Kiitos Brewing

608 W 700 S, Salt Lake City
(801) 215-9165

Recent Reviews

sina sharifan

From delicious beers to a true sustainability practice, Kiitos is revolutionizing the microbrew world! I have yet to try a beer here I wouldn’t put top 5 in any category!

Tiger Rahman

Great selection of bold and flavorful beers with a broad range to appeal to many palates. Wifi, board games and about a dozen pinball/arcade games. 15 minutes from the airport, so worth checking out if you have time to spare.

Brandon Lord

Great brewery, very creative! Friendly staff, too.

Tiara B

Beer selection was delicious, unique and all for a great price! Personally loved the Blackberry Sour. Atmosphere was relaxing and the pinball machines there are legit! Side note, the food truck they had that night (Rob's Sauce) was amazzzing, wings for days guys!

Megan C.

LOVE their coconut stout. I recently found their local brewery when my grocery store was out of my favorite brew. They were even having a great sale so I stocked up. The staff was sooo nice! And they helped me back to my car. Great tasting local beer. My go-to!

Jason M.

Not much here, but the beer is fantastic. Enjoyed trying all the different varieties. Vanilla nut, please make that more widely available.

Betty Bernal

Went here on a Thursday night around 9pm. Only people there were the staff. They were very friendly and helpful. There was a cop outside the place so we decided to take beer to go instead of having one there. The beer was good, had one of the lighter beers they offer.

Evan Bassford

Good beer and friendly staff. Texas bbq food truck was on point. Decent seating. Good place to watch some sport events. Bar room could maybe feel a little more warm. Pinball machines seemed fun.

Dylan Mowrey

Absolutely wonderful and accommodating staff. Thanks Rachel!

Jussi L.

Given I am Finnish, I wanted to visit Kiitos with my wife after noticing their beer at a different SLC bar when visiting for a long weekend. We walked over and unfortunately, the brewery was reserved for a private event so we couldn't grab any beers at the brewery. To make up, the owner was incredibly nice and chatted with us for a while and gave us a free beanie - and, we picked up some beer that is delicious! Highly recommend this place.

Ryan Gajewski

Weird location, good beer, and a very chill atmosphere. Me rakastamme Suomea!

Will B.

Kiitos brewing is one of my favorite places for a few reasons. 1- Beer. Let's face it, the beer here is amazing. Like really truly amazing. They are more than willing to take risks with flavors and combinations. And the Coffee Cream ale? Sublime. I have never had a Kiitos beer that wasn't excellent in it's style. There are some that aren't to my taste, but they are still excellent examples of the style and type. 2- Atmosphere. This place is cool as all get out. The way it's laid out is really great, it encourages a social gathering place and yet also has many locations where a small group can gather for a more intimate time. An then there is the pinball. I LOVE pinball. My Wife and I love to play pinball against each other. The selection of game here is really great and they keep them in rotation. And yet this is my one area of the slightest of criticisms. I wish there was more bar seating. I love to sit at the bar and there are not many seats here. Other than that, this place is great. Clean, beautifully laid out and just a nice place to have a drink and hang with friends. 3- Staff All I can say here is that the staff here has been top notch on every visit I have made. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable is what I have experienced each time. These guys know their stuff. All in all, the kind of place we like to go back to again and again. Oh, and the "secret" menu has the best stuff on it.

Lucas Bush

Good beer. Fun atmosphere.

Elizabeth Valle

I love the staff here! Vee, Luis, and Saia are always so welcoming and so quick to serve all the customers. Love this place!!!

Tasha B.

Fun little Micro Brew spot. Loved the option to buy my favorite beverages to go. Purchased samplers of several brews and loved that they have a combination suggestions.

Jeran Fraser

Beer was ok, food was awful. I guess I ordered overcooked burrito that took 10 minutes to cool down at which point tasted like dog food. I think it's best to serve no food than dog food :D.

Andrea Nichols

I don’t typically drink beer, but there is not a single beer these guys make that I won’t drink. Best beer in Utah!

Julia G.

The brewery scene in Salt Lake City looks a little different from other cities with their 4% draft laws but Kiitos doesn't let that hold their creativity back. Their tap list is always changing with delicious and innovative beers (and IPA-style low point beer!). They do nice job of thinking of flavors that compliment one another and are seasonal. For instance, you can make a Blackberry Pie by having the Blackberry Ale and the Vanilla Cream. They also often support local causes on one of their taps. Friendly and informative bar staff. Great seating for groups and couples.

Dan M.

Came with high expectations for a new place with some high reviews, but came back with just average overall experience. Was hoping for better beer, and it was good, just not worth the walk over from downtown for a repeat visit. I liked that they have food trucks most nights, and large open space with lots of tables and encourage playing games. Also like that they have a couple of TVs to watch something like sports (it was NBA playoffs when I was there). The beer was fine, but I have a tough palette to please with all of the good breweries in my native san diego.

Alexa M.

I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Lotions had a great variety of flavors of their craft beer that is brewed there. It also tasted great. My favorites were: The vanilla nut creme ale Coconut stout Coffee cream & The blackberry sour

Jeb Ro

Great, interesting beers. As with all of Utah, the beers on tap are 4% ABV, but they have higher point cans you can take home.

Robbie Pfunder

It's a bar. With beer. It's a chill environment but I'm passing through for work and they're flashing lights to signal "get out of our establishment" at 10:38. It's pretty obnoxious as they are supposed to be open till 11 and I'm a paying customer. They also cut me off with drinks around 10:30 saying it's a "time issue" that I can't order another one. Since when can you not order a drink a 1/2 hour before closing time? Is that a Salt Lake Thing? If I get a response from the owner stating that that's a law I'll change my number of stars but as it stands I'm a bit annoyed.

Tyler Page

Tasty beer, but what is up with their canning process? The 5 or 6 times I have bought their cans at the store the beer comes exploding out of the can when I crack it. Its way too pressurized. How have they not fixed this yet?

Maestro L.

Great place to hangout and have a beer along with playing arcade games. Great service .

Alessandro Rigolon

A great brewery with great people. I love their IPAs, especially the New England style.

Landon Orr

Hands down my favorite bar in Utah. The beer is amazing and the pinball is awesome.

Kade W.

Kiitos is an absolutely comfy place. They get the best food trucks, they have Elvira pinball, the firkins are always fun, and they are only around the corner from where I work. Everyone working is great, and all the beer is good. I will come back as long as they'll have me.

Cyrus Blaze

Great brewery! In fact, it's the best in the Salt Lake area in my opinion. They don't focus on the food, they focus on the beer! But they always have a food truck outside, so it's perfect!

Jason Gibbons

Damn, Kiitos. Y'all messed up. I have been bragging all over town about how great the beer is and considering you guys for the #1 spot in my heart. My wife feels the same way about your brews, so it was incredibly disappointing to show up with 12-15 people for her birthday pub crawl on Friday at 11:30 to be turned away and told you decided to close early. I have worked in the restaurant industry and if we would have come in at 11:55 or something, you would have been fully within your rights to turn us away. As it happened, we had plenty of time to drink a pint and continue on the crawl we painstakingly organized around closing times and based on limited transport downtown. I am super not impressed, and me and my small minions of beer over consumers will sadly have to imbibe elsewhere. Luckily, there increasingly many options to do so. Just a friendly tip, don't piss off your faithful customers. Happy suds!

John R

We stopped by tonight and really wanted to try your beers. Your hours say 11 PM but we arrived around 1040 PM and the doors were locked. 3 others arrived shortly before us and experienced the same thing.

Dana P.

Walked from another brewery to Kiitos and I was wondering what we were walking into being that this was a pretty depressed looking industrial area. We were pleasantly surprised though. The beer was excellent. I think it was the best out of the 5 breweries we hit during our few days in Salt Lake city. And the best part.... a dozen classic pinball machines and a few old video games. Tons of fun. Great spot. Definitely check it out.

Paxton L.

This was the first brewery (of many) that I hit up during my 3 day drip to SLC. The place seemed a little far and secluded from the central part of downtown, but taking a fun ride on one of the many Lime or Bird scooters available in the area made the trip extremely enjoyable. Out of all the brew pubs (total of 9 on the trip) that I went to, this place was easily my favorite. I may have lucked out, but the three beers I tasted here were the best compared to the other 8 places I went to. Also, the fact that they had pinball made this place even better. To be able to drink tasty beer and play pinball on a Saturday is always a plus. If i'm ever back in SLC, this will probably be the first place I stop at for tasty local beers.

Celina P.

Best brewery in Salt Lake City. After taking my boyfriend here he said thank you, I now want to marry you. I said okay. We are getting married soon because of the vanilla nut beer and the coffee cream ale. The romance I feel in this establishment is unparalleled. We are getting married. Thank you Kiitos.

Jason Crow

We had a good time here, it was one of the more livelier breweries that we were stopping at in town. It had a good amount of people inside and things going on compared to some of the other ones we stopped at. The pinball machine selection was really neat. In the end, we were really glad we stopped.


They have a good draft selection, a little light on IPAs. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The staff are very nice. They sport quite a game room.

Jessica Waters

The sour beer is by far my favorite sour beer. All the beers I have tried have a smooth, sweet and great flavor. They have pin ball machines and a little couch area to play board games or other table games. Fun atmosphere. Never extremely crowded just the right amount of people.

Guy Brackett

Great place with awesome staff and even better beer! Make sure you ask about some of the speciality mixed beers. #sundaymorning #latte #almondjoy

Rod S.

Another place visited on a slow Sunday while the wifes were at Brunch. It's a very small bar at the front, but it's a large place. That space houses a great collection of classic, and modern, pinball machines. That certainly grabbed the son's attention. This is a place that really gets out there on beer flavors and styles. They are not completely me, but I'm old and somewhat set in my ways. The son was very happy. It's great to see how each new place specializes. As a guy who feels that sitting in a seat at a less than fully busy bar where I can kabitz a bit about what I'm drinking is as much of the experience as the beer. Kitos is a small bar. When we were there it wasn't an issue, but if you care about this, but better arrive early.

Brooke Stanislawski

One of my top 3 favorite breweries in Salt Lake. The beer is so delicious and they're doing creative and innovative things with their flavors and brewing styles. Love the space as well.

Jim Merrell

Pretty good beer. No complaints. Best pinball selection in town. I highly recommend if tour looking for a quality beer selection and a great pinball selection.