Creminelli Fine Meats

310 N Wright Brothers Dr, Salt Lake City
(801) 428-1820

Recent Reviews

Aidan Perrizo

Had the Varzi. It was of the highest quality.

Jared Katz

Great meats. Perfect for you and one of your boys in the office. I've been consistently downing a pack of the sopressatta from the starbucks near my work at all hours of the day - 8 am, 2 pm, it doesn't matter, these meats always hit.

Jared Katz

Great meats. Perfect for you and one of your boys in the office. I've been consistently downing a pack of the sopressatta from the starbucks near my work at all hours of the day - 8 am, 2 pm, it doesn't matter, these meats always hit.

Heather R.

Quality has gone waaayy down. I just forked out a lot of money for packaged prosciutto. It has the consistency of a 90-year old's skin. Tears. Won't separate. Dinner is ruined.

Cousin St. Louis

In and out limited parking for big trucks

Kenanwanda Eide

Parking overnight fast unload nothing more to say great place

AWT Trans

The best; love this place! Great job!

Luxly P.

The yummiest local meats and cheeses!! Love the little on the go packs that local grocery stores carry as well

Jeffrey S.

I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who's out driving around by the airport looking for cured meats, but this address is their corporate headquarters/production facility and not a meat shop. If you want their stuff hop on the website, and see where they distribute. They're in all 50 states now, and have distribution through Starbucks, grocery stores, and online sales. I have however, had the privilege of taking a tour of the place. This is not something they really offer, so don't call up asking for your own. It was sort of a unique opportunity many years ago when Cristiano's father was in town for the first time and we got to do a tour and tasting and watch proud papa beam at his son's accomplishments. Since then, I've purchased their product dozens of times. Whenever I have to share a "Utah treat" with my out-of-town colleagues, I choose Creminelli and it's always a hit. I buy it for friends, holidays, and special occasions. My most treasured purchase was for a picnic--this is perhaps the greatest picnic food one could imagine. Hearty chunks of sourdough bread torn off, dipped in fancy mustard, and topped with slices of Creminelli Barolo or Casalingo, or perhaps their Piccante; or perhaps all three, and maybe a slice of cheese so good you want to lay there and log it into your cheese diary. You don't get the cheap stuff for moments like that, and you don't skimp on the fixins. Creminelli is artisan, expertly made, and delightful.

John C.

Super delicious salami! Had the opportunity to try it yesterday and ended up eating the cheese/crackers/salami for a late night snack. Didn't know they had been around for so many years as I love uncured meats and always try to avoid the unhealthy nitrites/nitrates in them. For sure will be buying a lot more goods from this company!

Ken&wanda Eide

Parking overnight fast unload nothing more to say great place

Chris Rankan

Love this place It's one of the best quality salamis I've ever tasted.

Matthew T.

Their Prosciutto is good but their Felino is HORRIBLE. It's more like pepperoni than Felino. Have any of you people who are saying that the Felino is good actually tried real Felino? They do not taste REMOTELY like the same product. The Felino from Columbus Samuli Company out of Frisco is better than the Creminelli but not as good as the real stuff from Italy.

Bhavisha Patel

Excellent. Will definitely trt again

Bhavisha P.

Just picked up a package at Starbucks. Felino and yummy and perfectly sliced. Extra special with a warm crossaint. Definitely a must try.

Marco S.

Creminelli wild boar salami is the best. Years ago, my friend and I would cross the Channel (before the tunnel was built) to buy hard-to-find foodstuffs in France. We always came back loaded up with cheese, wine, beer, and one particular wild boar saucisson that was wonderful. Creminelli's wild boar salami is pretty much its equal. I went home a few months ago for a visit and took a couple with me for my friend. They were scoffed down in two days.

Cooter Bowater

Found them in Park City Market.

Rebecca O.

I only eat meat about three to four times per month. So when I do, it has to be really really good. One of my special treats is to have a cheese (which I also try to eat rarely) and wine night. But the thing that MAKES it special is Creminelli Salami. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Jim G.

First of all let me distinguish between the quality of the product and the customer service. I am a huge fan of the meats. I also like the Fra Mani hand made sausages but the quality here shines. I can get a lot of the salamis at Whole Foods. HOWEVER.... the customer service I experienced was AWFUL. I ordered a holiday Porchetta . I had questions on shipping , preparation etc. I tried ordering on phone...three days straight got no call back after leaving messages. One day the answering machine didn't even pick up. I emailed with questions and no one emailed me back. Finally in desperation to get the product for Christmas eve dinner I tried ordering on line. Got order confirmation, finally got shipping details and it actually came earlier than I WANTED it. And I cannot find preparation instructions any where which they advertise as included. I guess they really don't care about the business they get on the internet. Too bad about that . I actually had concerns that maybe they had shut down since I got no signs of life. I guess I will have to see how this turns out but so far not thinking about re-ordering next year. and I still don't now how to prepare.

Brittani B.

This company is AMAZING. Not only are their salami's delicious, their staff is so kind and will go out of their way to help you. My sisters birthday is coming up and I wanted some of their speciality salami for a charcuterie board I am preparing for her get together. We ofter frequent a restaurant where they use Creminelli meats on their menu but we cant buy it in any stores near us. I ordered a box of it and emailed the company to see when I would receive it and within the hour, an awesome employee for the company, Ryan C., wrote back letting me know because of where I live, they wouldn't send it out until next week so it wouldn't be sitting in a UPS warehouse all weekend. I told him that I was sad to hear that because my sister's bday get together was Sunday. He told me if I called in and paid for the extra shipping, they would overnight the salami. So I did that and I received another email from Ryan with a picture of him holding my package with a cute thumbs up. Lol. When I got my package today, the following sheet of paper was included in the box along with an additional salami for me to try for free! This company really seems to care and it was such a delightful experience and Ryan, I hope you see this because you were awesome! Thanks to this company for making a great product, and making things so convenient and memorable. My sister is so excited already!

Alan J V.

After watching a show about Salami and various types, I decided to try some Felino Salami. Supposedly the "King" of Salami due to being the first recorded recipe and only using the best cuts of meat and so forth. I looked around locally in the Phoenix valley and no one had it. So I went shopping on line and found what I wanted from this company. I ordered 1 - 1lb stick. It arrived fast and fresh. I was over joyed. I still am! I took it to work and shared a piece with my boss during lunch. He previously sold processed meats in the Detroit area years ago. He really enjoyed it. I snacked on it with some 5 years old cheddar and berliner cheese. That and some veg and I was in heaven. It is some of the best sausage I've ever enjoyed. It dense, chewy but still very lean. What fat is in it melts in your mouth. I wish I had a nice Black Berry Port to enjoy with it. That will happen at dinner soon. I wish now I had ordered a larger variety of meats. I will soon. I really enjoyed the quality and flavor of the Felino. I can only imagine how good the rest of their offerings are. You can't go wrong with these meats.

Hannah H.

Authentic Northern Italian meat shop, they make awesome salami. They're the size of sausage links, and you can order them as a gifts or by the link at Tony Caputo's in SLC (or through their website). I am in love with their Salami Casalingo and the Salami Sopressata - wonderful seasoning, no spice, and overall, a flavorful piece of meat. I just die with a slice of it with a piece of cheese on a cracker. Mmm. +lovely salami :D +Salami Casalingo +Salami Sopressata

Kim N.

Creminelli mainly focuses on pork products but my introduction to them was through their bresaola, one of the few beef products. The folks over at Restaurant Trokay in Truckee had created this custom charcuterie/cheese plate that was pretty dynamite. When I asked about the beef, they were saying it came out of Salt lake City. Really? I didnt know they were big into charcuterie there (well at least not when I was last in town). The bresaola is spice rubbed and air dried. Cut thin you can see some translucency and get some of the beefy velvety texture without being tough. Ive been told there is a bacon salami. How crazy good would that be? I need to get my hands on some of that action.

Kelie H.

This location is actually the production facility of Creminelli Fine Meats. We're talking meat factory, but without all the blood and gore. Why am I reviewing a salami factory? Because I had the good fortune of getting a tour of the place, thanks to the meeting of the broswhobrunch and ladieswholunch minds. The guys at Creminelli were incredibly welcoming. I felt right at home - as at home one can feel at a meat factory. The tour we were taken on was comprehensive and I learned more about meat than I ever wanted to, but also some really important things like the fact that Creminelli is all-natural and nitrate free. Cristiano himself was a fun host, as well. He told us why he does what he does and you could feel his passion. He said this isn't a job for him, it's a hobby and it makes him happy. Well, it makes me happy, too. We had the pleasure of being present when Cristiano's father was visiting from Italy on his first trip to see the business his son had built. It was a special occasion, and our hosts didn't let us leave hungry. We tasted a plethora of meats from their new line and I left in a meaty daze. I was never much of a salami fan before but I'll be darned if we didn't go right to Harmon's and purchase some that very day. I am a convert. In addition to Harmon's you can buy their products at the Trolley Square Whole Foods and Tony Caputo's. They also have a great website and online store. I am smitten with Creminelli Fine Meats.