go there. I saw they kept the Cali burrito which has been my favorite so I went with that. Being it was the same name, I didn't think to read the description and was very disappointed to realize it was changed and for the worst. No more guac or cherry tomatoes and even the carne asada is different (large chunks). They raised the price and brought it down a few notches to a very meh burrito. Not a lot of flavor and uninspired. We also got the nacho and again we're a little lack luster and had an overwhelming smokey flavor to them. They also got rid of the jackfruit and refried beans on the nachos which I think was a mistake. Unfortunately, I don't think we will be going back any time soon as a lot of other favorites have been removed or changed.

Carolyn O'Neill

Bring back the old menu!! We have come here steadily once a week since they opened originally and came in tonight and it's a completely different vibe. The lights are turned down, the music sucks, and closing off the kitchen somehow made the place feel smaller and boring. They dropped half of the menu! The new food on the menu was fine, comparable to before but different enough that I didn't love it like I used to. Bummed to see such a great spot in SLC change, trying to fix something that wasn't broken.

Beau Phenicie

Kind of upset. This is my favorite restaurant but they recently changed all of my favorite things on the menu. The Cali Burrito is smaller, and not as flavorful as it used to be. Also, my date and I both had completely burnt seitan in our burritos which made them taste like they’d been scraped off the grill. Don’t know if we’ll be back. Staff is always extremely accommodating and friendly at least.

Edith Mendez

Came back after they had closed for a week and they had changed the menu. The new food doesn't have the same quality that it had before, it doesn't taste as fresh. The prices also were raised. I don't mind the price change, but if it was the same food quality as before, not the new menu. The old menu was a lot better. Service is always good. Their employees are very nice, that has not changed.

Eden Duh

I’ve been going here for about a year now, some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had....Unfortunately they recently changed the menu and it seems the quality of food has gone down. It doesn’t taste fresh like it used to. It’s almost like they started buying cheaper stuff. I was very disappointed in the change. The meat substitute is something else now, instead of shredded jackfruit it’s huge chunks of this spicy alternative, that doesn’t even taste good. It’s sad because it was my go to vegan restaurant. Unlike the food, the service was amazing as usual, the people who work there are always so nice. It’s just the food...

Rikki Richey

Came back and the menu changed. The new food is no where near the old food quality and they got rid of the ONE BURRITO MY FRIENDS AND I LOVED. Bring back the sin carne burrito.

Trina Pugmire

I loved this place before they recently changed their menu for the new year. They had amazing jackfruit nachos but now their nachos are plain, lacking toppings, and not nearly as flavorful. The kitchen seemed really slow in making our food. I’m really sad about the changes they have recently made. Not sure it’s really worth the cost anymore.

Karina Coffin

This is one of our favorite plant-based restaurants!! The modern twist to mexican food is very well appreciated by vegans and non-vegans alike. My favorite is that they have horchata!! You can't go wrong here. Most of the food has some spice to it, which is great, yet they have a couple options for those who can't have spice :)

M.C. T

Great food. But no one ever knows when they will be open. They’re always closed on random days. Can’t build customer loyalty if you’re only randomly open. But the food is incredible haha.

Danielle T.

Whether you're vegan or not, I promise that you will leave this place happy. I have quite a few friends that are vegan and I'm usually not stoked about going to a place with only vegan food but my experience here was very different. First off, you can't go here without trying the buffalo cauliflower. It's SO good. We also tried the stuffed quesadilla and the sin carne burrito and I couldn't tell you which one I enjoyed more. I am a meat lover through and through but I left both satisfied and (a little too) full. My only complaint would be the service and I'm going to say that it was just a busy night (which is always a good sign, right?) We went on a Thursday night and there was a 15 minute wait- not bad. Somehow our name got skipped over and after waiting 20-30 minutes, we decided to ask how much longer. The staff was really apologetic and sat us immediately. I can't say that our server was very attentive throughout our visit but our food came in a timely manner and overall, we still had a really good experience. I definitely wouldn't let this keep me from coming back. This place is a true crowd pleaser.

Steve M.

A spectacular clean, bright, light downtown dining option. The food is well done, beautifully presented and delivers on flavor. They are also about exactly what I would expect on price-point for this category and in such a clean, well designed space. Have tried two menu items and look forward to updating as I make my way through the other offerings.