Yoko Ramen SLC

473 E 300 S, Salt Lake City
(801) 876-5267

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Isaac Romero

Yoko Ramen was incredibly delicious. Best time of the year to eat some ramen is when it is about to snow, lol. This place is amazing; customer service was great. We got the Chicken Ramen and the Japanese Cubano. The ramen was so good, but that Japanese Cubano was something else. It was so delicious that I didn't expect to have wazabi, OMG when I took the first bite. I don't know if I got a brain freeze or my brain just numb. My wife and I, we were trying to figure it out what it was, but it was really good until we asked. I literally don't eat wazabi on my sushi, but on the sandwich it was a weird feeling but it was good. Next time I'll ask Wasabi on the side. The Yoko Toddy drink wasn't that great. Parking is challenging here, I'm not sure if you can park in the back but I parked by the street across the street.

Kengo James

One of the best to do it in SLC!I recommend getting Miso Butter on your ramen and the gyoza!Staff is super nice and the spot is super vibey. ?‍?

Viktor Thorup

Not the most delicious ramen we've had. Broth was too oily and veggies were burned. Spicy but not that flavourful besides that.Food: 2/5

Kimber Dixon

The BEST fries I have ever had. I don't know what kind of magic they season them with but they are SO good.Loved the pork ramen, every ingredient was perfect, the egg was especially good. My husband got the vegetarian/gluten free option with rice noodles and he said it was delicious. Will definitely be back the next time we're in SLC!

Nicole Stauffer

For a random find with something local, this is surprisingly good! A very nice small establishment and the staff was super nice! I love tiny amazing places like this. The only reason why 4 instead of 5 stars is simply because they lack and soy products and rice. Both huge Asian staples that aren't there. The place is so small, it's understandable why they can't have it.

Todd Jeppson

Definitely not worth it. The restaurant had decent vibes and wasn't overly busy, which was great. But the staff didn't do a great job describing the food, and then ignored half of the order entirely. Ramen was subpar, everything was just bitter. Somehow the veggies were burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. The noodles were rubbery and tasted cheap. Overall just not a great experience whatsoever.The carrot ginger dressing on the salad was bomb though, so at least there's that.

Bailey Sampson

Disappointing overall. I was really hoping for more but I don’t think the quality merits the price ($30 for two bowls). Aside from salt, there was little else happening with the flavor of the shoyu broth. Despite the addition of toppings like scallions, pork, egg and cabbage, it was very bland, and a little greasy. The noodles, which I know should have a little chew, were too undercooked and sticking to my teeth. I appreciate that it is a quaint local operation, and hope they rethink their ingredients and menu to offer more flavor and authenticity, especially considering how much Japanese decor and cultural artifacts are on display.

Will Jenkins

Kinda underwhelming to be honest, staff was very nice even with us coming in a half hour before close, got a couple bowls of the Shoyu Pork Ramen and we’ll it was alright. $31 for the two bowls but there was almost as much cabbage as there were noodles. The broth was an alright flavor and there was an ok size slice of pork with it. The egg was the star I did really like that. Over all I’m not a ramen expert but I though this was pretty middle of the road with slightly higher prices then it was worth.

Danny Ho

My kids were looking forward to the Yoko Ramen SLC for two days since I saw a review about the chicken ramen. To be honest, I was disappointed because the soup base was too salty. However, my kids love the crispy fries with fried sauce. They devoured the chicken wings before I can even take a picture of it. My wife ordered her vegetarian ramen. She also said her soup was too salty as well. Very disappointed that Yoko Ramen didn’t live up to its reviews.

Colleen P.

I love Yoko Ramen!! My 5 star review is for my order specifically: Chicken Ramen, no chicken in the bowl, add the daily veggie instead. (Essentially chicken broth with veggies and ramen noodle.) They also put an egg and other delicious things in. My order is very non-traditional ramen, so that's all I can review. But it's delicious!

John p.

Great friendly service and amazing food !! Nice outside patio. Street parking simple Nice menu selections

Melissa R.

got the pork ramen! this is the second time i've been here and while this isn't the BEST ramen i've eaten, it wasn't bad either. it was still tasty and most likely tasted better because i was just really hungry. the pork tasted great but the broth was a little too salty for me.

Luke Berhold

Pretty underwhelming. Their Chicken Ramen didn't have any strong or distinct flavors. It had the taste and consistency of cheap chicken dipped in frying oil/lard. The salt content was fairly high, but the flavor was absent. Certainly better ramen shops nearby.

Vivian M.

Best ramen I've found in SLC yet. I always get the tonkotsu, but the portions are insane, so I reccomend asking for an extra bowl (and an extra egg, they're to die for) and splitting one order with a pal. Get some pork gyoza too for a truly delightful experience.

Haylee A.

Fatal mistake not dining in and not just because they forgot our pork gyoza. No the vibe of the place! grungy with eastern influences, I can get behind it. The vegetarian ramen was good- slight kick to it, chewy noodles, I will definitely be back.

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