The Ramen Bar

319 S Main St, Salt Lake City
(801) 355-0158

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Caroline L.

Not wheelchair accessible, there is a step to even enter the restaurant. Not sure if it's ADA compliant but food is great

Nia Guerrero

Since Ramen Bar opened, they have been consistently great. I love it.I actually wrote a review when they first opened but I wanted to follow up and say that even after 3 years, Ramen bar holds high regards in my book for their ramen.Below is my original review and I gotta say that my sentiment is equally the same 3 years later!______This place is without a doubt as great as its competitors. I'd say better than Jinya, Ramen 930 and pretty close tie with Tosh. It hits the spot and its right next to the bar scene which makes it convenient when you want to get ready for the night.The broth is delicious and has just the right taste of classic pork broth. The pork belly melts in your mouth and I personally like the addition of corn in it.The prices are right on and the place is kinda small so it can feel cramped fast, or wait a bit for seating so be prepared but it is well worth it!

Michael Irey

Delicious ramen! I will absolutely eat here again, the staff was super friendly and welcoming. Outdoor patio seating was nice, the order taker (I think her name was amber, with the tattoos?) she was awesome! Thanks for the great service!!! Loved the lid! (I ate it all so I couldn’t re heat later) lol

Erica D.

Nice little restaurant. Visited on a Friday evening and were able to get indoor seating for 3 right away. Can't beat 1$ wings and gyoza. Had those as appetizer. Both were very tasty and wings were huge. They were a sweet and spicy wing. My daughter got the 5$ fried calamari appetizer as her meal and was happy with it. Pretty big rings that were served. We had 2 ramen bowls,the original pork and a spicy one. I don't remember the names buy both were good and filling. Would recommend if your looking for something yummy and quick while walking around downtown.

Erica L.

We had the tonkotsu ramen and the beef brisket noodles. The brisket was even better than the ramen. We were glad that the restaurant recommended it to us. It was the best beef brisket we ever had.

Marlon T.

Ramen Bar is smack dab in the middle of the main strip of SLC. Naturally, there is lots of foot traffic and hungry patrons that stumble upon this joint. That said, there may be a wait for a table. Albeit, I am only giving 3 stars because the broth was just not that flavorful and the noodles weren't the best texture (tasted a bit like they were from a packet). Their ramen bowls can likely get you that gourmet Japanese soup fix you seek, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Erica N.

Cozy restaurant in the heart of DTSLC. Friendly servers, fast service, super hardy, flavorful ramen! The umami bomb is quite spicy and gets more so as you get to the bottom of the bowl. I had to wave the white flag. Loved the marinated shiitake mushrooms. Tasty plum fizz cocktail too!

Zoe L.

Tried this spot last week and had a great experience! Our ramen and gyoza were awesome and the staff was great! It's a cute little spot but don't under estimate it!

Abby Thompson

Pork belly portions were generous, and the meat was tender and tasty! The Umami Bomb had a large portion of meat in particular since it also came with the spicy pork. The eggs were tender and jammy.I wish the Yuzu Salt had been a bit more sour and salty.The restaurant is very small. We had no wait when getting a late lunch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a long wait at busier times of the day.

Boe S.

Me and my bf have been to this place a few times and have had excellent service and food. The atmosphere of the place is really calm and feels homey and just an amazing place if your looking for good ramen.

Rob C.

3.5 umami bomb tonkotsu . noodles a little clumpy, and broth milky with spice but without the depth of flavor. egg ok (not runny) and fatty part of chasiu could be better but pork topping worked

Kevin M.

Wow. SO good. Confused as to how it wasn't more packed, but if you put this place in LA (I'm just here on business this week) it most definitely would be (hint hint -- come visit us and bring that ramen with you! Daikokuya has nothing on you!) I don't know how you season your pork but WOW. And the broth? WOW! The egg was perfect... Just the whole thing was amazing. And the girl with the punk-rock kinda vibe who served me was awesome too. I'd honestly eat here again for lunch tomorrow if I wasn't going to be on a flight. Umami is definitely the right word choice. I'll be back later this year!


Came here on a Sunday after my myself, they weren’t too busy so I was seated immediately. I think there’s only one server and one food runner for the front of house so kudos to them to man the whole storeOrdered the Umami ramen and 4pc wings. The noodle itself is pretty good, chewy and has good texture. The pork belly in DELICIOUS, the ground pork topping always has very good flavor. However the broth itself is lacking something, can’t put my finger on it but it felt 2 dimension. The 4pc wings came in all different size which is totally fine with me, the 2 smaller pieces are cooked perfectly but the larger ones are a little dry. Great flavor tho

Jim JeongGeun Kim

We had Curry Udon ? and Tonkatsu Ramen this time and it was delicious. I would recommend to get the Ramens instead of Udon though. Flavourful and delicious broath of ramen. Food was amazing and nice staffs. ?

P S.

More of an authentic vibe and flavors than some other trendy ramen spots. The veggie/chicken broth ramen was great but the garlic oil I requested on the side made all the difference! The ramens don't come out spicy, you have to add their chili oil/paste yourself. Service was excellent! Would definitely return.

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