The Sun Trapp

102 S 600 W, Salt Lake City
(385) 235-6786

Recent Reviews

Vida A.

It's best to Uber/Lyft here because your going to drink! I haven't been here in a while but they have cleaned it up. Cool outside patio or dancing floor? I couldn't even find the old part until I had to use the restroom. Also the exit is the original entrance. Steffy with the cool hair hooked my group up with the big versions of your favorites. Its the only reason I come here r these ginormous drinks for $11.50. The music is always disappointing. Some really good songs then it's mixed with shit. It's always been like this. Get a new DJ. This is a place to drink and dance and not get bothered. Love it!

Kurt J.

The best gay bar in SLC. Whenever I'm in SLC, I spend a lot of time here and its always different. During my most recent stay in town, I experienced the large venue as a weeknight drag show, a crazy busy Friday night with everyone dancing on their runway stage, a slower Saturday and a Cowboy/Rodeo themed Sunday. The crowd on the busier nights was mixed while the slower nights were mostly gay men. The bartenders are nice and do their best for Utah's strict alcohol laws. I do wish they served lighter beers like a Montucky or Tecate.


I loooove this place. It’s so much fun and it’s huge

Matthew Robinson

You meet the best people of Salt Lake here, fun atmosphere and again, just the nicest people.

Brolin T.

4 stars for good security standards, above and beyond bartenders, a fun experience. Missing a star until I make it on your VIP list lines out here are no joke

Michael Scott Photography

Great place to make great memories!! Took my friend here for a birthday celebration . Amazing dance music playlist, Ducky (the bartender) was so charming and good at remembering all the drinks, the atmosphere was perfect, the place was packed full with a beautiful blend of all kinds of people. Very fun, welcoming, and great place to let loose!!!

Jason Lovato

This place is amazing. It houses some the best bit*** in town. The staff is amazing, and everyone who goes only make this place better. Definitely one of the most friendliest, fun and energetic places I’ve been to in a while. Micheal and Riley are awesome, and always manage to make my experience there the best. Overall great place to hang out on the weekends, create new memories, and meet some of the coolest, best people.

Gary A.

This bar has a really nice atmosphere. Their prices are really good and they accept debit and credit cards. Parking is super easy. Customer service is super good. Thank you guys.

M Loca

The place is small, but it is super fun. I love how friendly the staff are. Honestly met the nicest people here

erick g.

This is my go to gay bar in salt lake... their drinks are awesome. They have a great patio and their drinks are delish. Let's keep supporting this place.


Excellent service, great location, lots of indoor and outdoor seating. The staff is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you're safe and having fun. We'll see you again, soon!

Jennifer Morison

One of my favorite bars. They are very inclusive and the employees are always so nice and patient. I always have a blast when I go out to the Sun Trapp!

Mckayla Reedy

I have been going here for years, I absolutely love the energy the amazing staff and the support, I am so glad our rainbow community has suntrap to give us a safe place to be ourselves, the bartenders are amazing, I absolutely love the fruity raspberry vanilla long islands, Try it you wont regret it, the dancing and djs are absolutely great, Its a safe place for me as a transgender human to relax and be myself, so check it out,

Josslynn Morison

I love that this bar is so inclusive to everyone. Honestly has been one of my most favorite bars.

Alanna C.

Having an artist known for doing black face act as a host for a show is extremely offensive. And this is just one of several instances where myself or friends have felt unwelcome because we're not white cis gay men.

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