Miller Cafe

Lassonde Studios, 1701 Student Life Way, Salt Lake City
(801) 213-8700

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Katelyn Riddle

The food was mediocre at best. I got the chicken tenders, which were not worth almost $9. The staff was far from friendly. This was overall a terrible experience. I would have excused the food and not left a review if the staff would have been kinder. I understand working in customer service. I work as a waitress, and it’s hard work for minimal pay, but I expected better. To top it all off, the only condiments available when I went were mustard and mayonnaise and there were no napkins in any of the dispensers.

Shaun Cunningham

Best Vibe at the U! Great place to meet people, grab a meal, and talk entrepreneurship!

Dave Hansen

We are here for a tournament and didn’t want to lose our parking spot. Despite the reviews we decided to try Millers Cafe. It was pretty good. We just had the prepackaged foods so we didn’t have to wait for anything to be cooked.I would eat there again.

Sarah Waugaman

Great spot to have lunch on campus.

Charles Wood

My top place for cafe food. The service here is above par. The bill was appropriate for the quality.


The food can be considered good if theres no rush, and its burger or chicken. Your better off going to the phc even if you live at lassond, cause they a buffet.

Alden Schulte

I love the menu. The Avocado Turkey Burger is my favorite.

Rebekah Washburn

Good food, but there aren't many options.

Joshua V

Came when it wasn't super busy and it was great. Had everything I could want!

Sam Hirsch

Lassonde Studios is a great place to live and do work! The community is exciting and energetic and the environment encourages doing good work.

Ryan Berger

Visiting the Miller Cafe, you will notice their super slow service, bright pink burgers, under cooked fries, and days old sushi. I'm not sure how many times I've waited 30+ minutes for a simple turkey and swiss sandwich, or a soggy grilled cheese with a side of day old fries. 24/7 service really means 12/7, or when you are lucky, 14/7 with a side of passive aggressive workers.

Cailey Rohovit

The only reason I still eat at the Miller Cafe is because of convenience, however, often I choose to walk to other buildings on campus or order from somewhere else just to avoid eating here. The service is ridiculously slow, as I have waited upwards of 40 minutes for my order, only for it to be incorrect. Even the retail side of the cafe has issues. Oftentimes there is no one at the checkout counter for extended periods of time, making students and other customers wait until a worker happens to notice that they are there. I have had workers make eye contact with me as I've been waiting to checkout, and then turn away and ignore me. The cafe also promises 24/7 service, and as someone who eats dinner at inconsistent times, this was very exciting to me. However, I quickly came to realize that 24/7 actually means that the cafe will close whenever they feel like closing it. I'm not sure how many times I have come to the cafe during hours when it is supposedly open, only for it to be inexplicably closed. I highly recommend the Miller Cafe if you are looking for a highly disappointing and frustrating experience.

Nick Tygesen

If you're here in a rush (more than 6 orders) prepare to wait upwards of 45 minutes, food quality is super inconsistent, they mess up my order more than they get it right. They also put peas in their cornbread. Staff tend to act as if customers and students are a nuisance and not their source of revenue. This cafe is a bane to society and the University of Utah.

Social Konstruct

Decent food and the only place on campus that I haven't gotten food poisoning at yet.


Have free coffee! Space is clean and has multiple wall outlets.

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